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Seven Years Ago: AMERICA – What happened in seven years since my original writing?

I found this old article quite interesting since it was written in 2008. I found it interesting because only recently I learned about a case where someone is literally dying trying to stay alive because the state where she lives will not give her a penny and she has nothing but thirty crosses to bear. Imagine – kidneys are failing – heart is giving out – landlord doesn’t give heat – broken till Friday until the cold snap, no place to go.

Imagine what you would do, what would you do! All the services are taken away – if you leave your world may be gone tomorrow – and you think I might be wrong – not in the State where I am speaking of these circumstances. Now, take a moment and read how I thought about tomorrow in 2008, and watch the wheels go round and round. No wonder why I haven’t spoken about the real news and politics in years. No wonder why. . . . And we keep falling deeper into double size holes in this country. What’s happening to America?


NOTE: This was written in 2008 (It’s all over the place today.)

It began on a CBS News Show – 60 minutes, on November 16, 2008, in conversation with soon to be, President Obama. “The challenges that we’re confronting are enormous, and they’re multiple, so there are times during the course of a given day when you think, where do I start in terms of moving – moving things forward?”

He had an agenda to help the American people, sending a signal that he was thinking about them. Obama had a goal to focus on the middle class and strengthen our economy, but he knew miracles do not happen overnight.

I found it interesting how important the phrase 100 days in office has become to the people and government. Did you know this began during the time of Franklin Roosevelt in 1933? Today, our country isn’t like it was 89 years ago.

Obama had some great plans for this country; initiatives to change health care, encourage energy independence, improve education and fight global warming. He also was positive about stem cell research, and fortunate for some, have given life back to those who were suffering. Health care does need change, and to step up to the gate and place an agenda on the table – means we are working.

I recall when our First Lady had a plan – Keep what you have or take this, and be covered, leaving no one behind. It was the GOP – who laughed – laughed because they wanted to do away with Government spending on the people, for the people and by the people. They still want their own Government, keep their perfect coverage regarding health care, and forget the seniors, those who suffer long-term care issues, or even those who cannot afford a trip to a doctor or a medication prescribed.

In 2008 the GOP – prominent strategist to the White House during the Bush administration said Obama had too many things in his start-up agenda. He thought the economy should be first. This is where the twist of the chair, eye-to-eye contact becomes a boxing match in the middle of the oval office. The one administration leaving the office telling the other what to do after the destruction they caused – after strolling around some desert, looking for a needle in a haystack – knowing the haystack was never there.

So the past administration tells the new administration what is wrong with our country, as the strategist preaches to our newly elected head of state, knowing darn well they created this mess, now it’s your turn to try and wiggle your way out.

As the chair turned to seat another Head of State, he took the baggage with him, along with the crime of war – and those long years to search for one culprit. All those years; while destroying more and more lives, ruining the economy, blowing up cities, killing innocent people, then, he has the nerve to tell an incoming President what is wrong with this country in 2008. He brought us to this place from one year to the next, from border to border, and robbing Americans of their loved ones, their homes, their place of work. What did this war do but help those who helped themselves? So it be told it was Our Government, our own culprit.

Imagine going into the bank and one day finding someone took trillions of dollars and threw it away? You are sitting on a hard rock, in the middle of a sandy desert, waiting for rain. What do you do? No one can clean up eight years of spending down, eight years of robbing from a breadwinner; return trips to a war where no one looked for the culprit. Imagine, the cheers when the statue fell in a country we were not fighting, but searching for weapons of mass destruction… people tend to forget, there were no weapons but instead an eighteen wheeler filled with money, American Money – in a desert, stacks and stacks of large bills – shown once on TV, and never heard about again. Yes, it was a closed subject. Much of those eight years were closed subjects. Unfortunately, the closed doors were back at home when our own businesses have had to close, people were broke from the war, without the income they lived on; the economy was left in shambles.

So this adviser, tells the new President at the time to focus on the economy; what happened to the economy during his years advising Bush, it was war plain and simple; not peace.

Remember the names the GOP called out when anyone on the other side of the aisle did something morally wrong, but today it is fine, even in the bible belt of America to ask your wife if you can have a lover on the side – not once, but twice, as we all know Newt repeated during last night’s news. What happened to what he called the Christian Coalition? What happened to his belief – and I mean his belief in himself that he changed, when his own ex-wife told the press he asked her too, for a mistress to take her place every – once in a while.

There he stood yesterday, in front of the voters of the South, those with a strong belief in God and Christian belief – listening to this candidate who with no care what so ever, tells of two wives, and the second one doesn’t care he also has a mistress. NEWT is a candidate with his own agenda, not the peoples. It reminds me of his trip around the country carrying his “Contract for a New America.”  Those were the days – he admitted he did not believe in helping others, that they should help themselves, regardless of the reason. He does not believe the people have any say so in Government – their job, to vote on Election Day.

Tell the family or children of the sick, or the injured vet – lying inside a ward without proper care, because, NEWT believes the government is not there to help people. He doesn’t believe in the rights of the people, “For the people, by the people…” Health care has failed in America because of greed within health care – greed from those sitting in yet another chair directing business, and approving or rejecting a test, depending on coverage, dictating if one should live or die, and the doctor’s hands, tied.

So I write this to remind you of a group of people who clearly took our country and the excess money earmarked for the people, and used it for war – I wonder how many of those young men and women would have understood why the economy has been broken for such a long time?

Hearsay? – Not when it is right in front of your eyes. Not when people are standing in long lines for jobs, for food, for unemployment, and without these things – illness, stress and more begins to fall in place.

This is what happened when the President took office. A man with hopes to help the people found a world of hate – a country in worse shape – because they are known to go to war, but this one continued on, robbing Americans of life, money, lifestyle, and if it continues, all of our freedom. The war has ended, but it only began here during the time of the election. Far too many Americans forget the past, focus on the here and now, and forgot how it all began. Did the beginning of the Bush administration, ever consider using the extra cash, earmarked by the previous administration for the people, as planned? I would have to say no, as Bush’s percentage points went so low – war broke out, and I still see him standing on the debris shouting out to those who gathered, debris – debris the then President Bush had hauled away by his own family member and brought on barges and ships to another country. Did you know that?

War broke out due to an awful tragedy in NYC. Spend the money on war, bombs, year after year to find one man, but in the meantime those weapons, they never found, but the death of the leader was the target. Oil and personal satisfaction was the culprit of this war.

So to you I ask – what happened to that eighteen-wheeler in the middle of the desert? What happened to the money ear marked for the people before the war? How could an adviser to the ex-President even mention economy when it was their administration who caused all the problems, shifting it into the hands of those who believe in peace, and bettering the life of Americans. How can one man change America left in such a horrid state by the prior administration, in the old fashion term, “The First One Hundred Days.”

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