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The Internet has changed the way a large portion of the population takes in and sifts information.

nebulaThere are ways in which these communication systems have debilitated social interactions and yet, at the same time, a huge array of interactions have become possible which could not take place.  

In my own experience, when I compare Interact interactions to “live” ones, they pale in comparison, but when I compare them to only being able to receive or send information as with old school TV, film, newspapers, magazines etc, then it is faster and more interactive.

Given my generation “Generation X / born in the 1960s” I needed a way to think of these interactions because I realized that I felt conceptually a little confused about how it really works. 

Then one day, it became clear.  It’s like phone calls.  That’s how real and how limited the interactions on the Internet really are.  How do you think of it?  Do you agree or not?

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