Revolt Against Sex Rules without Rules


Good people see all the evil in our world. Others who have allowed evil into their lives are often burdened by guilt, feel so empty inside they abuse substances or sex. When these do not help, some seek suicide to end their sadness and dissatisfaction with life.

For example, back in the mid-20th Century, from their first day of school forward, children learned to love God and America by daily prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag visible in every classroom. Entertainment media’s morality was enforced. No swearing or sex. Teen pregnancies, drug abuse and mental remarkability were a rarity. Now, freewheeling entertainment media has glamorized sin and sex into a successful lifestyle to desire.

sex-rulesHow tempting is the evil lifestyle to impressionable young people who are still forming their person-hood? Being enticed to entertain every desire with society’s blessing, the norm for them seems sin and sex.

Thinking before doing, knowing possible consequences, holding an awareness that every choice creates their lives seems old-fashioned. Schools teaching Sex Education and distributing condoms in grade school is its own evil.

When young people hit bottom, how ironic it is the ones with old-fashioned morality are usually the ones who come to their rescue.

How important is it to you to work toward giving back innocence to our children? All change for the good of all takes work.

For example, consider death to all who make English translations of the Bible after the John Wycliffe (d.1384) English Bible translation was banned. Next translator, Tyndale (d.1536) was strangled and burned for his translation. No one knows who wrote the English version of the Bible commissioned by King James I of England (d. 1625), but the updated version is still popular today.

Those who truly want change for the good of all refuse to give up because evil perpetrators want everyone to live a life of sin. 2.2 billion Committed Christians can put immorality sellers out of business by refusing to use their evil media. When immoral media becomes unprofitable, moral media will become the media of choice garnering profits.

Slowly, things are changing. New mega churches are succeeding all over the country. New Christians are populating Asian countries at an astonishing rate. How many Christians are watching the current Roma Downey A.D. Series, a family-friendly Sunday evening show? Praise God it is on NBC. Praise NBC for airing it.

The majority of Christians need to speak out with their votes to elect the moral into office. This will lead to a revolution that will cause a reformation that will result in a majority of morally right TV, movies, recordings, print in magazines, and the Internet.

Push the sex rules without Rules River with a solid commitment to leading a moral life, this day, every day and hope your example shows others the way to return morality to our world.

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  1. Avatar of Joyce White
    Joyce White says

    Morality is a state of mind. I don’t think we should judge others but inspire others. This article is more like judging then inspiring others to seek their own path of righteousness. I think this also applies to all writers. We are not Gods,
    but given talents we should use to inspire rather than announce.

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