Recipe for a Blurb


Recipe for a Blurb

My recipe for a blurb is to treat it as a taster for the book.

A good grounding in the art of precise’ is if not essential, a great help. Take the salient points from a chapter and lead the prospecting reader to want to read on.

Recipe for a BlurbRemember you are promoting the work, give enough to tantalize, but not enough to give the story way. To show what I mean, here is the blurb to my book coming out next month, I wrote this, not some professional with a degree.

Patti (Pat) Canella was no ordinary girl, coming from rural Ohandsworth to Middleton, the move to the city should have been a shock for the country girl, but it was her ideal setting.

From her teens, she knew how to shoot, could hold her own against most boys in a fistfight, and was not afraid to either ‘kick ass’ or ‘cuss’, if she felt the need. In her words “You rile this gal, and she’ll go wildcat on your ass”.

Middleton PI Pat Canella was called to a holdout, and after a savage gunfight ends, she is left looking at her dead former partner.

The story traces Patti from the start when the men called her Nancy Drew, to be fully accepted by the men. With the help of a ghostly ex-cop Dennis, she solves some cold cases. The first was a double shooting that led to the death of Dennis.

After struggling to rescue a busload of people stranded in the desert, Patti decides the quiet life is too much and heads back to the city, where she has to contend with her own ghosts now.

As you see it gives insight into what is to come but does not let you see too much, that you lose interest, with the blurb giving the whole story

  1. Avatar of Jack Eason
    Jack Eason says

    “hold out”? Your blurb may need a bit more work Al 🙂

  2. Avatar of Alan Place
    Alan Place says

    I am Jack, just need the courage to put Pat Canella out there. I did have it a few days ago, but someone attacked me and my work on line, and rocked my foundations, just as I was ready to launch her. And maybe even ‘Chronicles,’ as I had an interested editor in Vancouver 🙁

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