Reality Shows Can Be Dangerous


Sink or Swim – Reality shows can be hazardous to your health and welfare. Some require that you perform dangerous tasks that can cause bodily harm.

Others require that you make a fool of yourself in front of millions of people. Many people are willing to risk life, limb and dignity just to win huge monetary prizes at the end.  But, what would happen if you were told that losing meant walking the plank, getting soaking wet and being embarrassed in front of the viewer that are watching the show.

Even worse, being interviewed on camera by reporters after you get dried off? How far would you go to win one million dollars? Join Cassidy Novak, personal trainer as she takes the reader on a terrifying journey into the water and find out if she sinks or swims.

Cassidy Novak was a contestant on a hit reality show called Sink or Swim. Losing and coming in second was nothing compared to what happens when she returns home? Fans go overboard with their demonstration of admiration for her. Returning to work she is swamped with new clients and her boss can’t wait to give her a raise and hope that she will bring in the profits for his gym.  But, these over zealous fans will shake the very foundation that she trains on.

As little things begin to happen she senses that someone might be following her. Neighbors telling her of cars or vans that are parked near her apartment she begins to sense that she might be followed.  Notes of affection follow, hang-ups, gifts sent to her home are definite causes for alarm. Going to police and enlisting their cannot seem to stop whoever is after her. But, the stalker steps up his game when two former contestants of Sink or Swim are killed and things start to heat up and take a different turn.

More mementos from her childhood are sent to her, letters, cookies in order to taunt her sending chill down her spine, Cassidy fears for her life.  Who is this stalker who calls himself Miles? What are his real motives? Just who else is involved?  This reviewer will not reveal.

Followed by a reporter named Zach, whose reasons for pursuing her are not what they seem, although assigned to capture all of her personal time and movements for the local newspaper keeps her centered for a while? Encouraged by her agent to take bookings and leave herself wide open for the killer, Cassidy is torn between a rock and a hard place hoping to learn the killer’s identity and yet not hiding from her life.  When her mother’s house is ransacked and the only things taken were photos of her Cassidy decides to enlist more help.

Feeling she has nowhere to turn Cassidy moves in with her stepfather but even that does not keep her safe from harm. Deciding to leave town all together and go to somewhere isolated she stays with her stepfather’s aunt and uncle in order to remain safe. But, is she? Telling no one where she has gone how does one old friend find her? How does this stalker know her every move and remain two steps ahead of everyone involved? Step one is learning to shoot a gun and getting a license to do so.

Leaving her home was just a temporary fix and Cassidy realizes she cannot remain a recluse forever and needs to move ahead with her life and end this nightmare once and for all. But, can a weapon really solve the problem? Pursing the killer on her own, asking questions of the family’s of the victims solidifies her suspicions that the killer is getting close and will strike again. Thinking Zach is the one person she can trust she learns the real reason he is sticking so close, pushes him away and winds up alone.

Many different suspects in the mix including one young lady named Rhonda Sue who is overly infatuated with Cassidy and only wants to work out with her at the gym. Howard the weird guy who works out their too and several others who joined only to get close to her and soak up some of her popularity for themselves. What about Adam who is totally enamored with her? Could be the stalker?

Trust must be earned and Cassidy has a hard time trusting anyone as she delves deeper into the lives of both victims. Cassidy gets a permit for a gun to protect her hoping not to be vulnerable anymore. Leaving her safe haven she decides to accept a speaking engagement at a college hoping to flush him out. But, the one person she thought she could trust betrays her in a different way and once again she is alone as she walks to her car tears pouring down her face. Who can she trust and why does she feel so alone?

As she approaches her car she finds something taped to the windshield that changes her entire direction and puts not only her in harm’s way. Leaving a memento of another killing, he sends her an offer she cannot refuse and Cassidy plunges into a different Sink or Swim situation and is forced to walk a much more deadly plank as she fight not only for her life but someone she loves. What happens next will surprise the reader as Cassidy learns the true meaning of trust, love, loyalty and much more.

Although Zach’s publisher sent him in one direction alienating him from Cassidy, will his heart send him in the right one? An ending with a definite surprise twist and a little girl caught in the crossfire. Who is the stalker? Who is the killer? What rationale did this person have for his actions?  Hiding in plain sight might be the answer.  Who is this killer that targeted two of her competitors? Is he angry that she came in second and this is his way of avenging her loss?

Characters that are strong clearly defined and extremely well developed. Once again author Stacy Juba has penned a novel that is definitely not going to sink, it will do more than just Swim: It will rise to the top with no lifeboats needed. How far will someone go to create a fantasy life? How far will someone go to protect his or her family from harm? What would you do if you were Cassidy and knew the only way to save someone you love was to place yourself front and center in the line of fire with a sadistic killer?

One man’s deceit, another mans frustration, a killer’s sick mind and another who won’t give up. An ending that will surprise you and a young woman’s courage to protect someone she loves at all cost.  Read this outstanding second novel by the author of Twenty Five Years Ago today to find out what happens to Cassidy. Walking the plank is dangerous and sinking to the bottom even more. Find out who does sink and who does swim. Find out what happens to Cassidy and Zach. Which one will sink? Which One Swims? Or do they both float together? Find out for yourself and read this book when it comes out.

Author: Stacy Juba
Fran Lewis: Reviewer

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  1. Avatar of Jack Eason
    Jack Eason says

    To me ‘Reality Television’ is a sign of the sickness prevalent among television programmers worldwide whose only motivation for propagating this mindless drivel is to turn a dollar, while pandering to the lowest common denominator i.e the beer swilling couch potato who has married his first cousin and lives in a trailer park or similar.

    Give me worthwhile subjects containing historical, philosophical, literary, musical subjects any day over this rubbish. 😉

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