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Readers or Writers, That is the Question

Readers or Writers

Just a thought… Tens of millions of posts are published daily by Facebook, Twitter, G+, other social networks, and blogs.

People love sharing items that are humorous, emotional, or prejudiced. But creating content worthy of sharing is a different matter.


Why does a particular post go Viral?

It is impossible to predict in advance which article, story, or poem suddenly gets an un-proportional amount of views. Ironically enough, these are sometimes the very submissions about which we were having trouble deciding if they should be published at all!

But we did learn from experience that a good title, supported by an eye-catching visual, will have a substantial impact on the views and feedback (comments) a particular post gets.

The use of the right tags (keywords) will make the post rank high in popular (Google ) searches.


Many of our “hardcore” contributors know that our staff is instructed never to censor even the most minuscule word in a submitted post. Our respect for and solidarity with our contributors dictates this fundamental decision. Only posts lacking the required quality and those of poor taste will be rejected.

This policy of non-censoring does get us into trouble now and then, and Google penalizes our magazine on a regular basis by refusing to rank or index certain pages. Of course, they do not ask their staff to read personally, to evaluate, and to pass sentence on our content, but have their daily changing algorithms do that for them. So be it!

Of course, our magazine does adhere to a strict set of ethical rules and warns visitors when a post contains adult material (18+).

Optimizing the Magazine

Since the launch of Angie’s Diary in May 2008, our magazine has been going through many changes: Visitor demographicscontent structure, design, and whatnot. Using the input and feedback from our members and readers, we try to improve our magazine on a daily basis. At this moment in time, we are again evaluating if our content structure is up to date or if we need to broaden or rather narrow our scope.

Personally, I would like more articles in the categories of Politics, Philosophy, and Psychology. Additionally, we are always on the lookout for columnists who have the stamina to do weekly Movie -and Music Reviews. I am convinced that we shall increase our non-writing readers if we manage to broaden our content in these areas.

If you feel you would be able to make interesting contributions in these fields while gaining meaningful exposure for your authorship, please check our page on how to post.

Non-Writing Readers

Why do we aim to increase the engagement of our non-writing visitors?
Non-writing readers outnumber writers at a ratio of 10,000:1.

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