Presidential Election – Side Stepping


The election we are now engrossed with is somewhat like a copycat game where each candidate takes another step to the center, from the left, and the right. Will it be one who crosses the center first – who wins;  numbers draw closer as we observe the polls. 

In all the years – we cannot forget the past, those who destroyed American soil and dragged this war into several wars, and killed so many innocent people. Who ever stands in this office of President of the United States, has faced and still will face a mess that went wrong more than 11 years ago. 

The country eleven years to our past were proud souls as they raised the flags from house to house, car to car, and draped them over roadways, displayed the names of the dead, and prayed. Everyone was told – of the evil, of the men who wanted to destroy our country, while many mourned for their own who had to die without reason. Within those years, we lost all that we thought we were – and gained nothing. We were told – we were protected, yet we were given rules, some would not work. We were told it was one person who did this to our world, but proof is in the eyes of the beholder – knowing false statements were told as well throughout those years, and we were told then, not to believe. Did we hear false statements, what is the truth?  Can anyone coverup anything so well that no one slips – how can we not believe in America. 

Do you recall George W. as he stood on the rubble to tell the world how upset he was, and yet – it has taken our country years, killing the innocent in various countries, and killing our own to find one person, it doesn’t make sense.  To carry one war into another without the governing body of our United Nations, seemed outlandish.  People of this country and then and now – they forget what happened before and after.  No one takes a step to cross a line, ask questions, they tend to listen and ask when it is too late. 

Many have taken time to investigate, examine, and explore the truth as only the best scientist provided about 911, the beginning of our breakdown – exactly what some believe the other countries wanted.  Or did they?  We are told what they want us to know, government has secrects, it has too.  So the news comes out with what a candidates wife wears to a debate, instead of news they too cannot obtain, and share. You see, if the truth be told concerning the beginning of the disaster here in the States, it would draw us back to 911, and it never stopped.  There is no placing the blame anywhere but there – taking a war and spending trillions of dollars to hunt for one man.  When he was found, no one can prove it to the American Public.

It is natural – to grasp onto what we know and to go on with normal life – but some have a need to know more, especially the truth. So to master what is right from wrong we need to take time to comprehend the matter, then explain it in common words.

I believe we have two men who know the truth, believe the truth, but cannot speak the truth. What is the truth, it is why we are in the shape we are in as a country, who did this – it is no guessing game, we are not searching to attempt to put down a county, the leaders, or the innocent, but only spell out the torment which has pestered us, violated our trust in those who seek office, and strive to speak out without fear.

Fear stops us all from speaking. As if the truth comes from one pair of lip’s and to breach or contaminate words spoken from the elected few – would be a dishonor to our country. It is time for both sides to agree, to speak out to this country, each one strives to be our leader, but we want a leader without a doubt who will support us, fight for us, and confirm the undertaking of others was false but to explain why to their supporters so this will never happen again. I am sure, many of you reading this may not agree, but when the truth be found it must be told by those seeking to be a real leader of our country – not a follower but someone strong enough to believe in the people, and wise enough to know time cures old wounds but will never take away the cause or circumstance.

The best scientists in the world – the best architects in the world, their  voices were heard, even films were made, but their words and thoughts never passed the public broadcasting station as a documentary, no one was willing to provide to the public the truth of what happened eleven years ago.  What pulled us down – what robbed us blind – what made many who were not patriotic fly a flag, and eleven years later – time has gone by and the truth should come from those who stand in front of us, asking for our vote.

I can write here all day about so many things kept secret, things you cannot hide, as for one example, who removed the bomb-sniffing dogs?  Why was a replacement on duty and in charge of security on 911?  Who was the one who allowed men to enter and place bombs in three buildings, so these buildings would implode?  Many scientists knew when building seven came down like the World Trade Center, in the late afternoon – it was a set up, and were determined to find out why.  One more thing, our President at the time was the man who organized and approved the removal of the debris to be brought to another country, and not, as federal law, remain here for investigation. The words are hard to hear especially when you have someone you may have lost in this disaster – but we need our President to be strong enough to talk about this – not hide it away inside a private office, more or less, destroyed and taken along with all the other debris from  American shores.

When President Obama took on the reins of power he too had nothing to say about the past, but concentrated on the future — he too had little time and I am sure became frustrated when he also learned in bits and pieces what the experts knew.  Instead, our President was flooded by mistakes, errors, patriots who still held the flag high – although the truth wasn’t told. Who was on the former President’s committee to plan the removal of evidence to another part of the world?   Now you know it was the President’s brother.  Who will be strong enough to tell us the truth?  At the time, Americans were fighting for the capture of one man in this modern age could have taken weeks, but not eleven years. When people began to doubt the words, they kept quiet, because of fear. The power behind the President is more than a few educated men, or those who are experts in their field, how many people want to be foolish in the eyes of others. So one single person and his personal trainees took America and ripped us apart. We believed a voice, a voice as I mentioned we would learn later, was difficult to know if it was his message, or not, his image, or not.

So our troops entered one country to find a single man, killed many innocent men and women on both sides of the center, and they left, believing another country would be more harm to us, so we destroyed that country, killed those people, and eventually their leader – was our leader satisfied? Was he satisfied when we learned of no weapons of mass destruction, and why the American money in large bills wrapped tightly and placed in a truck found by us, reported once by us, and never heard of again. Why was our President at that time keeping the truth from Americans? Why are we not hearing the truth now.

Many famous men walk the halls of the White House, talk to our Presidents, and figure our how to solve problems, a milestone is reached and the contest is over. How many people entered the White House with the truth – with proof of what went wrong on 911 – the beginning of the destruction of our own country? I am sure many words crossed rooms.

Voters and Americans approach this election, do not forget those that came before who continued living his own story yet who knew until experts began to speak out.  America cannot handle another President – to drive the people into believing false tales of mass destruction in order to continue on his own mission. We need a President willing to tell us we were wrong, and too question 911, we were wrong the way the investigation went – and those families deserve another chance – and a new investigation with the experts who have spoken out, but muffled by the press, and the press muffled on down the line.  What was done, or said or not said, was wrong.  America needs a President who will stand up with real words in honor of families who lost lives, both here and abroad.  We must demand on truth, peace and honesty.  

The winner of this election will have the power in his bones, in his heart not to fear the truth. Americans are not imaginary people without brains – they understand and have shown to take opposite sides when needed, they have learned about the issues we face, if not their family but others, and will not stand for another leader who promises and doesn’t deliver. Who knows and doesn’t tell. If this election proves one thing, I hope it proves who is stronger, has the will to be state the truth and absorb the consequences.

George W. Bush, had to know the plans, searching like a wild goose chase for no weapons of mass destruction, he said he was mistaken and we never questioned him.  We never questioned him about the money in large sums tucked away in a huge truck in that same country, and the quiet zone took over once again.  What happened to the freedom of the press, here, it gives me the right to speak my mind, and I know freedom of speech should give public officials the right to be honest and not controlled.   No more lies, deaths, or “highway robbery,” but honesty will win.  If one candidate steps a little to the left or right – speaks the truth, it will be proven in the numbers, they will be the winner come November.   Give America back to the people – don’t tell stories to keep them happy, the truth wins out in the end.

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