Politics: The Game of Chess


Politics is like a game of chess when you make the right move – you outsmart your opponent, observers look the other way. In politics, some people who complain are those who never vote. 

This election we have two people who can make you, or break you, and it is up to you to choose the person who will turn around your life, make it better and lift up America.

chess-politicsThe most important thing is your personal circumstances, and your family – then think who can change things – it is not an election for the party, it is for you. This is a different election – we must put people back to work, boost our economy, and begin to live normal lives.

This coming presidential election is one of the most important date’s of the year because so much is at stake. This election is not Democrat or Republican but it’s what’s going on inside your own life, home, and community. Unfortunately, this began long before this president came into office even though he stated during the last debate that the fall of the economy began four years ago. Actually, the fall of the economy began the moment disaster hit the Twin Towers and Building #5.

It was on 9/11 when our country began to fall apart. War was the only thing on the minds of the heads of state, because of one person, one single person admitting to this unfortunate disaster – without investigation, we immediately went into war mode and everyone in America became a patriot.

Far too many things have happened since 9/11 to mention here in one article, but I will try to focus on what I believe brought us down, as a country – as a city – as a family within our own community.

As a freelancer, I have the freedom to write, speak, and share my thoughts. Some of you may not like what I have to say in this article, but I believe it has to be said a second time, a third or fourth time and especially now.

It was during President Clinton’s second run for office when I became involved with the issues, especially health care which gave me the opportunity to interview one on one senator Robert Dole, Lamar Alexander had of education for the United States, and Arlen Specter. Prior to those days, I spent my time as an advocate for the people, issues affecting your life on every waking day. One thing that always bothered me, and still does, is the fact that no one running for President talks about Medicare being the program covering those on disability.  Finally, during this last debate I heard one sentence from Romney about this issue, perhaps it would be good for Americans to understand, anyone at any time and at any age could be in need of Medicare.

Healthcare For All, our First Lady Hillary Clinton’s long-term goal.  I jumped on the bandwagon with prior experience working on a government board in the past. I understood why our First Lady took on this battle because she wanted everyone covered leaving no one out, and she gave every American the choice to take her plan or keep what they had.  With Obama, we have no choice.

What we are facing today is the possibility of losing our own rights to our healthcare if Obama is re-elected. Do you think the people of America remember what was said during the first debate? Do you know the word health care was not mentioned as much as Medicare or SSI?  Here we have one of the most important issues facing our personal life and a few minutes of the candidate’s time was spent discussing this matter. You see if Pres. Obama is re-elected he will have health care wrapped up, do you recall when our country was afraid of HMO’s?  Why I am mentioning this now is because what our current President is planning for our health care – to me feels as if someone is playing God with each, and every life in America. I for one do not like or use of the name Obama care, it is healthcare, but looking at it from his point of view I can see why it’s called Obamacare since the President is not willing to negotiate with the other side of the aisle.

Good times have changed and that people are more concerned over their life since 9/11.   So if you are one of those people listen to these words, you will no longer have the right to any specialist unless a panel of people, not doctors, approve your request.  You are the owner of your own body, and only you can tell when something is a stray because you feel the pain not the stranger on a panel in Washington DC. No doubt we have our choice today on what health care we choose, and how much we can afford. We have the current president’s health care plan you will no longer be contacting your insurance company who is handling your health care but strangers, can you imagine if you were severely ill how long it would take to be seen. Most healthcare plans allow you a choice of specialists from those in their plan.  I find that reputable physicians are members of nearly every health care plan and our area so I can dial a phone number and make my own appointment. This will not be the case if Obama’s plan becomes a reality.

Some things in his plan are fine but many will only deter a patient from proper care, do we want to use it back and wait while we watch someone suffer? Today the visits to your doctor are by choice including your primary care but under this new plan you will be under restriction. Is our country going backward instead of forward, it does seem that way when hospitals and other facilities will be fined or penalized if a patient returns as an inpatient within a certain number of days. It is not uncommon for patients to acquire infections such as pneumonia or Mersa, and without quick and proper care one can die. Now you know why I am telling you this health plan on the book’s is like our current president playing God with our  life.

I don’t believe we want the government to tell us when we are sick or sick enough to seek medical attention we know our body, not the government or a panel set up by the President.  President Obama should work in a bipartisan way and consider issues instead of politics; perhaps politicians still believe in the old back room style of playing politics but the people of today are more aware of the issues that affect them and do not care what party you’re affiliated with.

It is my hope that people read this article so they too understand we can’t play chess anymore.

Let me refresh your memory, although hard to hear and sometimes hard to believe but these statements have come by route of various news agencies – short clips which I have noted in several articles.

First, let me again say we will never forget 9/11 and all the loved ones lost, no matter how it happened — it did. As a writer and one who loves to research and dig deeper I was determined to learn the truth, or even half the truth.

Several things should be a reminder to voters during this election, because if it were not for 9/11, we would not be where we are today.  What concerned me is one confession from one man began an 11 year war, and everyone believed this person to be the culprit. I understand we are facing a ongoing problem in the Middle East by I believe rushing to war made it worse. This war has been the longest war in our history and the only thing we accomplished was to find Hussein then murder Hussein, and the War was in Afghanistan searching for the accused culprit, Bin Laden.  11 years later Bin Laden is captured, killed, wrapped in white sheets because we had to honor his religious beliefs even after so many men and women, innocent men and women – were killed. Our government nor our President let those who lost loved ones know for sure Bin Laden was dumped into the water. But, we have had mysteries within our government throughout history and this is another one.

Far too many things are kept from us or mentioned once or twice on the news and if you’re lucky you caught a clip. One example, did you know I’m back horrid day in September a new man headed up security for the world trade center and did you know the bomb sniffing dogs were removed from the site only days before the planes hit the building.  Removing the bomb sniffing dogs gave opportunity for someone to plant explosives on each level and a if you reviewed certain clips of the building collapsing in on itself you would know it was taken down by the use of Demolition. Many experts blamed the way that towers collapsed on hot melting steal, although building five collapsed the same way.

Our country grasped onto patriotism, and there was no place to be found without the American flag; on bridges, windows, porches, buildings, street lamps and so forth.  Loved ones suffered, and others were willing and able to go to battle against the terrorists.  Laws were overlooked, which in my opinion started people to think learning our President hired his own brother’s company for the clean up at 9/11, it never became a crime site since they talked the people into the fact, the culprit was caught.  The company loaded everything off the site onto large barges and ships, then transported it to an island near China.  I ask, when does evidence from any crime scene be shipped over seas?

So begins the spending of the surplus and trillions of dollars to fight a war we would never win.  Some believe Bush was after Hussein and the only way he could capture him would be to go to war, and spread the war from Afghanistan to Iraq. It is a horrible thought when you are an American.

In the minds of people they still question the war and its beginning. Intelligence in this country is by far the best but it took 11 years to find Bin Laden, I cannot fathom such things.

Once again let me remind you of the state of mind of those people who witnessed this day and told reporters they heard one explosion after another, and remember building #5 constructed at a different time and an airplane did not fly into it, yet it collapsed into itself.

This past week on the news, I was surprised to hear a discrepancy concerning who really attacked our country.  Could it be because it is election time or are people finally figuring out – things just don’t add up.  Why this past week, why wasn’t this questioned from day one.

Back to the present — I am sure you recall the Vice Presidential debate, Paul Ryan mentioned he sat on top of caves to talk with our troops, while the Vice President watched the war in Afghanistan from a helicopter. Then another statement from the Presidential Debate made me sit up and take note, when President Obama stated the economy and this depression began four years ago.  I wondered where he was for the first eight years?  Hillary Clinton as Senator placed a clamp on the large banks when it came to charging interest on credit cards, some reaching over thirty percent, were the banks helping the economy or themselves, and then, who has to bail the large banks out, but the smaller institutions, something just doesn’t seem right.  If the banks were not so greedy to hike up the interest on credit, perhaps people would still have some income in their pockets, speaking of the middle class.

So the depression began after 9/11 when men and women had to leave their jobs, homes, and family. There was no time limit or plan when they would return to the states, and you can bet on it, if there was a draft, the war would have ended sooner.  This sudden change caused families to stop spending, going out to dinner, spending extra money on clothing and normal things that make a house, a home. Yes the moment the war began our country started to fall into its’ own hole.  Men and women returned from war without a job, house, and some with no place to sleep. Times changed for all of us since the war began with higher prices at the supermarket, foreclosures on homes, small businesses closing, gas prices higher, one parent homes, serving back to back missions, and during a time when help was needed in our own country because of natural disasters.

We cannot change the past but we can make the future better.

Remember the second Presidential Debate when our President said additional oil would be in production on our own land yet production fell 14% on federal lands and waters in this country. The proof is the price at the pump; when Pres. Obama was elected four years ago the cost of gas was approximately $1.86 a gallon and now the cost four years later, $4.86 a gallon.

Another important issue, why did the President bail out General Motors and then hand out free cell phones to the under privileged?  Will this be a one time charge or is he planning on paying a regular phone bill for those in Ohio?  Food and clothing would have been better, but would not have caught the press or UTube.  Strange things have been pushing the voters, and it is not American, the middle class is hurting, they need work not phones.  What about the cost of health care rising up by $2500 per person, is it to promote his own agenda?  Remember the beginning of this article when you play chess, you have to concentrate.  Every time I enter the pharmacy the price of a drug changes, and now we learn about compound pharmacies where the government should be controlling those products but are not. We have had problems with drugs through the FDA in the past, a now a new place called compound pharmacies.

We have to stand up and think about our own lives this time around.  How can our government help us to make a difference?  Everyone knows we need jobs, so more incentives for businesses is at the top of the list, along side the facts, don’t let Obama’s health care plan take affect, reasons stated above.  This Presidential Election falls into your hands, although a President can’t win a popular vote, so it’s more important now then ever to make your vote count.  How many people are out of work, cannot afford to feed a family, cannot afford to drive to work if there fortunate enough to be working – a huge chuck of pay is going into the tank.

So – to make this long story short – you have to enter your polling place with as much information to make your life better, because the voters are the only people who can help us out of this hole.

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    Andrew J. Sacks says

    Hi, Nancy. Thank you for all these election articles.

    Well, I entered the polling place and voted for a fine incumbent President, and I am hopeful about our future.

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