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OUR INPUT –  Why do the American people who bother to vote, keep quiet when their voices should be heard?  Sure, we hear the radio programs, that special TV talk shows following the evening news, at the close of the night we listen to Jay Leno, and he tells it like it is with the people on the street.

Have you ever noticed what Jay Leno says is fine, it makes people laugh because he is in show business? He takes the edge off your workday.

electionsPresident Clinton was the first President to appear on Jay Leno, and he entertained us with marvelous music, not political chat.  Now the Hollywood scene was ready for the candidates, those like Jay Leno could make you or break you – so some stay away to stay alive.

Have you noticed the dinner’s the parties are having with about four citizens with either the President or the GOP,  they say in fine print, “you do not have to contribute to be the winner;”  it sounds like a public clearinghouse ad.  But if Bart does it, so does Ernie – the camps follow one another.

So have our voices been heard?  Not with a few people around a table with those who run for office, so they move on. . . after the President talks – with barely enough time to introduce the guests, and he dashes off to a meeting, which was shown live on television.

THEY move on to throwing these private dinners – but hold on, what about those lavish parties back where Jay Leno resides, and the donations into the millions – everyone is invited if you have ten thousand dollars.

WHO  really runs for election?  Sure –  say “people” but not everyone, not as it was in the beginning when smart people had a chance, not only those with a money.  Who runs for seats in your own district?  I do know if you don’t have a certain amount of cash in your bank account you won’t even be considered for congress – you might be the best candidate but simply can’t keep up with the Smith’s.  This is what happened to good government.

There was a time when someone backed a candidate because they had experience, knowledge, worked hard on the issues, attended functions to speak about their point of view, but today if you enter the office, have the money, you are considered in – once you have the signatures.  You see, don’t bother trying without the Party behind you – because the one with the most gets the backing – and it doesn’t matter how he achieved his success money wise – it doesn’t matter how he feels about the issues you and I feel should be top on the list, it’s the money because they have to keep up with the others for  million dollar advertisements and that covers, perhaps four minutes of tv time. And we complained about the cost of one bomb.

HOW many candidates really knew all the issues, and could give a decent answer?  Mind you – one slip up and it makes the headlines.  If a candidate does poorly he gets coverage.  Then, he appears on a late night show and laughs about his mistake.  Notice I keep saying his – because this country still doesn’t believe in equal rights.  Women are not accepted by the public or the parties.  How far back we fall in equal rights.  Those who try, are dumped on, laughed at, and Saturday Night Live invites them to take part in a skit.

WILL we ever get out of this ordeal – money comes before knowledge?

Advertisers need big bucks, and parties need candidates who bring in the big bucks, right from the start – one day you are unknown, the next – you are know as well as “SpiderMan.”  The money was on the web.

LIES and more lies, even dirty little white lies that don’t mean a darn thing to most people.   It’s like name-calling, the BULLYING we are fighting as families with children, happens in front of our eyes with adults.

Since when can name calling be right for someone running for President, but BULLYING for young children, or young adults.

They believe it was the slip of the tongue.

FAR too many Americans are facing severe problems.  I have to admit some of the new Health Care Bill was honestly good for all the people, but it still needs some tossing and turning to weed out the weaker sheet of paper.

DID you notice as the election draws closer the words become more powerful because those polls are driving them crazy?  Polls from every part of the country, every type of community, background, down to the ordinary housewife.

HAVE you noticed the power behind the candidate’s words turn into a personal boxing match on the street, around your table, at a party, and in the classrooms?  I guess the BULLYING has spread again, and again.

Sometimes the guy who falls the hardest is the winner – more headlines, invitations to talk shows, and clear-cut talk around the house.

ARE we the civilized nation we declare to be?  It would be great if we could pass along to our youth the true meaning of a democracy.   Public officials and Political Parties must see eye to eye to climb the ladder of success, if they don’t you hear from them again, we all understand this – and have tasted the sour grapes once in a while.

WE ARE A COUNTRY OF ADVERTISERS – INVESTING in a PRODUCT, not a President – think where the party runs when something goes wrong, to the ad firms to dig up something against the other – so on and so forth.

Doing this they throw off the voters. Some believe everything they hear – BRINGING up the children – nothing gets past the children these days with technology being rolled into a preschool classroom.  It begins, and their thoughts, personalities are formed by the little square box.  No wonder the ads. are so important, and will dictate the winner.  It begins with the little ones and ends at the voting booth.

VOTERS  have changed, no longer does a party mean a vote, seldom do you know of those voters who still vote straight party lines.  I’ve learned a great deal about those votes and promises that use to go along with them.

Once again, if you don’t listen to the head of the machine,  you are out of the game.  No more does the party have this control over the voter, but the voters are not running to vote either.

This election, let it be one election you are thinking about the future of your children and don’t think only about yourself.  Get out of the chair and vote –  those issues are affecting everyone, not only the middle class because I think the classes have changed drastically, and that old saying, the rich get richer and the poor, poorer is still true – notice that old saying left out the middle class too.  Voting is now more about when it comes to issues because this is the family and your community.   A candidate who thrives on issues can carry out a successful campaign – he needs the party to get ahead, but he has to use his head to get the votes.

WHY do Americans put up with the bickering?  I recall when the Presidential election was one of the finest debates to hear – and today, each party picks the other party to pieces.  Like one child picking and fighting or bullying with another, what is wrong with this picture? I believe it time to focus on good government, good clean elections.

Let us not forget, we are a country of people from different nations, with different beliefs, and we can believe in a person without going along with a party.  We are the voters in the booth – they collect millions to support the ad man.

Why should money elect a President?  We sit day after day and listen to complaints when election night arrives it’s all over – the loser comes out smiling, hugging the winner – but what about all those disagreements?

But – the game was played.

THINK  about the constitution, written in 1775 by the people and for the people.  Perhaps it is time to go through the constitution with a fine tooth comb.

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