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Pageviews: Planning to Sue Google?

Sue Google?: For quite some time now, members of Angie’s Diary have been filing legitimate requests to see an essential and seemingly simple feature implemented in our magazine: “Pageviews for Posts.”

Some of you will ask: “Is this a big deal? We’ve seen these counters on many websites! What’s all the fuzz about?”

Available Technology

Although there are many modules, plugins, and scripts available to count visitor views, most of them lack one essential quality: integrity.

All the solutions we’ve implemented so far were not only slowing down the loading of pages but appeared to be a severe assault on our database too.

Data Manipulation

Using these various scripts made us recognize their common denominator, and most crucial deficiency of all: Their data can be manipulated, rendering these pageview counts worthless.

OK, enough technical stuff.

Google Analytics

Today we are proud to present our “Incorruptible Pageview Counter,” showing your page views directly from Google Analytics!

You will find it located at the bottom section of your posts, and this is how it looks like: [ Unique Pageviews for this article: 870 ]

Sharing your posts from our magazine in the Blogosphere and Social Networks, now gives you an edge: the popularity of your stories and articles on Angie’s Diary, chiseled in stone (or poured in concrete, depending on your tradition.)

Do you think you can find any irregularities in the pageviews on Angie’s Diary?
If so, be my guest and sue Google!

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