The Night the World Series was Won in Canada


In 1992 and 1993, I had an odd job.

What did I do?
I was a vendor in the Skydome, now Rogers Center, where I sold Coke and popcorn. I worked the five hundred level, which was high up in the bleachers area. In those two seasons, the Toronto Blue Jays were World Series champions too.  On occasions, I would sneak friends into the games. I did that even on the night of last World Series win.


Before work, I would usually take a friend to the box office. Next to the box office there were doors that led to the main entrance and an elevator to the executive lounge area.  Since I already had my work uniform on, the guards did not allow me to enter. Instead, my friends disappeared with the crowd onto the elevator. I then went through my usual employee entrance, took the elevator up, and arrived at my post. To my surprise, I was told sales were slow on the five hundred level.

Everyone at that level were paying big money for their seats. There was no spare change for popcorn, or candy. This disappointment pushed me to change into civilian clothes. I then returned to the main entrance beside the box office. Unfortunately, I had missed my opportunity. My friends were gone. Cell phones were not as handy in those days. Since communications was limited, I returned home. As soon as I got through the doors, I had that link of communication restored. One of my buddies was excited beyond belief.

“What happened?!” I asked.
“You wouldn’t believe what happened,” chimed a voice back with enthusiasm. This is now a legendary story amongst friends who have long since parted ways. When I had left them at the entrance, they followed the crowd onto the elevator, which took them to the executive box level section.  At that juncture, one of those friends, being a partial Jew, used his moxy to talk the upper level staff into leading them into the owner’s box. There they had an open bar, complimentary buffet, and a plush seating and table arrangement for guests to enjoy the game. They even had wait staff to handle their requests, all with no cost. Essentially, they were with the then owners of the SkyDome.

Who were the owners?
Members of the Labatt family. Who are they? The Labatt Brewing Company Ltd….THEY HAVE MONEY!  Lots of it too. On the phone, my then two friends were over the moon with excitement. From their vantage point, they witnessed Joe Carter hit a home run that won the 1993 World Series. It was the first time such an event had been staged on foreign soil.  All in all, this just goes to prove it is good to have some chutzpah!

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