Mr. President, Consider This


Every night the television is on and the news is telling us more but less – knowing the information comes from the inside – out. The talk about how a few people behind closed doors will fix the state of our country.  Behind closed doors they believe it can be figured out quickly, and we will begin to see changes – another large plant closed today. 

Mr. President, you have to understand we are the citizens who see, feel, and suffer because of this country and are facing drastic changes, which have already hit the average family, because of “Fear Itself.”  Insurance companies are changing their rules, and when  a doctor gives someone a slip for a great medication, the patient arrives at the drug store and finds out after a small payment (if any) on the part of their insurance, the new drug costs the patient over three hundred dollars, because it is new on the market.  But I believed this was the case in the past, but today drugs which were on the market for twenty years, for certain conditions are being manufactured as a new drug, or a 24 hour release drug, and the cost goes to the sky. 

What the government needs besides your cabinet of leaders, is a cabinet of talkers, who can tell you exactly what is happening in their community – and records are kept on how they are still falling apart, or are things changing in their specific area.  It is time Mr. President that the people who voted you into office, and those who did not, have the chance to update those who sit around a conference table, behind closed doors.

I believe, is one important step in government that has been a missing piece of the puzzle, especially when the middle class and the poor are the ones feeling the crunch.  The rich and ultra rich need only sell a home, or down size on a second or third car.  The middle class and below stops using medication, cancels doctors appointments, refuses to let their children spend thousands of dollars because the cost of sporting events in the school, including equipment, uniforms, travel, has gone far beyond their budget.  Now, those who do have the extra money can continue down the same hopeful road, while parents sit on the sidelines cheering for their son or daughter, and they will be the ones with a free trip through college. 

What about all those times I hear President’s talk about the down time to spend with their children, on a vacation, you yourself have taken many.  Now, think about the average American, one who has not received a pay raise, or lost their job, maybe a single parent, or has two of three children, those barely making it by, but want some time away from stress during a five day school break, something about traditions.  The transportation during those times, are outrageous, as airlines and trains up the price by the day.  What would cost a couple, round trip today – about four hundred dollars to Florida, will cost that same couple, with three children, about two thousand plus dollars, just to arrive at their destination.  This is the time where a family in need has saved for a few days away from the troubles back home.  Every year the price climbs, and every year nothing is done to fix the prices and help out the average American family.

Take my word, a group of common, ordinary people – who once had an average job, or still do, who perhaps live only on SSI, and Medicare – and they are dying a slow death, a single parent, a man or woman without a job and no one to help support them, as they use up their three months of unemployment.  If someone takes a low paying job, 28 miles from their home, the cost to drive to that destination and back soaks up a good amount of their weekly pay.  If you are one who does not driver and depends on taxi to get into a city, I have asked in various states and cities, and the price to travel seven miles, and back, is thirty two dollars plus tip.  Only 11 years ago the same trip was less then half the price. 

I suggest you consider a different cabinet of people in addition to those behind closed doors, but one who serves as the investigator of the times, and reports back to you and others what exactly is changing in their communities.  We need a hands on approach beyond the political figures, we need the real people who feel change, live with it, and it must be heard in Washington D.C. in an appropriate manor.

I am part of the majority who is facing changes everyday but the paycheck never changes, or for some, it simply disappears.  There is no Congress out here on the streets,

in cities, in alleys where the homeless sleep in parking garages, and far too much more to mention here.  I want you, Mr. President, to understand life in the cities, country-sides, farmlands, and Sir,  it doesn’t matter what city or town, it matters who tells their story.  Those who run for seats in the Senate and/or Congress – and those employed in the White House and other Agencies are not touching the issue from the inside, they are listening to what is being said – but shoving it off to get back to the facts someone printed on paper, it isn’t enough.

You could change the way people look at elections, especially if they were a part of the needs in their own community at a national level – knowing, these people would never be considered for the big spot in Government when rules govern who can run by how much money is in their hope chest.  We have thousands of areas, but combined, they can be well represented by the people, around a table behind closed doors – but open them, I want the world to hear…  Finally we will hear from those in the field, per say, what is happening in different areas of the country on a personal, community level, without fear of ones government position.  The reports given by such a group, will help you, and this country by knowing what one area has done to get a green light, while another is stopped dead at a red light, and one is barely crawling, inching it’s way to a yellow light.

A new way to look at this big country of ours, a country for the people, and remember, by the people.  Consider this, it may save more than Government, it may save families,
children, and begin a new road to stability.

  1. Avatar of Robert Politz
    Robert Politz says

    An interesting message Nancy but I wonder, will it fall on deaf ears?
    Theft of wealth from the masses by the elite and “connected” rears its ugly head every few decades in a very refined system of “politics” and “governance”. This period is just another one of those decades.

    Unforunately, the “masses” don’t want to hear it. They don’t care about anything except what they are going to get for free. Working for it is no longer popular and making a choice for whom they will vote is based on who has the best campaign message. The fundamentals of a candidate’s background and plan of action are totally ignored.

    The successful politicians ignore messages like your plea for common sense because they have already acquired the next step in their work life plan. “Main Street” is merely an easily manipulated crowd that provides the political, public and financial fodder for those who know how to control the media and hence, the voters. If you follow the money, you’ll find that Obama and his allies spent two billion (yes, that’s Billion with a “B”) dollars on the recent campaign. Get the idea yet? If one has enough money, one can literally buy the path to the top.

    Your message is interesting and appropriate Nancy but I wonder how many will actually read it and make a thoughtful comment.

    Best of luck my friend. This is just the beginning of change for our beloved United States of America.

  2. Avatar of Nancy Duci Denofio
    Nancy Duci Denofio says

    R.H. when people are in good shape, meaning house and home, they seldom pay much attention to those who are struggling unless they know the person, or it may be a family from the same school where their own children attend – a church – or some where in the community. People who are doing fine, have no time to sit and listen to sad stories on the news, or even sit and listen – this world is moving faster every day.

    This is why it is important to keep up with what is happening from the inside – out. It is important for others to understand what could change their lifestyle, families, education, healthcare, and the list goes on.

    I hope someone pays attention to what’s happening around them, because the closer it becomes, the more they tend to open one ear. Let’s not wait until the ear, or instead, head tilts to hear a conversation – when it could be a normal part of daily life.

    Those with too much money do not know the world of sharing – I do recall Elvis who got the biggest charge out of handing out Cadilacs to anyone. I am sure, Elvis had seen both sides of the track – and sometimes it takes knowing those sides to understand life.

    Sincerely, Nancy

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