Leave My Bunny Alone!


The idiots with too much time on their hands AKA PCP, have now declared war on the EASTER Bunny. The PCP, which is also a mind altering drug, has declared the EASTER Bunny and its tradition of hiding eggs too religious. It is hard to understand why a benevolent bunny in cahoots with the local chickens is getting all this hatred.

Throughout the eons, man has celebrated the changing of the seasons with rituals, some using the signs in the heavens, the stars, the moon, and the sun. Each organized sect has their celebrations and for convenience sake has taken on the name of other’s religions while celebrating their own.

bunniesWe have a celebration of renewal because spring is a stage that characterizes budding and unfolding into growth.

In Summer we celebrate the sun and it’s light, and life giving properties. It is the time to frolic and enjoy our potentials. It is the season of growth.

The Autumn season denotes a moment of total maturity when we reap what we have sown in the summer of our lives.

Winter is the time for dying. Ironically, we are closer to our sun in the cold months but our earth’s angle is away from the warmth.

Each of these seasons means something to each one of us. For the individual that lives off the land, it is a measure of production so a generational life cycle is ensured. Some incorporate mysticism, some give thanks to an almighty being, some venerate the land, mother earth.

And throughout the ages wars have been fought over who is right and who is wrong in their belief. There have been periods of time when the populace has been able to observe peace but those are small pockets of time breaking out in the midst or the end of hostility, a war.

The United States is a distinctive land of many cultures, many religions, many ideals and while there have been major issues between peoples … on a scale of one on one, the majority of people are tolerant of each other because of friendship.

I grew up in a Brooklyn New York neighborhood populated by many races and colors and we all were friends. We embraced each other’s cultures, learning foods foreign and tasty, dressing differently, cultural mores, and worshiping differently. But worshiping none the less, being thankful in our opulence and in our need.

We respected each other’s opinions even while disagreeing or sometimes arguing our way was better, but always leaving intact the perception, we enjoyed our friends and their ways. We had friends that did not believe in God. We, as children, thought that odd, but never bad. It was their right to think that way. We lived in charity, concern for one another.

Today we have a semblance of understanding enforced by the Politically Correct Police, an entity that tells us they know better than we. We are offending by being joyous in our beliefs. What the PCP does not realize is that in their declaring our joy to be unreasonable they are also declaring their tenets to be unnecessary. When you take away a right, you withdraw your own rights.

If I want to shout Happy Passover from my rooftop like the fiddler, I am thanking my God for His and for my existence. If I bow my head to Allah in peace, I have the right of joy in my God. If I want to stroll in the wildlife that still abounds if one but opens their eyes to the beauty, that is my prerogative in communicating with my God. If I decide that I have no desire to observe anything but myself, in America, I have that right. I also have the right to celebrate Resurrection Day AKA Easter if Jesus is my savior.

Feel free to wish me whatever your enjoyment celebrates because I am happy in my belief that I have God in control of my life. It is a concept that gives me pleasure every day, emboldening a faith that spills forward in love for everyone. I am including the PCP and their opinion which does not give them the right to tell meI also must follow their path.

Leave the Easter Bunny alone!

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