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The intent of this article is to open your eyes, to start the wheels turning in your head, and to understand we should not think of ourselves as robots – those who visit the voting booth and cast a vote, drive home, sit in front of the television and see who wins.  This is not a horse race, but one important race to help far too many people in need.

Forecaster’s keep telling us this is a close race.  Candidates can say what they please, signing no agreement to what they propose during the election, they can please you, the voter.  They can play – monkey see, monkey do – copycat – one another, to make the party win, not the candidate.

What, the party you might ask – yes.  You see if the candidates keep telling Americans that they are going to do practically the same thing if elected, it’s the party speaking because we know darn well they won’t.  It’s all in the slogan. 

Think about it, the party to the right has baggage from four years ago that stretches eight years when our country was devastated. The stories you hear would knock your socks off.  The 911 clean up took months and the company hired by the President to do the job was his own brother. What happened to fair bidding?  The President ordered that barges remove all the debris and dump it onto foreign land so no one in the United States could get near any of the remains, and things were hushed.

Since I am writing about those eight years prior to Obama taking office, you can’t forget the election in Florida which in itself was a fiasco.  George W. Bush, the candidate, and his brother, the Governor of Florida, ordered counting chads, the final say came from a GOP friend, and Judge. The right thing to do in America, or any country, would have ordered a new election date, for the State of Florida, conduct a new election, even if they had to borrow different equipment for the voters to use from a different state.  That election in my own point of view – was a fraud. Seldom do you hear a prediction of a winner from a national news station, and be wrong.  I can imagine what was said at the Bush familie’s dinner table that evening. The State of Florida should have insisted on a new election – do you recall the photos of people holding voting cards to the light trying to make out the vote?  Guessing where the hole was pierced.  This was just the beginning of the fall of America. 

What can we do as voters?  If something like this happened again, knowing this will be a close election, don’t sit back and watch someone with no authority count ballots.  The election of the President of the United States should not be a guessing game.  The proper and honest way to go about it is a brand new election in the state where the problem occurs.  The people elect the President not chad inspectors. 

Perhaps you don’t even vote – you like neither candidate and would rather sit home; a great many of Americans do just that.  Why?  Because they consider one vote doesn’t amount to anything, it won’t make a difference.  Take all those people sitting in front of the television or their computer who never left to vote and the total adds up, so the one in front of a screen, does count.  What you can do is examine the issues, and we have many, that effect you and your family – and then learn the truth behind the words, not the messages used as advertising since it’s plain and dirty politics.  Only the truth matters.

How do you find out the truth you may wonder, and that’s a good question.  You may trust someone in elected office who you know is honest, and will explain to you what is happening in Washington, how things changed in the State of Massachusetts since Romney took office.  You may go to your local library and find out the past for yourself.  Every library carries the major newspapers.  Don’t look at the recent comments because these are only ways to get you to vote for their candidate, like I said, even Romney believes in all the same health changes that Obama does, according to the news last night.

Whether you think the economic crisis has hit you or a family member or not – remember those who are suffering, have a heart.  Wear their shoes for a short time, be the man of their house, and know your home is up for foreclosure.  We hear of hope for change, but following all the damage it isn’t near – it will take many years. 

Take the cost to feed a family of four – to give them a balance diet, keep them healthy so medical bills aren’t the next pile on the table.  The cost of food has gone sky high, along with the gas jumping around like some jumping bean.  Our own companies are taking advantage of us, those who shop at their stores.  With only one person working, one away for such a long time, it was impossible to feed the children as they did before and pay bills, purchase clothing, and for the first time these people were actually on welfare.  What if you were that person – no way of receiving help and try to comfort the children.

This war continued and for that reason alone we are in the shape we are in.  It should not have been a war in the first place.  American is a country with the best intelligence and located around the world.  If anything at all a month, tops, to catch the culprit.  11 years later Obama’s orders to go – and the man who confessed to the killings on American soil was killed, wrapped in sheets and tossed into the waters.  I still do not agree with giving a man who confessed to murdering thousands their religious rights.  No one had the opportunity to see that he was really dead, or to prove it was really him; at least in the normal eyes of an American. 

So what happened?  Bush senior failed and Bush junior decided he had to take up where his father left off, with nearly the same cabinet he entered into a war in the Middle East, a war without a real name, I have mentioned this before, but it is true.  How can we call this the War on Afghanistan when our troops, were ordered to entered other countries and kill.  It sounds to me more like the war on the Middle East.  What does the Middle East mean to you or to me – oil, money, and finishing what Bush Senior began, killing Sodom Husain.  Why did we cheer when the country had no weapons of mass destruction and innocent men and women, children were killed.  Why did we allow this country into another to fight.  It certainly had nothing to do with our search for Bin Ladin – who confessed to the crime, and still we are not sure he was the one who really killed our people, it became known to us, without doubt, he was the evil one.  We still don’t know that is true.  How many times did we hear about look alikes, contorted voices, and dark faces, as recordings came through to the United States.

What we can do as American’s is keep an open eye on Government from all angles.  Make sure we are not following the leader only because he is the leader, not all leaders are perfect – and in some case they are the perfect figure head but can’t run a county.  We have had years, and years of figureheads, perhaps this is another reason why people sit in front of their television, knowing we just may end up with another.

As Americans, we must remember a President’s job – can never be accomplished if a Congress doesn’t agree. So when you do vote for President, and your local Congress, be sure to vote for those who will help the President and not place him in a corner, getting nothing accomplished because that’s the way Congress wanted it – as the blame goes on his shoulders outside of Washington DC. 

If your local government has sessions, or block parties where your Congressional candidate is appearing, don’t sit home, voice your opinion no matter how the candidate feels, let it out.  The only way they can tell how their voters feel is by asking.  If you are not telling, they will believe you are happy. 

Polls can sway people’s opinions from one side to the other; this is why polls are used.  I believe any poll during this election will be wrong.  Already far too many calls, and very few polls released, people are not listening. People want to know how a candidate will change their life, and community to prepare for a better future. Your voice counts.  If you do not have the opportunity to meet up with the candidates then send a letter, and I do recommend the old fashion way of communicating with Washington DC since emails are by the thousands, and letters have slowed down in numbers and are read more often and handed over to the candidate.

The last thing I will mention in this article is to keep your thoughts to yourself if you find yourself in the middle of arguments concerning politics.  It’s like the old saying, never discuss politics or religion at a party, it’s the best way to lose friends and gain enemies.  Those who fight only fight because they want to cause trouble, to be one step ahead of you or let others believe they are, usually haven’t a clue about the real world.  Don’t listen, and simply walk away.

After nearly 12 years, the first eight ripping our country apart, to threads – taking the National Guard to war – those who never expected to face the enemy time, and time again.  Removing the members of the National Guard them from families, jobs, and to return to a changed country, a different family, and not an extra dollar to pay important bills.  We wonder why they had to leave again, when a war so large, to capture a single man.  We all know the answer to that question.

Who ever is elected President must be strong enough to lead the country out of foreign countries, prepare families by bringing in companies from foreign countries to work here in the States.  Why must we purchase things from other countries when we seldom invite them to use our land, help our people by investing in America and the people.

Recently an area of land built on by a sheik that owned several like companies throughout the world choose upstate New York, within a forest.  Our area has been lucky enough to have this company in our midst giving 2,000 new jobs and adding 2,000 more and it was recently released by the press, a second building will be built in the near future.  This is what needs to happen around the country.  Foreign money can enter the United States and help us out, think about how many times we have helped them.

Another thought for you the voter – the one who goes to his polling place, takes time to vote, leaves, and probably brings home a pizza to watch the results – you have to listen to your heart not a party this time around.  We all know what parties stand for, but the candidates are forgetting, they are jumping rope to gain votes.  Remember what is wrong either in your own city or town, or what is missing from your life.  Think about the best person to serve you.  One example would be someone in need of long term care – it has always been mostly the part of the State to handle the individual, nursing care, etc., but now we have two candidates who want to place Long Term Care into the issue bank.  I have to say this can be good in one area, approving drugs were not approved in the State where they lived, for the sickest of all Americans.  Drugs were researched with our money by our Governments approval and not affordable to those who need them the most, perhaps this may change.  I would not want the government to tell me where a relative of mine has to live if they need long term care, or who has to care for them, as long as they are getting proper care.  So we have many issues under one issue to ask questions to those candidates in your area.

Not to worry, I never stop talking, as these fingers hit the keyboard, especially during such an important election.  Think about what I wrote, quickly.  Think about how you can become important during this election that is creeping up quickly, you still have time – and don’t sit in front of the TV watching re-runs of “When Harry Met Sally.”

Thanks for reading,

  1. Avatar of Andrew J. Sacks
    Andrew J. Sacks says

    Voting is a privilege and a sacred right. We all must do our best to be well informed and to vote. Thank you, Nancy.

    1. Avatar of Joyce White
      Joyce White says

      It was outrageous one man held our country hostage. Then he was found. Killed. What proof of this do we have? Why are so many of our soldiers coming home to the streets instead of their homes? Something has to be done to ensure our armed forces have security while fighting god-forsaken battles not of their own making. Something needs to be done about our insurance companies. It seems to be no fault insurance would be better than nothing. How about all those with reexisting ilnesses? Must the state save us all? Maybe, the government is too large but freedom, education, health & wellfare is expensive and we are a large body of dependents. Joyce

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