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Have You Ever Spoken to the Dead?

Have You Ever Talked to a Loved One after Their Death?  Have you ever spoken to someone who has died?

People are all different; from the genius, too your next-door neighbor, relative, and friend.  To those who believe or do not believe – and those who have not communicated with the dead or given special gifts – and of course to the skeptics; to witness the unpredictable, and believe, takes a special understanding of those gifts given to others, passed along from one generation to the next – if you want to accept it.

I most certainly believe in fakes, but I know the difference between a false story, and a real one.  You may wonder why.

In my own lifetime, I have experienced many strange things, and if I were alone, perhaps my experiences would be hard to understand.  I have always been among honest and believable people when apparently, I am being told; listen, understand, remember, and with a trail of evidence for me to share.  I trust in what I see, and believe there is a reason for each circumstance.

Spirits are taken seriously by some people but not others, those who ignore anything that doesn’t have a clear cut answer.  Why would this happen to me?  I will start this with the latest meeting, and would gladly share more.  Let me open up a topic I believe needs to be shared.

Not long ago, perhaps one month, on a peaceful evening in the room where my husband and I watch our large screen, for movies, and munch on tacos or pizza; we stopped and looked at one another.

The room, filled with light from the movie projected onto a large screen.  To each side of the screen is about one foot the screen does not cover, and keepsakes are placed and nothing but an earthquake could move them.    (Remember, this is the latest event, these things go back to childhood)  The movie was great, the food great, and the company, when out of the blue from one of the shelves near the screen which we were watching shoots a bottle, filled, at us, and lands on the wooden floor without breaking.  We looked at one another, both seeing something flying through the air, not falling from a shelf.  We were not surprised.

I tend to smile now when something happens, and, I do ask for them, and I do receive.  I asked my husband, “Please see what was thrown in our direction.”  Falling from a shelf is one thing, but literarily throwing a heavy object is another.  He is aware of the other side, but this too is another long story which will have to wait.  We are not bothered, but happy when we receive answers.  So, he stands and walks to pick up this bottle filled with champagne, and the label reads, Nancy and Don’s Anniversary, and the date.

We both knew what it meant, I had asked for a sign, and he admitted he did some talking too.  That night, we received what we were waiting for.  Although this is a rather dull example, when I could write a book about the true stories that occurred in my lifetime, but I thought, the most recent would be a great place to start.

Experiencing these things can give hope.  One must believe, to receive.  One must come from a line of people with the same abilities to communicate with the dead, not only think they can, or do it to gain prosperity – you see, I am writing this to give hope to others, to let them know you never leave your loved ones.  I am taking a chance admitting to the truth since far too many are skeptics, but if you really knew me, you already know I am far from someone who would even talk about something, which was not true.  If you know me, most of what I write is completely non-fiction.  So, believe me, I am sharing so it may help others.

It is true, the gift is passed through generations, and those who have believed, understood, can, if they wish, explain to the young what is really happening.  I believe this is important, and opens up a new world of understanding.

Many things have occurred, and I am willing to share, but I would like to know if you are one who has a special gift.  It was only a few days ago, attending a conference with professionals, when I spoke with someone, who knew, by standing next to me, we were alike.  It is funny how the soul reaches out to those with similar traits, and this includes many aspects of life.

People are afraid of the unknown, perhaps it is time to open up, or even wonder – why did something so different happen to me? (Meaning you.)

As someone who has held back this for many years from others, because far too many do not experience the same things, I wanted to cautiously, but boldly, share with you one small experience of far too many to write, unless it were a book.

If you feel you can share something, no matter how small, or perhaps you have no answers to why something happened, please do.

I guess, no one really knows the truth about life, and we only can speak about what we know.  As one with evidence, I can give testimony and hope you accept it as a bit of experience which may be helpful in your own life, one day.

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