Getting Older – Living in Fear


Take it from me, the older you get, the less likely you are to feel safe. I’m in my mid sixties, live alone and I’m basically petrified of stepping out of my front door these days, to the point where I now no longer even to go to the corner shop.

Every day I live my life behind closed and locked doors within the relative safety of my home. I buy everything I need, food, clothing etc via the internet.

Where did that devil may care, up for anything younger version of me go? When did I become the frightened person I now am?

fearI have led a fairly dull law abiding boring normal existence, largely without a care in the world, or for my own personal safety. My life now is not the one I would have wished for or dreamt of even ten years ago.

I’m still basically healthy, despite enduring several nervous breakdowns in recent years. I eat enough, I sleep relatively well, and yet I live in fear of the world beyond my door. The part of town I live in is an enclave of older people like me, subjected to constant opportunistic break-in attempts by local troublemakers and unfortunately close to an area inhabited by hooded yobs. When I was moved here, I foolishly thought I was being moved into a quiet, safe area.

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