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Editing Articles & Submission

Okay, I’m leaning toward an apologetic plea for forgiveness from all of my readers. You see, I’ve sent out stuff that obviously needed re- editing and I tend to do this often. So, for those readers who still follow me after such grammatical screw ups?

I’m sorry you have to suffer through that, truly I am. Recently, I submitted a piece, great piece… might I add, on the how tos of living and learning from life experiences. I received a kindly acceptance to the piece with a gentle, but, stern note from the editor to “watch those typos.”

I wasn’t angry, only felt the slight sting from a teacher’s paddle as I sent a contrite apology to the editor, along with “I promise to do better”  to emphasize my sincerity. Thank heaven the piece was published and I still got paid. The typo embarrassment lingers on in my psyche. Especially after re-reading the piece and finding simple misspellings, dangling participles and punctuation gaffs. Okay, so, I’m not perfect, but, dang it, I know how to spell!  Truth? I didn’t care for Phonics!

I’ve never been diagnosed with dyslexia. I do wear bifocals and I do edit my work. Admittedly, rushed and half-heartedly, on occasion. Maybe, with all of these gentle, but, stern reminders from some very kind and professional editors, I need to make better use of Spell Check. Did I tell you, I won a spelling contest back in the day? Hmmm, way back in the day? I’ve learned a lot since starting on the journey to freelance writing over 6 years ago. Two truisms being; If you don’t apply what you’ve learned; “You’re still the amateur doing work of an amateur.” Also, bad grammar can detract from the writer’s credibility.

I’m a passionate writer who writes from the heart. I know I’ve got to edit  a piece, not so much when I’m in the process of creating, as when it becomes a professional finished product. Readers should be given the very best of your work. It pangs me to know that by not checking for typos, I’m not giving them my very best. What pangs me even more? That once it’s out there and published for the world to see, there’s no delete or edit button to make your work flow…

Clara Freeman is a freelance writer and author of the self-help e-book, A Life Toward Authenticity: My Authentic Woman Story. 

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