Dead Heat


No, it is not a horse race but a race for President of the United States and if they were running around a track, they would have ¼ of a mile left.  Why are these two Statesmen in a dead heat?

First, we have to look at the voters, the majority of voters are women and tonight Obama will begin with his wife talking about her husband, the President.  Familiar when you take a look back at the GOP Convention, but with different values, beliefs, and clear-cut answers to direct questions from the women voter.

obamaWomen become upset when the Government begins to tread on private property.  Having a child is a personal thing, it shouldn’t be part of the rules to hold a country together.  Will Joan’s baby have anything to do with the vast difference in the economy from the time President Clinton left office to today.  Will a slight change in the law be okay with some women?  Does the women’s life still come before the child? I recall that fight going on forever, even when those women had additional children at home.

When it comes down to the rights of women, especially to give birth, it’s her and her significant other who should have the say so, and not the government.  Women are still fighting for equal pay, although this hasn’t made it to the podium.  Women in Government are sparse because the men believe they are not strong enough to fight for the rights of this country, and the women – shot down.  If the political candidate came out with one simple saying when asked how he felt about abortion, with his answer being an honest one, but knowing he is governing a country, and his belief has nothing to do with what the majority of the women in this country believe in.  If they can tell what is on their mind, yet direct the answers to the people, to what the people need, want, and deliver, they would not lose.

Issues are the main part of this election, and the GOP does not want to talk about anything to do with issues, and the Government’s money –   What money?  The stash in the eighteen-wheeler we never received an answer from where it came or went. The GOP never placed a foot forward to those suffering and without jobs, but big business has brought in the bucks, which may happen with the number of undecided people.  The GOP has written their own rules, and they never changed.

People are living too long, (but the person in that Senate seat can stay there until they are past ninety.) In addition, the expense to keep them alive is money we do not have to spend.  Remember those elderly people, mothers, and fathers of who vote, and in some town the same door, to door service for the elderly exists where party regulars pick them up and transport them to the polls.  To ignore the elderly, our foundation, will be as bad as telling women you own their body.  Don’t make life difficult, help the thousands with diseases you gave permission to research, but not permission for those in need to use.  Stop making war, it once helped the people, but in these day’s it helps a small number of people – they are the only winners. Spending trillions of dollars for the first eight years of this war – those women and some men, left home alone to take on work, care for children, cook, pay bills and hold onto a house: they tucked the children in at night.

The Democratic Party, on the other hand, are for the people.  They seem to look out for one another when they are not spending every minute trying to raise the poll numbers.  They do want to protect the poor, sick, and those elderly in need.  They tell the truth when it comes to women; women are strong, and they have the right to do what they need to do when it comes to abortions, jobs, even running for national office.  Women should continue to fight until they achieve equal treatment by employers and the government, the sex of a person makes no difference when they open the door to their district where they will be pulling a lever, or inserting paper into a counter.  The women go out of their way to vote, I’ve been there, watching the difference in women and men, they are the true voters during election time. They seem to pick the winners of the race.

The women were the voters who brought President Clinton back for four years.  They would have elected him for another four years if the rules were not changed in the forties.  You see, with President Clinton we had a strong man who believed in the rights of women, who fought for them without hesitation.  We had a President who praised others and their achievements.

Tonight we will be tuning into the convention, hearing the same things we have heard for the last 1 and ¼ mile race on the track.  It’s difficult to change the President since they are doing what the party believes, stepping a few steps ahead is not part of the game.  Will President Obama capture the women’s vote this time around as he captured the youth the last time, since the youth seemed to have turned away from Obama because four years have gone by, they are out of college without a job.  So the boo’s happen, and the youth of America are not as keen on a President who cannot deliver.  They do not remember the eight years of spending, placing America in a hole, spending more, and digging a bigger hole.  They do not recall those things I have mentioned previously, the eighteen-wheeler with thousand dollar bills stacked tightly from front to back and no one knows what happened to that money during the first eight years, and no one asked.

So the Presidential Candidates are running neck and neck – and the difference will be at the finish line – when the people come out to vote.  No polls will change the challenge ahead of them.  They can only be honest, talk directly to the people, tell them what they believe but they are working for a nation – and the nation is the ruler – they elected them into office.

I think that statement should be posted on each and every wall – where the parties gather.  Drum it into their heads; make it an honest race, a race of dignity and sincerity, not one of only politics behind the scene.

We will be listening to some of the speeches, since the next candidate comes from many of those speakers.  It’s like a trial run.  They have a great deal in stake.  Although America has more to lose, or win – depending on if they vote where their heart is – who can do for them, to make life a little easier.  Few will become Presidents of Corporations, few doctors – and more or less, lawyers.  Fix the families, give them hope –  don’t make promises you cannot keep, and don’t give into what other’s want you to believe, people these days know the difference, and it is their future you are playing with. You can begin to change what went wrong during the past 12 years but since the damage was so bad during the first administration, with costs so high, and all secret intelligence missing the boat until this election began to take hold, these things do not win elections.  Waiting eight years and then another four, does not win elections.  What wins an election is the honesty of the person, who can tell it like it is and hope the American people can see his heart with his words.

So – the race is turning the last bend, and they are neck and neck – will the women be the ones to elect the next President of the United States?

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