Creativity: The Cruelest of all Mistresses


Cruelest of all Mistresses: For those of us who worship at the feet of the goddess Creativity, we willingly give ourselves over to her.

In our bid to placate her, we sacrifice everything else which to most people seems essential like a normal life, if we are at all serious about what we do, or should that read obsessively about what we do. Why? Because she demands it – simply as that, nothing more, nothing less!

mistressMost, she ignores – be thankful that you are one of the large majority of humanity she simply passes by you lucky people. But for those of us who are gripped with a strong desire to create something for others to enjoy like a book, short story, film, photography, poetry, sculpture or painting, once Creativity has seized us by the throat, we are hers to command forevermore.

Creativity doesn’t give a damn about what passes for normal in this world. All she cares about is that next piece of work. She cares not whether we starve, or are made ill by our obsession to please her.

Once we have finished a project, she demands that we start another, often keeping us awake, endlessly searching for that next idea, when common sense demands that any sane person would be asleep.

Why do we do it? Why do we feel the need, the obsession, to create? Only the goddess Creativity knows the answer for sure, I certainly don’t.

Even for something as simple as a blog like mine, Creativity demands that I write, if not each day, then every other.

All hail Creativity, the cruelest of all mistresses.

  1. Avatar of Geraldine Fitzsimmons-Durante
    Geraldine Fitzsimmons-Durante says

    Jack, I always enjoy your ideas but the morning after St. Paddy’s is a time for Irishmen to sleep…darn now I’m wide awake and read to write.

  2. Avatar of Jack Eason
    Jack Eason says

    Still hung over eh Geraldine. 🙂

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