Celebrity Stag Dos and How to Make Yours Memorable


To help celebrate a man’s last night of freedom, a stag do will be the culmination of bachelorhood and a night that everyone in attendance will long remember and talk about. Making the stag do a success, though, requires planning and preparation.

The affair may occupy just a single night, but may also encompass an entire weekend. Generally speaking, the most fun is had at stag dos that are organized around a theme or special activity.

black-limoOrganizing a stag do is a Herculean task for the uninformed or uninitiated. Yet, it need not be as there are many party planners devoted to arranging the stag do and whipping it into shape.

Cost can be an issue, of course, and so the organizer is encouraged to comparison shop. Success of the night is also a critical objective, and a review of the planner’s portfolio of past events is also worth the effort. Creative stag companies will have many ideas to offer and many plans for completion.

Classic stag dos include stripper parties and lap dancers and whilst these still encompass a major part of many a last night of freedom, there are many novel ideas followed by planners of stag dos that are truly once-in-a-lifetime events for all players.

Such are paintball, clay pigeon shooting, karting, casino night, party on a bus, and others. These are fun, one-of-a-kind events that will be the talk of friends. If cost is an issue, talk to a planner who can help economize and save through partner discounts.

There are also lots of different places for stag dos, with many out-of-town locales being favorites. A planner will have a list of hot spots, along with special events for each. Savings will be available in some too, with custom cost cutting events specially planned by local providers.

The latest rage in stag dos is organising them around celebrity themes, with costumes and characters perfectly fitting the stag ambiance. The celebrity theme is played out with the choice of certain celebrities to celebrate, a famous movie or novel, a game, or just an overall portrayal of celebrity life. One fun example is the Pulp Fiction party, where partiers pick a villain or victim to play and act through the Pulp Fiction storyline throughout the do. This can go on for even two days, since the story is chock full of gripping characters and dramatic sequences.

Another one can be a David Bowie party. David Bowie is one of the most iconic costumers of the rock and roll era and his style of dress and performance will be fun and bewitching to mimic. The story of David Bowie is enthralling, too, and with his songs playing in the background, the party is sure to be a hit. Others might be as simple as devoting the do to a sport, or a game, or a toy. There are lots of ideas that work.

The best suggestion of all, though, is get to planning and preparing a budget when organising a stag do. Corners can be cut without sacrificing the success of the event, but good planning cannot. That is the key to presenting a successful stag do. Start early, and keep at it until all of the details are hammered out. Successful completion then will be nearly self-fulfilling and everyone in attendance will share in the fun.

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