Carnivores of the World Unite!


Over the last few weeks here in the UK and in many other EU countries, the news media has been sensationalising the fact that most of the processed meat products available in our supermarkets contain horse meat.

Big deal – so what?

The French have been eating cheval since Adam was a cowboy. Personally I prefer it to beef simply because it’s much leaner, and by definition, far healthier to eat. Think of any cheap heat and eat dish containing meat products normally found in the freezers of your local supermarket, and the chances are that it contains anything but beef.


The answer is simplicity itself. For a supermarket chain to be able to offer you your favourite brand of Lasagne, Stroganov, Burgers, Sausage or anything else in the freezers containing processed meat at a price you can afford, sourcing cheaper raw products from further afield makes thorough economic sense.

Steak-and-ClaretUnless you are a fortunate member of the well paid one percent of the population, reality dictates that the rest of us are all reduced to buying budget food products rather than the more expensive ones, thanks to our various governments turning a blind eye when it comes to greedy investment bankers and other leeches.

When the news media latch onto something as trivial as this, all kinds of weirdoes come out of the woodwork claiming that anyone who eats meat are murderers. Sorry folks, but ever since our ancestors began roaming the wilds we have always been carnivores. If you simply cannot look that cow, pig, chicken, duck or horse in the eye before its killed, that’s your problem.

For all you others who are appalled at the thought of consuming horse while saying that you eat beef, mutton, poultry or pork products – what’s the difference? With the exception of chickens and other fowl specifically bred for the table, the rest are all living breathing quadrupeds you see grazing the fields of our countryside.

Stop being so two-faced and squeamish! If you are so concerned about it, use your commonsense and buy your meat products from your local butcher. Try actually cooking a meal for a change, rather than throwing a ready meal into the oven or microwave. You never know, you might actually enjoy the experience.

Personally, the only time I would seriously be worried is when human DNA is found in processed meat products in the future. We are being constantly reminded that the cost of housing, clothing and feeding our ever increasing prison populations needs to be reduced somehow.

Hannibal Lecter had a liking for Long Pig. I can just imagine him saying something like this when he invited you to dinner:

“Would anyone care for a second helping of murderer stew? It tastes just like lean pork. I find it particularly delicious garnished with Fava beans and accompanied by a glass of the finest Claret.”

  1. Avatar of Coromandelman
    Coromandelman says

    Did they test for Human DNA..? Or did they omit to say they had and were too scared to print the results.. There we go.. another JCD style disease to deal with.?

  2. Avatar of Jack Eason
    Jack Eason says

    It will come as no surprise that because of the high cost re the detailed testing of Britain’s ‘beef’ products, prices are about to go through the roof. As usual it is the man on the street who picks up the tab. 🙁

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