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Business Incubators

If you want to do it the conventional route, you go to the bank, get a loan, and rent a location with all the bells and whistles attached.  And that would cost you and stop in your tracks.

These days, however, are different. When former mayor/ businessman Mel Lastman started his career in business he sold household appliances, including fridges and stoves, off a truck in Kensington Market area.  Honest Ed Mirvish failed countless times before his iconic store on Bathurst and Bloor became profitable and allowed him to pursue his passion of live musicals.

Well, both men teamed up, creating Enterprise Toronto .  This outfit is not out of the ordinary. Business Incubators are all over the free world and are encouraged in the developing world too.  What does it do? What purpose does it fulfill? Business Incubators supply a budding entrepreneur with an office, a phone, desk, computer, fax, meeting room area for clients, and a P.O Box for mail, all for a princely sum of one hundred dollars a month.  Some locations the cost could be lower, or higher, depending on the circumstances.
Included in this package, there are motivational seminars, some free but others may vary in cost, depending if you are a member, or not.
They also help you with budgets, business plans; resume writing, marketing, and promotion, or mentorship.  Another avenue is the Toronto Business Development Centre.  If you are under age thirty, you can access the Youth Business Center (YBC) which is located at 555 Richmond W, Toronto.

For more information about Business Incubators in Toronto, contact Toronto City Hall

Every city in the free world has a business incubator. In some cases, you will get a government grant.  If you are interested in starting a business in a business incubator, check your local listings.
Paul Collins, author of Mack Dunstan’s Inferno / Mystery of Everyman’s Way
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