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Biden vs Ryan – Debate 2012

Biden vs Ryan

Split Screen Debate: Vice President Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan.

As a voter, I review the debates as one who is undecided, and carefully listen to everything the candidates are saying, their personal reactions, gestures and overall ability to answer questions.

The debate focused on the domestic and foreign policy in our country with Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan – the first thing I noticed were the party colors, Joe Biden wearing the typical blue for the Democrats, and thinking to myself the words which were most important in last weeks Presidential Debate – bipartisan.

The debate opened with the recent terrorist attack in Libya.  Paul Ryan stated it took two weeks for the President to announce it was a terrorist attack, while Joe Biden said things had to be discussed before the announcement that yes, it was a terrorist attack in Libya.

Joe Biden told the listeners he would bring to justice, and those who did this would be found, but while Paul Ryan continued to get a word in edge (wise) because of Joe Biden,’s 82 interruptions during this debate with laughter, sometimes aloud, while Paul Ryan tried to give answers to questions, but was interrupted by his running mate.

I was watching on a split-screen, and the camera never swayed away from both candidates.  As a voter, I was thoroughly disgusted with the laughter repeatedly, at times aloud, and found it undignified for the Vice President.  I kept thinking it had to be a plan, a plan to keep Paul Ryan from coming across or to confuse the Congressman.  In my opinion, he was harassed and treated poorly by his opponent.

The question on Libya went haywire because of this – Ryan was right when he blamed the President for telling us it was UTube, a Video then, next, the Romney/Ryan campaign.  He should have spoken out from the beginning, not two weeks later.  (As I continued to ask myself why the V.P. continued to laugh about important issues when Ryan was talking, and Biden interrupted again calling it a bunch of malarkey – an Irish slang for nothing.

Biden did not have interruptions from his opponent, even when you could tell he disagreed.  Instead of telling the people that a request was made for more security, and it never happened he switched the words around and started an investigation from any lapses so this never happens again, was his answer; a big topic, lots of laughter, and no answers from the seated Vice President. Ryan reminded the V.P. it was the anniversary of 911.

Both candidates went at it again when the moderator asked how effective a strike with a nuclear missile would be.  I huge question which should have been taken seriously, as Biden continued to laugh.

Congressman Ryan told the people they have enough for five weapons, and Mitt Romney was voted down to prevent them from getting a nuclear weapon in 2007 and  Congressman Ryan in 2009.  No one listened until someone tried to blow up the Saudi Ambassador in Washington DC.  Ryan stated it was now in place because of Congress.

Biden immediately followed with the word, “Incredible,” and continued with – they needed the weapon to go to war, while Ryan came back with, “They want to prevent war.”  Biden also continued to give the nickname of Iran, BiBi.  Yet Biden continued laughing when he was not in agreement with his opponent.  How important is it to stop Iran – well at first Biden kept talking about how they cannot make the weapons today, but his answer was to the question – Nuclear attack or another war?

Biden answered a nuclear bomb that would devastate another country would do so to the entire middle east.  Ryan came back with the reason to stop them now.

The debate moved onto the economy and 8% of American workers were out of a job, the monitor asked, “Can they get under 6% unemployment?

Congressman Paul Ryan mentioned yes they rescued General Motors and I mentioned to my friend listening with me, “by borrowing from the smaller Credit Unions and paying off the debt.”  Now the big banks were back in business and cars could be made and jobs held in place, General Motors remains open – but then the Government, President Obama goes back to the smaller institutions lending money to the Government who were nonprofits, trying to close their doors, and send their business over to the bigger banks.

It was never said, but it became something one would surmise. People are still struggling to get mortgages, homes foreclosed on, and the Government will not allow home loans, after bragging about the lower interest rates.  Loans to people coming home from war, after serving years away, and homes fell into the bank’s hands.  Those people who fought for our country cannot get money to begin anew.  These same people were unable to find jobs.  These people returned home to a disaster.

Eight billion dollars spent on special interests and money borrowed from China.  Windmills are now in China, and GE must be thrilled green jobs.  So our future President has forgotten those people in the United State looking for a job?  What about the land filled with waste in Schenectady N.Y. where G.E. refuses to clean, a land filled with toxins;  China has windmills.

The debate reaches Medicare and Social Security.  This is when the debate begins to get hot because the voters are all baby boomers reaching retirement age, and both want to be sure to keep them secure and Medicare in the same shape for their vote.

Ryan suggests give younger people my age a choice and add competition to decide how they get their health care.  Paul Ryan also told of the 750 million dollars cut from Medicare each year and the new board, consisting of no health care attendees, without any medical training, will tell you what is right for your health, wrong Obama. Ryan is right, no vouchers, those on Medicare now cannot get the right treatment, a board will be directed by people without any healthcare degrees, experience and training telling us what is wrong with our bodies, what tests they approve.

They agree Medicare needs to change to survive, but Obama wants to keep Medicare the way it is, borrowing from it as he has, to rob Peter to pay Paul.  Ryan said no reform in Medicare for those, age 54 and above, it will stay the same.  Although Biden mentioned his plan was better, there was no proof in the pudding.  His plan would extend the life of Medicare to 2024 – which is 12 years from now, means those at the age of 54 would be over 65 years of age, so they both have similar plans except for the younger generations.

Biden will not privatize SSI while Ryan stated one out of six hospitals and nursing homes would be out of business.  At this time Biden was rude, and out of line with his non-stop interruptions.  He for one should know the rules.  Biden continued with the cost of drugs, with Medicare, while most of the people are not part of the plan now.  Have you taken a look, read the new book for Medicare 2013 – and it includes the date until 2013.  This,  every senior should read, and each family with a disability within their household.  The current drug plan needs a complete overhaul along with other sections of health care.

Imagine seniors who need hearing aids – are not covered for either the test or the hearing aids through Medicare?  The cost of one good pair of hearing aids could be 1200 dollars, so the seniors continue driving, never hearing the horn behind them.

This is a problem for the voter, for the candidates to sort out within Medicare and other health insurance companies. Drugs the right way, and hearing aids, testing, glasses, and eye tests, all should be part of health care, including your dental appointments;  one dental infection can kill you.  Both parties do not see the doctor-patient relationship while they are in congress talking about health care and Medicare changes for seniors and the disabled.

Think of the small children injured or teenagers, their families pay for their own insurance, and $6.000 MRI’s are not covered – yes, $6,000 dollars a test using a new MRI which is used for certain procedures.  Catastrophe strikes and you have run out of what is due to you with your own insurance;  you have no idea when something turns out bad. If treated with the best that medicine offers, you have the best insurance, we all know this.

Imagine you or I being our own doctor, knowing our bodies and telling a doctor something is wrong and you want it checked, and suddenly you need a voucher, which I never agreed with, to approve a treatment that could be life-threatening.  Do you see where I am going with this?

If both parties would take their good points, which both have, and combine them to help the people who need the help, what a better country this would be.

But, let’s take a look at taxes and a small business and how they differ which means a great deal at retirement age.  Congressman Ryan stated to grow the economy and create jobs –  he mentions that most of the jobs in this country are from small businesses.  He stated 28% is enough from the income from a small business for the government.  Our Vice President, Biden said no, 44% from a small business is enough. Obama and Biden – you are wrong.

How can one survive in a small business, improve the economy, build our country by those who employ most of its workers when you raise the taxes on them, what is left?  Don’t raise taxes on the middle class either.  Note:

This is why our country will not survive without a bipartisan government, this is why we should not be laughing and arguing during a debate but helping one another come up with a conclusion and make this country what it was, and what it can be.  You must work together to build our country.

Biden returned with another statement which was small businesses make less than 250,000 a year, so I ask Biden and Obama why 44% of the group of people who are supplying America with employment?

Then the big joke and I should say it was serious, but when Biden, who laughed all night, started rattling off, cut mortgage reduction, college – health care – at the end of the debate; this is why the GOP and Democrats must work together no matter who has the house.  Each one, was voted into office to help the voter, not himself or herself.

So I shall finish with the same sentence, the winner of this election will give in to bipartisan talks and final decisions.  They will help their people, and themselves.  Eventually, this country should be changed where a person from each party wins the election making it a bipartisan nation where both parties have a say so, and the arguments stop.

The winner has the big seat while the person in second place has the same chores, except the big winner gets to pull the red button.  As you know this is simply a sample of a world that can get along, a country that can live with peace, and protect its citizens, together.

By the way CNN polls for the undecided mentioned it was a dead heat – 1/3 for Biden, 1/3 for Ryan, and 1/3 still undecided.  Guess the next debate will be interesting.

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