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Baby Boomers: Tremendous Value In Business

Baby Boomers

I read an excellent article in Forbes Magazine about middle age and the brain. It is being discovered and proven scientifically, that as Baby Boomers, we are definitely getting smarter.

This generation is more experienced than ever and there is actually something to be said about “older and wiser”.

Why is this important? There are more individuals in this age range than at any time in history. People are living longer and there is a huge amount of people in this particular age group due to the baby boomer generation.

This also represents a bigger population of individuals that are still in the work world and have often been written off as “too old for the job”.

Most people have been conditioned to believe that mid-life means we have “mid-life crisis” and “empty nest syndrome”, “lose our memory”, “can’t see close up without reading glasses”, etc, and other derogatory terms that cast a negative attitude towards aging.

Although our close up vision is more challenging, it isn’t something that stops us-we just pick up a pair of reading glasses!!!! During this age, we are more knowledgeable, more experienced, more committed, more responsible, have more credibility, contacts, and resources than we ever had in our younger years.

This month I am celebrating my 51st birthday. The photo above is on my 50th birthday…… when I was growing up, 50 was thought to be old! That is still believed by many, and some of the people that believe it, are people in this age category.

Unfortunately many “buy into” the conditioning they have been fed….they are their own worst enemy – they are often the people that wonder why no one will hire them “at their age” after being downsized. I feel the best I have ever felt in my life. I have more energy, I am more experienced, I am stronger, fitter, healthier and happier than I have ever been.

My mind is clearer, sharper and more focused than it has ever been. I have a wealth of ideas swirling through my brain, non-stop. I see so much potential, and possibility when other’s see doom and gloom. Of course, there are individuals that will tell you the opposite.

They have “accepted” the negative brainwashing that has been cast throughout the years, and “bought into” what others have “taught them” about what it is supposed to be like at this stage of life, and they “live into” that conditioned belief.

At any age of life, we have a choice. We have a choice to buy into what the masses are programmed to believe by society, the media, the educational system, the corporate world, etc. , and, there are many individuals that “buy into” this conditioned thinking that limits our potential.

At any age, we can believe we are limited, or we can look to people that are achieving what we want to achieve and simply follow their actions to duplicate the results in our own lives.

Want to be a fit baby boomer – find a fit baby boomer – learn what they do (eating habits, fitness routine, etc) and start doing what they do. Want to be successful financially – find a financially successful baby boomer and learn what they do – (are they self-employed, what kind of work do they do, what kind of investments do they make, what kind of people do they associate with) – start doing what they do.

Have you been downsized – STOP playing the victim! Use your past experience and go out and create your own business – use the incredible experience you have gained….tap into your passions and find something you can do for yourself!

I have a close friend that loves photography. She has some brilliant ideas and takes beautiful pictures. All her life she has been working a job. Now, in her 50’s, she is taking more pictures, following her passion and just loving her hobby, and is starting to gain exposure and recognition for her work. This is how successful businesses often get off the ground.

People just do more of what they really love, and combine their passion and experience. This is exactly how many successful entrepreneurs are born….they end up running a thriving business and are able to leave the restraints of being an employee.

One thing I can recommend that has made a massive difference in my own life is to work on yourself – through personal development. Read books, attend seminars, listen to CDs, learn from other successful people. Stimulate your brain! The more you work on your “thinking” the more you increase your results in absolutely every area of your life. W

e have SO much to offer society at this age – whether it is the knowledge we offer an employer, or branching out to start your own business, or devoting time to a charity – this knowledge we have gathered throughout years of real, hands-on experience is what it takes for an individual to go out and create their own business.

Don’t limit yourself to working for employers who have bought into the conditioning of hiring younger people. Why beat the effect of this negative programming? Go out and do something for yourself!

Take control of your life, realize how much value you have, follow your passions, live into your potential! Take a stand for changing the negative “label” that has been placed on baby boomers by being the EXAMPLE that people can follow. Be a clear demonstration of the VALUE that we have and the wealth of experience and knowledge we offer.

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