Atheism is a Very Strange Delusion


Atheism Is A Very Strange Delusion

“I believe because it’s impossible” – Quintus Septimius Florens Tertullianus “Tertullian” (c. 160 – c. 220 AD).

 “If he is mad, he is not likely to be convinced by reason; on the other hand, if we be mad, we are in no position to attempt it.” John Wallis (23 November 1616 – 28 October 1703). 

Atheism Is A Very Strange Delusion

Atheism is a very strange delusion.  Atheists have convinced themselves of the following fallacy: as long as they maintain that God does not exist, God will cease to exist.  This is willful disbelief. 

The sun exists whether I close my eyes or not, whether I shove my head ostrich-like into the ground or not.  Atheists seem to subscribe to the notion that God’s existence (or non-existence) is somehow contingent upon the will and whim of human beings.

How odd.  By definition, God exists outside of this universe and permeates the whole universe because he created it, in much the same way that an engineer who built a machine exists outside of the machine but whose intelligence and creativity can be found in every cog and wheel of the machine he created.

Needless to say, the ‘ants’ (also created by the engineer) which have overrun the machine the engineer has created have convicted themselves that the machine has spontaneously come into being by reverse-engineering the process to the first bolt or screw.

They can’t see the engineer, because they can’t leave the machine.  So, since the machine is their whole universe, and they can find no designer in it, they have deluded themselves into believing he does not exist.  Meanwhile God… sits at the controls and on occasion whispers into the ear of some more open-minded ant – “maybe, just maybe you are all wrong.”

I really love Atheists, they refuse to imagine the impossible.  For them, only that which is tangible and testable can ever be seriously considered.  It makes for interesting conversations about unicorns and Noah’s ark and makes most Atheists so much fun to argue with.

Agnostics are holding out for more evidence, it is the safe approach.  I don’t have much faith in their ability to reason much less gamble.  Take a stand, an Atheist is someone who has taken a stand, I don’t have to agree with him/her – but at least they have an opinion.  This is where it becomes a battle between two forces.

On the one side is the intellectual force of Atheism which is grounded in reason, critical thinking and concreteness, in the tangible and real universe – the Atheist doubts and thus demands proof – as well as he/she should!

To do otherwise would be irrational.  In the other corner is the emotional force of Belief which is grounded in hope, in mysticism and in the transient and ephemeral quality of existence and of all things real and of course of all things imagined and unreal – the Believer demands that the envelope of reality be pushed, that there is more than meets the eye – as well as he/she should.  To do otherwise would be to settle for limits.

The debate between Atheists and Believers can thus be brought down to a single question, not “Is there a God?” or “Do you believe in God?” – these are childish questions… no, the Atheist/Believer debate is about this: “Do you believe in absolute limits?”  If you do not, you are in essence a Believer in God – God is the limitless, the infinite, the all-encompassing and yet transcendent whole.

If you do, if you believe that there are real and tangible limitations that cannot ever be overcome – you are an Atheist – your imagination cannot make certain leaps, it cannot consider the impossible, you know that some things are simply not real, and because you have defined them as unreal, they can never be.

I believe in the impossible.  Some things have to be believed to be seen.  Thus… I have seen God, and He is impossible, and so I am convinced that He is real.

“Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.” – John 20:29 (KJV)

  1. Avatar of Jack Eason
    Jack Eason says

    To an atheist Konrad, religion is a strange delusion as well. As for agnostics; I hate fence sitters don’t you. 🙂

  2. Avatar of Konrad Tademar
    Konrad Tademar says

    Agreed, fence sitters are flaky. Pick a side. As to the delusional ones, it does depend on which side one has picked, doesn’t it?

  3. Avatar of Philip Verghese 'Ariel
    Philip Verghese 'Ariel says

    Thanks for sharing this. A good read.

    The atheist says, “God does not exit.”
    The agnostic tells us, “If God exists, we can’t know it.”
    And the mystic believers, “I know God, but I can’t communicate this to anyone else.”

    Christianity and the Bible assert precisely that opposite. Not only does God exist, but He can be known and we can tell others about Him because He has made Himself publicly known.
    God may be known in several ways.
    Through Creation
    Through Bible
    Through Jesus Christ And
    Through Holy Spirit.
    Courtesy ‘Confident Living Magazine’

  4. Avatar of Ogho Eberekpe
    Ogho Eberekpe says

    …Absolutely a rich and wealthy article…! Our limitations cloud our mind to thinking that there is a realm called impossibility and there is a possibilty only the limitation of our imagination can travel. Pathetic! Everything boils down to intellectual reasoning, and this too, has its dire limitation because intelletual reasoning is only based on the limitation we allow our minds to travel. If there is a God? This again is narrowed down to what we are prepared to accept, but the fact remains that there is a superior intelligence…I love the atheist for the fact that he does not believe in the existence of a God, but does he not suffer from the limitations of intellectual reasoning and the beauty of unlimited imagination. God does not exist because in all things, the concept of a GOD is to be grasp! Because I am ‘GOD’ I believe there is a GOD or a superior intelligence, which we all strive not to be humble enough to admit, and this humility is the simplicity of simple imgination. Religions has never been my cup of tea because overtime, it has helped to fuel the death of GOD because of its religious cynicism…True, there is GOD and this GOD cannot be found in the bible, the Quran or any other books, GOD is outside the box we have kept it in our limited and selfish limitations. All the arguement about the non-existence of GOD are simply intellectual exercises for man to gain the ground of intellectual superiority, but again, is our world not narrowed down to this, the pursuit of intellectual reasoning to the detriment of all simplicity where our escape lies?

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