America is Broken (1)


Real People – Real Problems – America is Broken!

Here is a list of things people aren’t happy with regarding life and our government.
Please take a moment and post your thoughts.  Add your concerns.  Help change America!

broken-US1. Healthcare – Healthcare means many issues to list but your comments will give those who care, a place to voice their opinion. I can start with a recent phone call where 15,000 people on Medicare were worried about the stability of the plan. When asked where the problem was, over 88 % stated Physician Fraud, overcharging for treatments never performed, writing up bills for things never received – as simple as stepping through the doorway and talking to the elderly – but off they went to write up false reports. One excellent improvement is covering those with preexisting conditions. Due to the loss of a job, and a previous health problem, Americans, were refused health care, this should not happen again. We must clamp down on the price of medications for those in need – including those with illnesses that require medication, approved through the FDA but is not affordable.

Yes, I have noticed an improvement when it comes to your “preventive care” medications, and this is wonderful – but those with long-term care and specialized medicine cannot afford what makes living worthwhile. As American’s we are paying through our taxes for research projects, and much more, so this should be a requirement following research, to make drugs available to the needs of the patients. Another step forward – allowing your adult (child) remain under your insurance until the age of 26 or until they move out of the home, and why not, you are paying the premiums. When it comes to changing health Care, I have been through Health Care Reform In the 90’s and people did not bother to look up the reasoning behind it, they either voted no because of too many Louise and who commercials? They were told to support a certain party because the formation of HMO’s was underway.

Do you believe the citizens of this country really understand the health care bill? Is it all what you hear on the news, and then it depends on what channel you watch, their own belief seems to stick like glue to the listeners. Americans need to know the fine details of a plan – this means reading thousands of pages as if you worked in a lawyer’s office or Senator’s aid. Those members of Congress do not have time to read the entire bill. So what do they get, what their aids “believe” the bill states? Wrong. We elected these individuals and they should be up to date on the truth, the written word.

How can we make things right when too many things are misunderstood? Your posts will educate.

2. Unemployment – Unemployment due to the state of our economy has taken us down under since 2008 when the numbers began to fall, and now the last numbers I heard were near 15% unemployment including those who went over the specific number of allowed days to collect. Why are we fighting such drastic change in employment? First, when those fathers, and sometimes grandfathers and single men and or women went to fight no one believed we would be there for more than 11 years – the longest War of all time.

We have gained nothing from keeping peace in the Middle East. We have lost peace here at home from the bread-winners gone, losing their positions, coming back to a home foreclosed on, no bank or financial institution was given the okay to help these individuals get back on their feet. These fighters are stuck, as the average person in America today. They are in the deepest pile of mud that ever existed. How do they clean their feet – for one thing, let them start up businesses, buy homes, receive loans? These people are not the newlyweds without jobs – they were established in their life and that was taken away. We have to allow growth before we can grow as a nation.

3. Education – In the field of education programs in Art – Music – and most of all Reading are slipping through the cracks because of lack of funds, another big part of Americas’ future, this generation. Can you imagine if someone, who is smart enough to be the next genius, began with a reading deficit due to a variety of problems; these are the special teachers who take time with the unfortunate, or the teachers who concentrate on those with learning disabilities. What this means in plain English, children of the future will miss out, any opportunity there is due to the lack of reading; grades fall, confidence is next to none, and in the more difficult communities, they turn to the outside world to keep afloat. We must maintain those basics for all children in every school. As I stated above, Art and Music, Sports, and Special Education were needed – these are qualities in individuals that need nurturing. Don’t lose the child. Protect both family and all their children.

4. Politics vs. Politics – The People Should Come First. I don’t care if you are Tom, Dick, Harry, Mary, or Sue, but the people of America have the right to demand they don’t lose the programs set forth years ago. These are the people who built this great country and they are not receiving the average paycheck of today, from back then. Their source of income, primarily stocks in the firm, retirement funds, etc., blew up during 2008. Spouses now are left with next to nothing from those who fought during World War II and beyond, up to the Viet Nam war. These elderly people invested paycheck to paycheck for their future, they did have options that do not exist today, but how many took advantage of them? And now our own government can borrow from funds we as taxpayers invested for our future, week to week?

These funds were used for special interests, bail out the car companies. Since when do we demand different federal agencies to give to special interests to keep them afloat? Then what happens to those who did as the government demanded; some close up because they need to build the bigger institutions back to where they were while the smaller institutions were the ones who helped save their name. Let’s make it equal here in America, and give all the workers, employers, businesses, all deserve the same treatment, and not pick a few to help out – help those who helped you while billions of dollars were spent on useless things.

It reminds me of the Viet Nam War when the war was over the soldiers ran as quickly as they could to home ground. What did they do? You guess, or perhaps remember – once they left the war, and a jungle of poisonous snakes and more; dead buddies, innocent families were murdered as millions of dollars in aircraft (cost at that time) at a total of some nine hundred, left. One thousand ships and boats left. Forty thousand trucks, ammunition, and seven hundred thousand M-16 Rifles left. This time we have spent trillions of dollars; will the soldiers be put to work making six hundred dollar hammers like they did when they returned from Nam? Will they be producing twelve hundred dollar toilet seats, as they did after Nam? The army had a fire sale, our military hardware was bought by those in the Middle East.

Think about it – the government had the soldiers working, charging these outrageous prices on paper, but the men and women were working. Unbelievable, we left behind military equipment, and to think we sold weapons and machinery to third world countries and then placed them to work making toilet seats for nine hundred dollars each? Oh sure, that was way-back-when, but so will this war, one day with hope, be way-back-when, and still another sell out is most likely in the works. After Nam, all the draftees wanted was to get back home, out of the infested jungle where diseases lurked. Today, thousands of men and women suffer from such diseases caused by our own country. The government does treat those affected by Agent Orange, but why expose your own in the first place?

Men and Women of War – These individuals are living day in and day out twisting their necks thinking someone is behind them. During the sixties and before they were the subjects for testing, drugs which would make them alert during wartime, fight harder, quicker, and now they suffer. More men and women sit inside dirty VA hospitals, can’t we make them more comfortable, it was the government who started the war – or joined in. Take care of your own.

The jungle remains inside them from the Nam period, as does the desert of the Middle East, and still, people from home are not sure we did the right thing when after the sadness from 9/11, we thought we were after one man, and his followers – but other’s entered the picture. So why did we have to kill so many innocent people? Similar to the health care act; no one speaks up.

5. Small Business Concerns – We have heard some pluses when it comes to small businesses but nothing has been on the plate – and cleared yet. These are the people keeping communities alive, from the plumber – to the air conditioning worker, to the cable men, onto the worker in the specialty shop, and a hairdresser, or ballet teacher. These people work hard, like the masons, builders, ironworkers, and so forth – not as small as your corner deli, but still with less employed. Let us support those people with hard-working employees who need their help.

6. Medicare Needs Help Not Cuts – More Doctors Need to Treat Seniors – and as stated under the title of Health Care, more doctors need to be honest. Did you know something like 485 million dollars were charged for services not received – to Medicare? No wonder they are seeking help. Medicare was robbed, 185,000 doctors are now brought up on fraud because of charging for services not received, and charged to the system that 485 million dollars.

7. Medicare – Medicare should cover hearing exams etc. Why wouldn’t a Senior Program do this? Why doesn’t Medicare cover joint problems but only a certain amount of days for physical therapy and no surgery? They are practically telling the seniors on Medicare, to suffer. They should cover eyeglasses, hearing aids, and everything our growing population need for a better life. The list goes on…

8. The Cost to Raise a Family – Sure you have children who excel in sports but can’t afford the summer camps, the uniforms, shoes, equipment and so they go without. The amount of school taxes in communities should be able to help individuals with talent, or the desire to excel. Again, the economy makes special things that were once everyday things, impossible.

Have you gone shopping lately? Sure we hear gas came down a wee bit, and smiles appear on faces until they reach the cashier and the total for one week of groceries for a family of four equals four hundred dollars – meat, especially a simple hamburger costs as much as a whole turkey. So on and so forth. You don’t have to be told, you shop. If you cut out the good food then the healthy family begins to suffer, their habits change, and the daily output at school or work suffers. We are complete human beings.

9. Empty Store-fronts? – Charging for Parking? – Cost of Products. Have you wondered why store-fronts are empty? I can think of a few reasons, okay the economy stupid, but what about the ability to get a loan, and you have had loans all your life? You lost everything at war… What about those family vacations when you could fly to your destination and added costs were not piling up, costing outrageous fees to fly. Today you can fly or take a train for the same price. Have you tried to save money to bring your children to Disney, just one section of many – after spending thousands of dollars to get there; rooms, food, and the cost for admission blows your mind. Do you think Walk Disney wanted families to stop going to Disney because of outrageous costs?

Who is making out in America? I would love some comments to this article since we are creeping closer to the election – and one of the most important elections – we want to remain strong, the powerhouse – we don’t want to join countries in one big party, with currency and other rules – we want to remain free.

10. GOVERNMENT Health Care Plan – A+ so why all the fuss when we want the same?

11. The Ultra Rich – those who worked hard for their money deserve the good things in life. Most rich people share with charities, write it off on their taxes like the poor who donate old clothing. Perhaps the ultra-rich can open up some resources for those in need, those who returned from war injured and will never be working as they once did. We need a roundtable, not cut down the fortunate but let them lend a helping hand where their heart brings them. Let them want to help, then watch a country survive.

Please post your concerns, where you believe a change in America can help bring about a government for all.


  1. Avatar of Jack Eason
    Jack Eason says

    Sounds like America has assumed its place alongside the rest of the Western World. We’re all broken at this present moment in time Nancy. 😉

  2. Avatar of Nancy Duci Denofio
    Nancy Duci Denofio says

    Jack, I do hear the same from many countries across this wide world of ours, from my own relatives in Sicily and Ireland, to friends like you. The world economy has taken a hit – and I do believe it began before 2008.

    Thank you Jack for reading this – and perhaps with some common sense, and a joint effort we can place the pieces back into the right spots of the puzzle.

    Sincerely, Nancy

  3. Avatar of RMitchell
    RMitchell says

    Nancy, many good points and topics covered here. As you may know, I’m a true believer in entrepreneurship, Capitalism, and the free market–those things which built this nation into the most prosperous in the world. I also believe, like you said, that our military should be taken care of, well.

    “We have to allow growth before we can grow as a nation,” great sentence. Getting lending to open up to those wanting to start, expand, and hire employees in small businesses is key to jump-starting this economy. However, I know some in the banking community, as well as many small business owners and they all express the same; that they are waiting on the outcome of the election to see where things stand with taxes, new regulations, and laws. If a banker has little belief that a business will succeed due to more expenses (taxes, regulations) coming, they won’t lend. Financial organizations are keeping cash in their wallets and playing it safe. I can’t say it’s healthy for the economy, but that’s the current situation.

    This economy will get better, but it’s going to take a lot of working together in Washington to make it happen.

    Great article…

    All Best,

  4. Avatar of Nancy Duci Denofio
    Nancy Duci Denofio says

    Thanks Randy for your comment. I also know that immigrants built this country, brought us into an age of wealth, created inventions, and were praised. Today the word is like a wild word on a game board, do we keep them, or send them home, divide the family, or not. Wow, we have changed. We have many people who are American Citizens who are not doing their part, who skip on taxes, etc. We have people in this country who cheat the government, including fruad among doctors, recently 185,000 doctors were found they were cheating the government Medicare system, and we wonder why there isn’t enough money? Yes, we must all sit down. We have voted, let us be heard, and more than five minutes – a famous quote of mine that got me one on one interviews with political Presidential candidates, for over one and 1/2 hours alone. Proud to say, interesting conversations. So politics is Issues, it’s time the parties concentrate on them, and not forget what they said during the pre election time. Sincerely, Nancy Great to hear from you.

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