Always Blogging


Always Blogging

Always Blogging

It seems that way! Although I do work full time at a day job, and I am writing werewolf romances on deadline, and I am writing other books for my own pleasure–hunky Highlanders, the dark fae (YA–The World of Fae series), vampire romance, time travel twists, you name it, I write it.

And I make award-winning teddy bears that have been featured in magazines and newspapers, that have won best in show, most unique bears, and best-dressed bears and many have found homes not only in the US and Canada, but as far away as Australia, Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Belgium, and France!

But this month has been dedicated almost entirely to the new release, Dreaming of the Wolf, which has continued to make the bestseller list in both print and ebooks at Amazon. YES!

How is that happening? I’m EVERYWHERE! Not only at work. Not only at home. But I’ve had1-3  guest blog spots at different sites each day.

That’s not all. I regularly blog on Casablanca Authors and From the Heart’s blogs once a month, daily on my own blog, Redroom for Authors, periodically on Shapeshifter Romance, and Vinspire Books, and once a week on Fierce Romance.

I’ve written a WHOLE book in blogs. Seriously. Counting up all the blog word counts, I have written the equivalent of a full-length book. Should I have written a book instead?

The best promotion an author can do is release his or her next book. True. However, the guest blogs get the word out to readers who don’t know you have a series out in the first place. New readers. New exposure. More interest.

I’ll write another book. Two more. Three. But when a new book is out, it’s time to shout to the world, “Dreaming of the Wolf is here!”

I twitter. I Facebook. I ask for reviews. I send out books. I offer contests.

I write some more.

Blog, blog, blog…that’s all I ever do!

But it’s worth it when I get one email from a new reader who loves my books!

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