A Ghost in the White House? (2)


Part one ended with a quote from the old world, “We are a disinterested nation, and a nation of idealists.”

The President is reminded of this statement among others, knowing the old world was wrong since we are millions and millions of people who have taken care of nations around the world.  Time does change and power tends to run out and rekindle, again.

America was once the nation where millions came by ship for the New World, we grew into a country of nations, and became a country of wealth through the talent of immigrants, and our nation grew.

Perhaps one day, a hundred years ago or more, a ghost happened to have a reason to stay around the White House.  Being a nation with many religious beliefs, spirituality has proven to do wonderful things.  In addition, our patriotism has been strong.

ghostAfter 911, when our own people lost their life through terrorists – as a patriot – we believed everything we heard, or what was told to us, by officials in high offices.  We never gave thought to technology.  Technology could detect and re-record any voice, from someone talking on television, a phone call, in person, anywhere – and make them sound like another.  We have come a long way in fifty years.  Perhaps a good reason why it feels rather strange, a powerful, knowledgeable world, filled with the best in technology, took 11 years to find, and kill the culprit.

I would not have honored this man with a proper burial, when we had lives swept from our arms, and streets.  Why, why would we hide the evidence, and taken away from the people, the employers, any ounce of proof?  Wrapped in sheets and tossed into the sea?  Without proof, without any history from the man – when stranger things have happened without technology.  I have believed, and I am sure, not alone, either something wasn’t understood by the employers, when the employee took it upon himself to demand, proper treatment of the body.  Where was the white house ghost on this night?  Something had been wrong, right along, and this kind of tipped the bottom of the barrel. I thought it was unforgivable, to do this for a man we hunted like an animal for all those years.  Something was not right, and it still seems impossible to believe. If the employers have questions, then several employees have answers.

We can change a voice within a millimeter of a second to sound like anyone admitting fault.  Did the ghost in the White House know our families were at risk?  Did the government ignore the common man only to protect officials, warning them not to fly that day?  Too many questions, both not asked within this article, or answered by the employee.

Perhaps the President at the time never noticed a ghost in the halls of the White House, and could a ghost be the hero, and warn us of our future?  Or, do we return to the people here on earth too. The employees who plant ideas inside minds.

Similar to a book of rules made by your employer to follow at work; we are acting as the employer for the people and by the people.  No one has to vote for the truth.  Give a person in each district a non paying position to speak out for the people – give their district a clear, honest voice in congress.

If the ghost is there to keep peace and mend the country through power we know little about, perhaps it is time after a hundred years, to know the real reason for this vision.  Our nation is tired of promises, and want to know the truth, what is happening, where?  I ask where because our nation is as varied as the people who built it’ this is why employers (us) need the right answers from the right people, and in a select area.

Thinking of the paranormal – I am sure we have many visitors at the Whitehouse who do not wear a badge, pass through security, or ask permission to enter through the doors close to the oval office.  When you read the historical facts of those who died in office, either the President or a part of their family… Let us be aware, if plantations, homes, hospitals, and various locations are known for hauntings and proven true by the best, then, those who float needlessly about the corridors are watching over, perhaps changes once made.

They say a ghost remains until what they wanted to accomplish, is finished, and I am sure many people who occupied this lovely white house were never finished with business – and if they were, it changed and they want it back in shape – as close, as possible.

As discussed, Presidents have admitted to seeing ghosts in the hallways at the white house, but I wonder if they were greeted on their first night?  We hear sounds in new places, or drafts from open windows, and we are puzzled when something falls, or flies through the air.  Often someone as our employee, who takes care of these employers, is too busy to notice the strange and puzzling.  We know for sure that the White House isn’t haunted by a demon, or a bad witch, but rather someone who is concerned with things as they are now, so one First Lady brought in a medium and she probably could write a book on the topic.

Strange, those who admitted were of both parties – we can’t call this a political problem, but a universal affair.

We know the white house was set ablaze when it was first opened, and changes were made – and Jackson loved his oval room, which he used as a bar – a gathering place to drink spirits with friends.  Could they be returning to the oval office, noticing the change in their hangout – when our President ushered in the ordinary man to share a toast . . .?

The place came to be what it is today, and other rooms were added on for events, larger dinner parties – but how many people attend those parties, and perhaps stand near one of the old fireplaces, puff on a pipe, and the people ask, “Do you smell that?”  I bet the servers have stumbled more than once on a carpet while carrying food into the dining room.  The stairs are known to creek, and the workers in the white house have more tales to tell, for they are not high and mighty and have no reason not to speak the truth.  Perhaps, they believe more in what has been, and will be, and the spirits can read them.

How many Presidents are known to have trouble sleeping, and they tend to age as they work at the white house.  We are observant, and we are aware of change, especially when we speak of a public figure.  Perhaps, they were afraid of the night – each President has had their own doctor, and we all remember Dr. Feelgood.  Worked wonders, but not for long.

Perhaps we should run down those employees who knew the white house like no other home, not because of who lives there, but who lived there.  Join me on my next journey as we shall glance around the white house, remembering the voices of the past.

What was said about the White House and those who travel incognito?

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