A Blog Here and There


A Blog Here and There

Recently, I have been on a drive to improve the quality of my blogging for your benefit, as well as my own. 

What has happened is that I have grown a little better at least, about having a steady blog and at figuring out how to make my Uranian Fiction blog work.

It did not take long to figure out that running three blogs daily for me is a bit much.  When I am bored, it is not too many but on a busy day, it really is.

A Blog Here and ThereAnother reality is that blogs only mostly work the same way.

The more I come to know what I’m doing, the more this becomes evident.  It is only possible for me to use the post created here at other blogging locations when I write this one first.

Unfortunately, I still tend to write at another location first but still get angry when I cannot cut and paste it, even though, the system has told me that like ten times now.

I think it won’t take more than another few repetitions for that to change but right now I am still like that.

Presently this blog is sometimes a bit loose like you have come around to chat with me while I’m doing the dishes or folding laundry or something…friendly but…Hopefully, it will get better.

Out of nowhere type question: does anyone know how to get abdominal muscles to go back to being tight after having loosened them up without making it so that one cannot take deep breaths?  Do those functions operate mutually repressively or not?


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