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One World Currency and One World Legal System

One World Currency

One World Currency

Supply and demand used to make the world go round. Past tense.

A person was born, went to school, entered the workforce, bought a home, or rented an apartment, and they bought appliances, cars, and this fueled the economy. They paid their taxes. If such a person had a surplus income, they would invest in the stock market. When such a person got old, they would retire, and live off of their investments.

Since the 1970s, the Federal Reserve has been printing money, keeping the economy going. “But a fundamental change in the Fed’s rules in 2008 broke the link between its bond-buying and the subsequent size of the money stock.

As a result, the Fed has bought a massive amount of bonds without causing the stock of money – and thus the rate of inflation – to rise,” wrote Martin Feldstein in Project Syndicate.  I don’t know why I inserted such an opinion in this article. It was a great paper filler and it never made sense in the narrative of this article but it did fill up space.

Any hoot, according to the mainstream media, the US government started a bond-buying program in 2008. Because of such a move the government is now said to own 20% of American bonds. That’s what they claim; it could be more, or worse. Now some fancy buzz words have been introduced called Tapering, or Quantitative Easing.

Imagine reducing the amount of alcohol being consumed by a drunk. You will not make a friend but create an enemy.

After forty years of printing money, they are now reducing it. Such an announcement has caused a ripple in the business pages. Reducing Government bond-buying will choke the economy, leading to an expected correction in the economy.  Yes, this will make you aware of the many depressed stockbrokers. The American dollar will come down. We won’t face inflation, but Deflation. The domino effect is obvious.

But life is not all doom and gloom. There will always be an entrepreneur who will come up with software and enter the billionaire club. Regulations are a-coming. We are ten years away from a one-world currency and one-world legal system. You can fight it but is impossible to avoid. It’s the globalism period. This type of market downturn will shake up the financial system sector and scare the social rot that lacks the caliber to manage the authority that it wields.

I look forward to the coming reduction in military spending, a Truth and Reconciliation Commission that will wrap America’s War and Terror. Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, both Bush presidents, and others should come forward to end this dark era of the human experience.  Diplomacy can go a long way.

Remember, the US does not have to raise taxes to fund a Free Essential Healthcare system, it can cut military spending, and the option will become viable.  Of course, taxes should be targeted to finance infrastructure programs like building hydrogen fuel cell stations and updating the electrical grid to accommodate such a demand.  But that would be an ideal world.

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