Global Food Safety Testing Market Growth to Remain Stagnate up to 2025


The food safety market has witnessed an increase in demand for testing over the past few years.

The rise in incidences of foodborne diseases and strict regulations are among the key reasons that have fueled the growth in the industry. The sector is currently experiencing a paradigm shift in technology with the adoption of rapid food testing technologies.

food-safetyLaboratories have upgraded their systems or adopted newer systems. Techniques such as the Clean-trace hygiene monitoring systems, molecular detection assays, rapid microbiological detection systems, PCR systems have gained traction in the market.

Companies prefer to outfit their laboratories with these systems due to the faster turnaround times. Companies have focused to improve the turnaround times in an effort to accommodate a higher number of samples to be tested. The integration of internet-based databases and cloud computing systems is expected to further drive demand for rapid technologies in food testing.

The use of cloud systems in other areas, such as drug discovery informatics, has a significant role to play in the implementation. Collaborative efforts by laboratories to maintain a single platform data bank will enable result sharing and comparison between labs to improve accuracy and highlight inconsistencies.

The systems are known to generate a large amount of data while testing multiple immunologists. The use of these systems with their data-mining capabilities helps companies to understand and compile the data required to create the report.

This system allows for greater flexibility in the movement of data between labs and the company. The use of automated systems is also closer to reality with the use of cloud-based systems that allow reduced workforce and are economical. The integration of online databases is expected to aid benchmarking and reduce risks for the clients and the laboratories.

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