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End of Days

End of Days

End of Days

“We are living in a reality which has been written, directed, and produced by Y.E. Coyote and the Joker,” trailed off a friend from the past, “If you have any complaints about it, even Y.E. Coyote and the Joker have to eat!”

Over two thousand years ago, in the bible’s The Book of Revelations 16:12, it was written: ‘The sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates, and its water was dried up to prepare the way for the kings from the East.’

Garden of Eden

If one is not up on their knowledge of scripture, the Euphrates River was alleged to be where the Garden of Eden appeared, including where such empires like the Babylon Empire and the location where Prophet Abraham was offered a parcel of land from the Lord—yes, the Euphrates River is a place where many major events of history have taken place.

BTW, the only army that we should expect to come from the East would be China. Thus, the bible says that an army of two hundred million will march from the East, the drying up of the Euphrates River will release four angels that were bound in prison, and these four angels will kill one-third of humankind.

It was alleged that these four angels would command this two-hundred-million-member army. If this prophecy were to happen now, 50% of the world’s population would be killed, and 4 billion souls would be killed overnight. It was also alleged that these four angels went with human women. As a result, they gave birth to children, creating hybrid creatures and angering the creator.

Scripture further purported that the creator then flooded the earth and punished these angels by placing them in chains at the bottom of the Euphrates River to be released at the appointed hour, time, and day to punish humanity for its wickedness. Zap to 2022. When the Euphrates River did dry up, archeologists examined the once great riverbed and found a lost castle hidden under the waves.

They also discovered a network of tunnels and a cave system, including a place resembling a jail with makeshift bars. To their surprise, they heard and recorded strange sounds that mirrored the moaning and groaning of lost souls, and the evidence hit TikTok. Thus, if one types in in their browser and searches for ‘4 angels under Euphrates River sound,’ this will pop up.

Fear Porn

If that is not effective, fear porn…. looking at China, after nearly three years of aiming to eliminate COVID-19 through mass lockdowns, restrictive contact tracing programs, and international travel bans, the Chinese government announced on Dec. 7, 2022, it was rolling back its zero-COVID policies that helped suppress the spread of the coronavirus in the country. Unfortunately, following this initiative, the rates of COVID-19 shot up in major Chinese cities.

Some internet sources argued that the Chinese government lied about its Covid death rate and continues to suppress its death numbers. For example, if one looked up ‘New COVID model predicts over 1 million deaths in China,’ they would find a Reuters article claiming that by China loosening the controls, we should expect deaths to spike.

International sources like WION News and the BBC also reported, ‘Satellite images capture crowding at China’s crematoriums and funeral homes as COVID-19 surge continues.’ On the other hand, I have a computer friend who has his own conspiracy about what caused Covid-19. He argued that when the 5G Towers were turned on, Covid-19 struck.

Virus Mania

There are only new variants when these towers have a software upgrade. Sounds reasonable too. He even cites the book source Virus Mania. That being known, if one meandered through my Perfect Storm Plague Outbreak article at, one would read: After 1963, the population grew. Unlike China, we do not have a one-child limit.

Think tanks in Washington, New York, London, Rome, and Moscow convened and came to the same conclusion–we need population control. So, in 1979, President Jimmy Carter signed an executive order that created the Blueprint 2000, Project 2000, or Lifeboat Faction Fund. Look it up, and you will find it.

Fake Diseases

These programs preplanned reducing the global population in concert with the decrease in crop outputs. This all led to the creation of fake diseases and viruses (including AIDS) by a team of scientists in MIT laboratories. Whenever one researcher announced a cure, these scientists would make diseases like AIDS stronger. Unknown to the average person, the illness will get stronger when you treat any ailment with antibiotics. Any malady is an organism. It can evolve, like any organism. It is a species in itself. It will never remain the same.

Going onwards, AIDS attacks anyone with a low immune system. It is similar to influenza. Like it or not, we are due to have an influenza outbreak. The last time such an outbreak occurred, it was in 1917. In the early 20th Century, we didn’t have International Air Travel or a world-class transit system. So, if influenza strikes, this bug would cripple international air travel, including local transit.

Big Pharma

Remember SARS? SARS killed the economy in Toronto in 2003. The 24X7 media got worse by the hour. H1N1 evolved to H5N9, which evolved to now H7N9. Talk about evolution. By the way, did you know that in the Middle Ages, the aristocrats would deliver the bad news in French?! Any hoot, yes, influenza kills a certain amount of the population yearly, the Drug Business, or Big Pharma, is a multi-Trillion Dollar industry. More significant than Hollywood, Bollywood, or even the Arms industry. Whenever someone gets a cold, the doctor prescribes antibiotics. Once again, diseases evolve.

Big Pharma offers a quick pleasure button. Get sick. Take a pill–we are on the way to a perfect storm of a REAL outbreak. Diseases have sometimes merged, like enemies in battle, to overpower their hated foes. What would happen if AIDS and influenza were to team up into a compound virus? Both diseases are similar. They both attack the immune system. It would be the ultimate population reduction mechanism. Countries without a free universal health care system would be decimated. At least 85 percent of the world population would be eliminated.

Where would I get such a mad, mad, MAD theory?! Check out the book The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins. If one didn’t get the memo, there is a viral clip on YouTube where legendary movie actress Bette Davis says the famous line in ‘All About Eve’ (1950): “Fasten your seatbelts because it’s going to be a bumpy night.”

Is the End of Days in sight? If one dares, they will find me on Twitter at @PaulCol66782231. Ciao!

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