Cryptocurrency Conspiracy Theory


Cryptocurrency Conspiracy Theory

Cryptocurrency Conspiracy Theory

“Woody Allen is divine in Bananas!” declared the wise from way way back in the day. “Should I take notes?” I asked with certifiable stupidity. “No, just watch it,” he advised.

In this 1971 comedy film, Woody Allen plays Fielding Mellish, a nerd who has multiple jobs in the grand, glamorous citadel of Manhattan USA, of course. He tries to woo Louise Lasser, his activist girlfriend, but she turns him down, repeatedly.


Thus, Mr. Allen’s character then travels to a tin-pot dictatorship in Latin America where, through a series of events, he rises to become the next despot, sporting a long fake beard, almost looking like a Jewish Rabbi.

Mr. Allen’s character then returns to Manhattan on an official state visit, reunites with his activist girlfriend with whom he finally successfully sleeps. In the last scene, Mr. Allen’s character is in bed with his girlfriend, and for comic effect, Howard Cosell is providing his trademark commentary….sorry, there is no spoil alert!

Bananas is a comedy, but mostly it is a lot worse in real life–the CIA has ousted every democratically elected leader in Latin America to steal their resources—every one of them! For example, in 1973, when Henry Kissinger was Secretary of State, he authorized a US-backed coup d’état, which overthrew and eventually killed President Salvador Allende, replacing him with Augusto Pinochet, a brutal dictator, to be the next leader of Chile.

War Crimes

Kissinger’s actions led to the murder, torture, and death squads where over a half million people got killed, went missing, and were never accounted for again. For that reason, many activists around the world consider Mr. Kissinger a war criminal, not a humanitarian.

The United States was also involved in regime changes in Argentina (1966), Bolivia (1969), Brazil (1964), and Peru (1968)—these countries were all overthrown in coups and replaced by militaristic governments. Included in this list are Panama, Columbia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, and Nicaragua—the CIA committed or sponsored war crimes in all such cases.

bananasUS-led Coups

There is not enough space on this website to list the US-led coups, nor justify why these regime changes came about. Those reptiles in the Pentagon started civil wars, sent in the marines with the army to kill and replace an elected world leader. If any of those so-called TV political commentators even suggest President Trump’s excessive Twitter activity is an embarrassment, they are ignoring the history of American Foreign Policy.

If we look at recent times, between 2006 and 2009, Honduras President Manuel Zelaya gave pensions to the elderly, built schools, and joined a Bolivarian alliance where President Zelaya veered to the left, joining the company of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez and Fidel Castro in Cuba. These alliances all ended in 2009 when Hondurans went through a coup d’état, where it’s then-leader, President Zelaya, was allegedly deposed by the Honduran Army on orders from the Supreme Court of Honduras.

Honduras Overthrow

It is only now that reports in the media have surfaced, suggesting that the CIA was behind the 2009 Honduras overthrow. If that is not bad enough, believe it, or not, when President George W Bush went on an official state visit to Latin America. He could not stay overnight but had to fly in for meetings and fly out when the conferences were complete. Some parts of the world hate the United States.

Zap to the future. The US government is sanctioning Venezuela, Russia, and Iran. Somewhere muddled in the timeframe, the Venezuela government launched its ‘Petro cryptocurrency‘ in February 2018. Before that, they had announced in December 2017, this very Petro cryptocurrency is supposed to be backed by the country’s oil and mineral reserves, and is intended to supplement Venezuela’s plummeting Bolívar fiat currency, as a means of circumventing U.S. sanctions and accessing international financing.

As a matter of fact, on August 20th, 2018, the price of this Petro cryptocurrency is pegged to the cost of one barrel of oil and the Petro/Bolivar exchange rate, including a discount factor for the Venezuelan government. Thus, the Venezuelan government is now managing multiple currencies simultaneously, and some critics are calling it an accounting nightmare. FYI, it is well-known that regular cryptocurrencies have the support of radical transparency through blockchain technology.


What the heck is a blockchain? Blockchain is a secure digital ledger and a distributor database that tracks transactions anonymously and replicates them to prevent data loss. And it is nothing like the trust we place into our current financial system. In Venezuela, once a country makes its cryptocurrency an official currency, it is subject to tariff barriers and some cases sanctions. This is why President Trump made it his official major decision to ban Venezuela’s cryptocurrency. Usually, cryptocurrencies are not tied to a government and were not created to bypass sanctions.

Since Venezuela has suffered wild inflation and a plummeting standard of living, the poor are begging their government to stop the senseless suffering. Usually, cryptocurrencies are unregulated, allowing the free flow of goods and services. The present challenge, however, our governments must decide to create their national cryptocurrency. Recently, according to coin telegraph, Russian President Vladimir Putin promised to release a CrytpRuble, a cryptocurrency to be tied to the Russian Ruble and issued by the Russian government. Unfortunately, it is not made to be mineable for diligent investors. More governments are likely to investigate the possibility to have state-owned cryptocurrencies controlled by blockchain technologies.

Non-Cash Payment Methods

Remember, blockchain technology offers radical transparency and decentralization–meaning no one can manipulate the supply of transactions, including the government. And no government wants to lose control in such an emerging arena. However, if governments do take control of the cryptocurrency, they will take away the freedom in crypto. If it is allowed to remain, it will keep a radical new financial system free from bureaucratic red tape no matter where one lives in the world.

If one is still confused, according to Business Insider,  the payments industry is transforming, and non-cash payment methods quickly become the norm. Now everyone needs a visual these days. Imagine living in sunny Toronto, Ontario, and one decides to invest in cryptocurrency in a business portfolio. In December 2017, institutional investors saw bitcoin, leading it to jump to $19000 on the stock market, crashing to $7000 in February of 2018. But that is not the point of crypto at all.

Cryptocurrency Providers

So one looks at the top cryptocurrency providers and picks popular Dash. Human Beings go to the Dash website, create a profile, and acquire a password. Off one goes to their banking institution, or credit union, transferring X amount of dollars into a Dash account. From out of nowhere, these human beings decide to travel to the UK, or the EU, China, or even the United States.

When at their travel destination, there is an instant transaction, done in less than 2 seconds, like a credit card. Remember that Dash is becoming wildly popular because it will only cost the consumer around 2 cents, rather than around 2 dollars per transaction, which is the horse and buggy way. Guess what? That money our Homosapiens spent from Dash acts as an international currency– cryptocurrency in plain English is just a payment method, and that is all.


JP Morgan, Fidelity have gotten involved with cryptocurrencies. Facebook has even introduced its proprietary cryptocurrency called Libra to the masses. Every day the American Federal Reserve is being attacked by President Trump, and the American deficit is not going down anytime soon. So Government debt is off the charts, corporate debt is beyond belief, and consumer debt is a ticking time bomb. Is cryptocurrency the future?

Heck, mainstream credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, Chase, American Express, Citibank, and Capital One–all have high fees. The average person just wants to stretch their dollars, improve their privacy, and take this payment method with them across the globe with very little hassle. Another big issue, can the financial system sustain the stress test of more consumers using cryptocurrencies? Well, look at the internet and who would have thought? Once again, one thing we must remember, cryptocurrency in plain English is just a payment method, that’s all.

But when Alfred Hitchcock wraps things up everything into a nice little package, there is still more.
At the end of August 2019, the New York Times published an article, referencing Steven Stalinsky’s The Coming StormTerrorists Using Cryptocurrency. According to this online publication, terrorist organizations are using bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Monero, Verge, Zcash, and other cryptocurrency providers to solicit donations through a myriad of online avenues. Allegedly, these bad guys find potential donors in social media (Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and are continually raising money for future terror attacks.

This report heralds itself as a ‘must-read’ for those who are key decision-makers in government, the military, and for police chiefs across the country. Fearmongering further alleges that terrorist organizations are tech-savvy, depend on the internet, and embrace cryptocurrencies, of course, not only for securing donations, but for finding and buying arms, munitions, and recruiting new members. Remember, blockchain and cryptocurrencies can be used ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE, like a laptop in a trendy café, or on a beach.

Silicon Valley

That said, the big players in Silicon Valley have not prepared themselves for these new threats in the ever-burgeoning terrorism pipelines. If one doesn’t believe it, ask the average twenty-something if they remember what happened on September 11th, 2001. Secondly, every I-phone in the production line is set to have cryptocurrency wallets automatically installed. More importantly, if there are cryptocurrency regulations, the government will immediately know what’s in your wallet–a George Orwell surveillance system, and these same feds will have instant tax collection on a global scale. If one still has doubts, on the ‘The David Pakman Show, Jared Tate from DigiByte was promoting his book Blockchain 2035,  and he offered such an outcome.

If that doesn’t freak you out. BTW, doesn’t anyone know that the average person in China does their banking primarily with Alibaba?

FYI, if Facebook took control of the online payment system through cryptocurrency, would it kill the banking cartel from Wall Street to Luxembourg? No one likes a stupid question, but all one has to do is connect the dots and freak out at your convenience. So there is ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, and many other terrorist groups–everyone is using online tutorials in a variety of platforms to learn how to use cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

It’s only a matter of time that more skeletons will come out of the cupboard from the Dark Web. In his time, William Shakespeare had his musical chairs, and we are no different–I am leading to my grand, ever grand conspiratorial thesis!

Imagine a False Flag occurs. The corporate media machine will cry war, war, and war! Remember, George W. Bush’s presidential orders are still in place, and the United States doesn’t need an act of congress to go to war. Already there was a discarded cruise missile found in Italy on July 2019. Imagine if that weapon had a nuclear detonation attached to it, and it exploded in Rome, of all places. Every wack job/nutcase would crawl out of the woodwork to cry havoc and chaos would reign supreme–that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Al Jazeera

Quite recently, I saw a report on Al Jazeera. Iran’s only nuclear facility granted Al Jazeera rare access. In this segment, Al Jazeera’s Dorsa Jabbari said that this very reactor was 100% active ten years ago, but it is only 12% active today. Al Jazeera, like every mainstream organization, announced Iran is now using more advanced centrifuges expecting Iran’s sole reactor to be 20% active–today’s 20% reactors can do the job of a 100% fully active reactor from the past.

In perfect English, that means Iran can have a nuclear arsenal in 6 months. Let’s say Iran has the bomb in March 2020 and threatens neighboring Israel. If that is not bad enough, recently, the US also sold nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia, and while the Saudi atomic program accelerates tensions in a volatile region–Dr. Strangelove is a renaissance man.

Let’s go back to my conspiratorial thesis, as I postulated before. Venezuela has backed up its cryptocurrency with its oil & gas reserves, including its gold deposits. Heck, our present fiat system is not even backstopped by gold anymore. All those countries, punished by US sanctions (Iran, Iraq, Venezuela, and Russia), are using cryptocurrencies to bypass the American banking system. I foresee strange bedfellows in the next annum.

How? Venezuela, allied with Russia and China, including some countries in Latin America, will form a cryptocurrency alliance, coming complete with a European banking system, including its very own central bank. Once each nation-state has voted, or has been forced, into this new cryptocurrency commonwealth, their central bank will default on their international debt obligations.


Our fat-cat bankers, the banking cartels, and their legion of corrupt stockbrokers will be on a building ledge–it will be 1929 all over again. There is no way the dukes, czars, and their corrupt princes of the one percent will allow this to happen. No way. No way. No way. Because they are all in it together!!! Blame the Trilateral Commission, Illuminati, British Royal Family, and higher-ups at the Vatican Council–This is in the Book of Revelations! ….yet…yet…yet…President Trump does know something about the Art of the Deal.

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