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Do We Celebrate Freedom in the U.S.?

Celebrate Freedom in the U.S.

Celebrate Freedom in the U.S.

On the steps of the Capitol, voices were heard, and we did not hear every word, but those I found important I wrote down so this is my view of those important words which were said during the celebration of America.

We must renew our faith in America.  The Senator from N.Y. introduces Civil Rights Leader, this and the entire writing are my own take on what was mentioned, what I heard and I found strength in the words written.

Civil Rights leaders asked for a blessing on our leaders, all elected and appointed for the U. S. of America.  To become what allows us to be.  The words of belief – we all, are undivided – women, man, girl, boy be honored.  Flourish in our nation.  We celebrate the spirit of ancestors – to today’s expression of a more perfect union.

We ask guidance toward the light of deliverance – the visions of the past unseen by the naked eye – now when they lived was not in vain – America and the world – the Capitol – one nation.  Those who believed fought and died for our country – so we continue to be strong in strength and our pursuit of freedom.  When confronted with danger watch the President – bless our families all across the nation.

The journey, the days our Grandmothers taught us to pray, let the spirit guide us the spirit of old – there is something within me – I cannot explain, there is something within.

Followed by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir:
The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir is an outstanding group of singers as they bless our country with the words we all know so well.  President Obama looks on, proudly.  He hears the words – as I do – it gets you on the inside – and you feel proud to be an American.  I see smiles and waves from those people gathered to listen to this historical moment – now etched in history, in mind, and with hope, we join God to protect our union. – Nancy

The President is proud this morning as he sits watching, listening, and he blesses the world, and he prays for peace. – Nancy

Senator Lamar Alexander:
The late author of Roots said, “Find the good and praise it” – transferring power to the President of the U.S. in a peaceful way.  A moment when millions stop to watch a symbol of American Democracy –  It has survived so long, the freedom to vote and respect the results.  George Washington asked, “What is most important about the United States, not the election of the first President but the second – the peaceful transfer of power and praise it. –

Oath of Office Vice President followed by James Taylor:
Oh, beautiful – for spacious skies – purple mountains – above the fruited plain.  America – America – God shed his grace on thee from sea to shining sea.

The Oath of Office of the President of the United States following the canons, flags waving and the feeling of one nation and the canons echo as the smoke filters into the air. – Nancy

Speech by the President of the United States – The words I heard and remain in my own mind.

Each time we gather on this day we affirm the democracy – we are bound by what makes us American – a declaration made centuries ago – all men are created equal – endowed by their creator, by life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  We must bind these words – freedom is a gift of God but secured by the people on earth.  We received a government of and by the people to keep safe – from our founding creed.  No union could survive half-free – we moved together with a modern economy, a free market, competition, and fair play.

Care for the vulnerable – the people from misfortune.  Not all society can be cured by the government alone – responsibility is in our character.  We need new responses – the government is a new challenge of collective actions.  No one can meet, and train for the future – build a business, bring them to our shores.  We must be one nation, one people.  This generation has been tested the decade of war is now ending – economic recovery has begun – our youth, drive, diversity, opens and a gift for reinvention.

Let us seize it together – government we the people understand, we cannot succeed when a few make it we need a rising middle class, a break from hardship – everyone can succeed like everyone because we are free.

Programs inadequate – we need to revamp – reach higher – our purpose to award the efforts of everyone who works, we the people, everyone needs security and we reject the division.  A child with a disability has nowhere to turn – any one of us may face illness, job loss, we have commitments that strengthen us – we are not taking, we are freeing us to make the country great.

The obligation not to only us but to all prosperity – climate change to protect all generations – no doubt when you review the past.  We preserve our planet – as said the creed once declared.  We the people do not require perpetual war – men in uniform, unmatched in skill and courage – citizens no too well the price of liberty.  We are heirs to Peace, not war, we carry lessons into this time, we will defend and resolve peacefully – engagement lifts fear.

America remains the anchor – we help everyone who longed for freedom.  We help those in hope for the poor, sick, victims of charity – tolerance and opportunity, human dignity and justice.

We the people – all of us are created equal – the star that guides us still we cannot walk alone.  If we are created equal – love must be equal as well.  A journey not complete – bright young students and engineers are not expelled as immigrants.  All the children must know they are cared for and safe from harm.

These values are real for every American – being true does not mean we follow the same path to happiness.  We must act in our time.  Decisions are upon us, we cannot afford delay.  Name-calling – is not a debate.  We must act knowing today’s victories are part of the oath that I took before you today and the oath of God and country, not party or fashion.  We find no difference between soldiers, immigrants, and our flag but the words of citizens brave the power to set this country’s position.

Let us embrace duty, joy, effort, purpose, passion, dedication – a precious light of freedom.  Bless this United States of America.

Followed by Kelly Clarkson with the United States Marine Band.

She sings – my country t’is of thee – sweet land of liberty –

This was appropriate following the speech given by our President, “Let freedom ring.”  The words are like we are as a country filled with promise if we believe in liberties – Nancy.

Kelly continues –  liberty we sing – with freedom – protect us – God our King.

Introduction of Poet Richard Blanco from Maine:

One Today  (incomplete – my choice to share certain words.)
one sun rose on us today
greeting, spreading truth,
one light
each one a story

my face – your face in a
morning mirror
tencil yellow school bus
apples, rainbows

truck heavy with things –
on your way to teach, you
ring up groceries as my mother did for twenty years
for all of us today

a life of blackboards
history to question
may I have a dream or shall we sorrow of empty desks
marked absent today, forever.

Life into faces of bronze statues
as mothers watch children
slide into today
every hand painting

keep us warm
hands as warm as my father’s cutting sugar cane for books
our breath

hear it through the day
a songbird on a playground
here the doors we open

talking in all languages
the language my mother taught
and everyone without prejudice
one sky

the Mississippi worked its way to the sea
thank our hands
stitching uniforms
a brush on canvas

one sky
we sometimes lift our eyes
guessing at the weather
praising the  mother who did all
a father who could not

we head home
always home – under one sky
one moon
hope for a new constellation
waiting for us to name it together.

(incomplete words posted in this article, but the words I found to be important for the future.)

God Bless America.  May you find words within the power of light that guides us.”

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