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Edition #73 July 21 - 2014
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Grow Yourself a Life You'll Love by Barbara Garro

Grow Yourself a Life You'll Love suggests a new approach to life satisfaction in six easy-to-read chapters. When you understand the way you are, you're kinder to yourself. When you understand others better, you like them more and are less critical. Think how much better your life would be if you got along better with the love of your life, your parents, children, siblings, friends, co-workers and neighbors!

This book is a great resource for coaches, therapists, workshop leaders and trainers. It is chock full of fresh exercises, stories, fables and quotes. I liked how Barbara Garro goes from weeding the garden of life to sewing the seeds and harvesting the benefits of living a life of honesty, integrity and ultimately aligned with one's highest self. She walks her talk with her own stories of being real and assertive in her relationships. She is a great teacher of not being afraid to be imperfect and being willing to admit our mistakes. I have referred to this book many times with my clients in my coaching practice and will continue to use it as a resource.
Lin Murphy

I strongly recommend you invest in this book. The tools you need to grow yourself a life you will love are presented in an easy to understand way, with reference to growing, planting seeds and using nurturing love as our life's gardening tools. You can feel Barbara's energy, fun and enthusiasm for life bounding from the copy to inspire new passion in your life. Read this book, do the exercises and share your experiences with me and all the people you meet.

My mission is to live, love and make a difference in this world. With the help of Barbara Garro MA and her wonderful zest for life bubbling from the pages of this book, I feel once again in charge of my mission...

With insight and humor, Barbara Garro shares priceless gems of wisdom about life skills we all need to thrive in the midst of the ordinary hassles we encounter. This unique collection of stories, anecdotes, and practical exercises provides a variety of ways to activate your inner wisdom, respond to life's challenges and help you make a difference in our world. This book will appeal to people in every age group. A definite must-read for readers interested in a fuller, happier life!
Bridget Mary Meehan

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Barbara Garro

Can you learn to love yourself enough to let yourself be happy? When you understand why you are the way you are, you’ll be kinder to yourself.  When you understand others better, you’ll like them more and be less critical.  This will help them like you more and make your life more harmonious.  Think about how much better your life would be if you got along easier with the love of your life, your parents, children, siblings, other relatives, friends, co-workers, and neighbors.
You will learn that the reasons you do the things you do come from seeds planted in your non-conscious or subconscious mindwhen you were very small. These seeds or beliefs, presumptions, assumptions, and events that drive your behavior often remain hidden from your conscious awareness in your subconscious mind.  Grow Yourself a Life You’ll Love motivates you to look at the seeds planted long ago to decide if they are still valid for you. For example, if you come from parents who believed money is the root of all evil, can you see how you could have a tough time with prosperity coming into your life?
Through this teaching then writing journey, I experienced leaps, boundaries, betrayals and the loss of six important friends and one familiar dog, Merlin the Magician.
Everyone in my circle knew how much I loved Merlin. When I lost him after 16 years and two months, people would say, You must be so devastated. I would reply, I am a happy person who has lost her beloved dog--grieving, yes, devastated, never! Rather, I am beyond grateful for the joy of having him in my life for every second of those 16+ years.
Over the years, my learning process in refusing to allow life’s curves and crises to derail me gifted me with that life-giving mantra. Always, I am a happy person having experiences.
From Grow Yourself a Life You’ll Love, you’ll gain new, exciting and useful information about the dynamics of personality,thinking styles, communication, and attitudes that make you and others act in a particular way.
Understanding reduces the pain in relationships.  With fewer misunderstandings, you’ll have increased quality time together, more laughs, and greater happiness than you’ve ever known.
You deserve happiness.  Believe that with all your heart and soul.  If you’re not happy, you owe it to yourself to do whatever it takes to bring more happiness into your life.  If your life is a dead life walking, this may sound impossible to you.  But I want you to know that I believe you can do it.  And somewhere inside you believe it too, or you wouldn’t be reading this book.
It’s never too late to live happily ever after.  Other people have happy lives.  You can too, once you lighten your load of anger, fear, worry, envy, jealousy, hate, insecurity, and depression.
I encourage you to do the inner work exercises, locating and pulling out the weeds that choke the happiness out of your life. See false personality for what it is, the lies you tell yourself and the secrets you keep from others.  Learn what triggers anger, violence, passive aggression, procrastination, and depression in yourself and others.
Then discover your unique and wonderful personality that works beautifully for you once you understand it.  After you understand yourself, understanding others follows in natural progression.  With understanding comes forgiveness.  Once you can forgive, you are freed from the need to judge.  With the capacity to forgive and non-judgment comes true, yet still human, unconditional love and an understanding of God’s love for you.  The last chapter speaks to coming full circle by embracing your spiritual self.
Let Grow Yourself a Life You’ll Love help you push out of your boxes, climb over your fences and live, really live, a life you’ll love.  You deserve a life you’ll love living and I hope with all my heart and soul that you never stop trying new things until you have it.

Author Bio

Barbara Garro, MA, CPCU, retired from active risk and insurance management in 1989 for health reasons and then embarked on a successful second career as an author, artist and speaker.

In 1989, she founded Electric Envisions, Inc., a private corporation focused on helping people grow themselves happy, fulfilled lives they’ll love living.

Barbara Garro, MA, author, personal growth coach and workshop leader, small business syndicated columnist, and poet, was born in Camden, NJ, in 1943. She studied at the Philadelphia Art Museum from 1963-'64.

Barbara Garro

She holds a Master of Arts degree from State University of New York, Empire State College, Saratoga Springs, N.Y. Garro completed Coach Training International's Personal Coach Program and Coach University's Business Coaching Program.

Barbara's five full books of poetry are looking for a publisher. Currently, Garro is writing the quintessential weight control book, Yes, You Can Grow Happy with Your Body!

She is a lifetime member of the CPCU Society, belongs to the American Watercolor Society, Saratoga Arts, St. Clement's Roman Catholic Church in Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

An avid volunteer, she offers her services on a regular basis to her church, Mary's Haven, a home for the dying, and Caffe Lena.

In addition to Grow Yourself a Life You’ll Love, and Poetry Book Seasons: Haiku & More, Garro is the author of The Jesus Series:
1. From Jesus to Heaven with Love
2. The Comfort of the Shepherd
3. Living the Call of God

Upcoming Projects:  Garro's five full books of poetry are looking for a publisher. Currently, she is writing the quintessential weight control book:
Yes, You Can Grow Happy with Your Body!

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