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You Cannot Outsource Weight Loss!

You Cannot Outsource Weight Loss

You Cannot Outsource Weight Loss!

Dedicated to anyone who has ever had a weight problem – Obesity! Not something many Americans want to neither own up to- nor admit they are prone to.

Overweight and addicted to fast foods or trying diet programs filled with quick-fix gimmicks, high sodium foods that often raise your blood pressure or more, waiting impatiently for the Fed Ex or UPS guys to bring those pre-prepared meals with the hope of a quick weight loss fix to solve their ever-present health and weight problems.

Think again- think smart- Better get STOP! Sit down: Take several steps back- Get a copy of “You Can’t Outsource Weight Loss,” by author and Capt. Ed Boullianne and then start your weight loss journey over again – the right way.

The most devastating thing in life is losing a loved one, especially when it’s unexpected. The author’s sister passed away from a massive heart attack in 2002. No warning! At 46 years old, his sister, who was overweight, passed away, causing Ed to sit up, take notice and really rethink his own future and make some positive changes to extend his life by changing the way he eats.

The purpose of this book is to help the reader learn how to improve the way you look, help increase your lifespan, decrease medical expenses while saving healthcare dollars. After reading this book, you will hopefully be in charge of your eating habits based on what you have learned, the skills, and the information to manage your own weight for the rest of your life.

Begin your journey and relive Ed’s as he takes the reader from the start not to finish- but lifelong- quest or journey to losing weight, beginning with the Five Basic Truths. Discussing these 5 basic truths, understanding them, and of course, beginning to make the necessary changes to move ahead with your journey to weight loss be expertly explained in Chapter 2. Most important, and what I find vital, is exercise and the human body, as the author states. “ Is meant to move,” and making changes that are permanent and still enjoying eating is what it is all about.

Of course, you cannot start in the middle; there has to be a beginning- with every program, whether a new skill at work or a pretest in school, it helps to know to write down what you already know- there is or should be some type of self-assessment. Let’s take this together and create our own individual charts and see where each of us has to begin. Get a notebook, pencil, and ruler and create the chart on page 9 and fill in the boxes: Remember; be honest.

Look over your responses and decide where your focus must start. Is it on how much you eat, why you eat or how you feel, or how much you move?  Next, the following chapters deal with what Eaters need to change.  Why eaters need to make sure they are not eating because the food is there, in other words, why you ate these foods, how you felt when eating them and how much exercise you exerted before each meal. VITAL to assess these things before beginning.

Walking, exercising added to eating properly, portion control, and losing those fried, fatty and salty foods have helped me lose weight. Some people really do not care if they are overweight. Others are frustrated and don’t have a clue where to begin.  I identify with is on page 48, where the author states that a “500 calories per day deficit will burn one pound of fat per week only, it’s a deficit from your normal calorie output.” I totally agree, and I know for a fact that it’s true. If you check out my Guiding Star at the end of my copy of this book, you will note that the author’s drink choices on page 57 match mine, except I do not drink milk, but I do drink water, coffee, and tea with nothing added to either one. Pages 58-62 will help you understand the calories in each and decide which ones are right for you.

Ever try something or retry a food even if you think you hated it as a kid? Try it again, you might be pleasantly surprised, and even more, as the author relates in chapter 4, you might like it. Train yourself to eat the right foods every day. You might even cut down on those high caloric foods at parties and go for the fruit, veggies, and healthy stuff that I do.

So, take the scale and hide it until Friday when you will weigh yourself and see your progress. Next, don’t expect to lose tons at first or tons every week. Read Chapter 30, and you will learn the rest. The final chapters 27 and the chapter titled Sources will tie it all together for you.

Written as if the author was speaking to the reader and told in the first person with cartoons that will make you laugh and a straightforward approach to weight loss, this easy and definitely simple and worthwhile guide will help jump-start the undecided, the apprehensive. He does not know what to do person into losing weight and keeping it off. Losing weight is not easy. Learning the inner workings of how your body works and understanding how to approach weight loss holistically will is something Ed learned from the beginning.

From the best antioxidants to how to read labels and much more, you need to read for yourself because I can’t give away everything that he wrote or miss out on learning this for yourself. Just like a novel with a surprise twist or ending, this one has an ending that only you can create for yourself and a plot that will keep you, the reader engrossed, enveloped, and healthy.

Smile when you read the cartoons and get healthy. I dedicate this review to everyone who wants to lose weight, stay healthy, and to Michelle, the inspiration and reason Ed wrote this outstanding book.

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