When? Where? Why?


When? Where? Why?: A History of the Wars and Conflicts We Have Fought.

This is the seventh book pertaining to life’s worries and problems we must face.  By turning back the clock one hundred years, we start with World War I.

Trenches of the 11th Cheshire Regiment at Ovillers-la-Boisselle, on the Somme, July 1916.

World War I dictated the world anticipating a savage fight not knowing what the other side believed.  Fighting in a trench a few hundred meters from the enemy used a different warfare that you and other people can’t seem to recognize.

World War II, “A GREAT WAR”, was even more intense but yet a new set of tactics and the invention of kamikaze warfare were detrimental to our carriers.  Pearl Harbor, the Japan surprise attack, Germany suicide attacks, and Jews, rounding out with peace accords in 1945.

With the unrest caused by Russia, the Cold War began with many planes flying goods to West Berlin.  This beginning in 1950’s also started the Oceanographic installations began cropping up along both east and west coasts of the United States.  Soon many sites were instrumented Canada, Iceland, and in the United Kingdom as well on the Pacific side of the west coast.  A vast acknowledgment of this series of stations was the patrol squadrons answer to the Soviet submarine threat.

The Korean War started on June 25, 1950, with over 75,000 came across the North Korean 38 parallel into South Korea.  The battle was entered when American allies fought against the forces of international communism.  General Douglas MacArthur was relieved or fired by President Truman.

The Vietnam War was a deception in disguise!  Both the North and South were guilty at face value and the U.S. President had its head up and locked!  The B-52 with their “Agent Orange” attack, the Ho Chi Min Trail, and deliberate attacks by North Vietnam was the crypt of the whole engagement.

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Thus Terrorism began to flourish in Afghanistan, Iraq, and soon these countries caused must bloodshed!  Desert Strom caused another blowup and arose the “weapons of mass destruction” sponsored by Saddam which caused a great deal of confusion.   This, plus events related to terrorism came the religion of Islam which has spread to nine countries.

ISIS which was born by Syria looked like a “Junior Varsity Team”, quoted by our President Obama.  This spread to Iraq and was taking over the country in 2009.  This even violated U. S. sanctions because Syria which has chemical weapons that had been transported from Iraq commonly called “weapons of mass destruction”!

A turning point in this piece was a review of Benghazi which still opened eyes.  Hillary Clinton and her actions prevailed in the hearing both in the review conducted by Representative Trey Gowdy and in meetings with on-hand personnel in the attack in the Central Intelligence Agency in Benghazi.

The next part of my writings spent thousands of numerous emails which Hillary Clinton started while she was head of The State Department.  Her aide or secretary was Huma Abedin who participated in the sticky, classified documents, and received numbers of emails from various Muslim contacts.

Follow the running and presidential vying of Clinton and Trump.  This characterized the many lies of the Democratic Party and Trump wore out his 757 airplane!  The next chapter was a collection of all three players including President Barack Hussein Obama.  Various items are enunciated which gave a credence and visibility to all.

The final chapter gives President Obama his parting shot as president.  He stumbled through eight years without adding socially, politically, and economical to the potentially strong United States of America.  His term in office has been paying off Iran for a hostage and more than $221 million dollars which the State Department put on hold. There are several items such as, (1) Ten Action Items that bothered the president, (2) The Keystone XL Pipeline, (3) The Iranian Nuclear Incident, and (4) The Israel/Palestine United Nations Statement.  The United Nations had backed the U.S. position and was an insult to Israel!

After eight years of disguising the United States of America, the summation of facts makes him a disgrace to this highest office.  His record will go down as born not within the USA, but has through many aides, including money, and yet has escaped eight years without judicial power is vested.  Funny but sad are those who know and yet keep their lips closed!

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