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What You See

Two people watching a movie might not view it or remember it the same way.

Reading a book and reviewing it can bring different insights to what the author is trying to say and the message they want to convey. No two people see, read or even hear things the same way and often when asked to repeat events as they happened the stories or accounts are different or even conflicting.

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Imagine what happens when during the lunch rush in a congested or crowded area someone decides to stab someone in the back with a knife and although there are many witnesses no one really sees or can recount what happens. What You See! Hank Phillippi Ryan brings these questions into account: What happens when you witness a murder? Can you or anyone else explain in detail exactly what you saw? What about pictures on cell phones? Are they accurate? Did they capture all of the action? Did you take a video? What would be admissible in a court of law?

Detectives Paul DeLuca and Jake Brogan are called to handle a murder that will baffle them, take them deep inside the Mayor’s office and the workings in City Hall. Some poor soul who has yet to be identified was face down with a knife protruding between his shoulder blades. Medical examiner on the way and the cleanup team too and the investigation has just begun into a bizarre and strange murder.

Just who is this victim and why would anyone want to murder him? Trying to canvas the area and having other cadets question those that witnessed the events the detectives realize that there is not much to go on. Sometimes things happen for the best and sometimes we try to orchestrate events and hope that by doing so we will benefit from the results. Jane Ryland is sent to get some pictures and a story about the stabbing she finds herself in the thick of things in more ways than one. Jane finds herself dealing with not only the stabbing but something else happens in the interim.

Bobby Land sees her working the area, taking pictures and with his own camera he hopes to prove that he has what it takes to be a professional photographer and meeting Jane and approaching her might be the break he needs. But, Jane and Jake Brogan are secret lovers and when their paths intertwine things for both of them just might change.

Think about the cameras within streetlights, on the streets of major cities, stores and even in offices and apartment buildings. The cameras should be able to capture the people coming in and out but what about on the street or on highways? Jane Ryland is a journalist and Jake her boyfriend both respecting each others careers. So, why can’t anyone find out who killed victim? While looking or trying to figure out who killed the first another has been victimized.

Curley Park near City Hall is where the murder takes place but all of a sudden someone shouts out that something is happening around the bend. As Jane has been sent to the scene to get the facts Bobby land makes sure his presence is known hoping to for fame and fortune. As Jane is gathering her facts she gets a frantic phone call from her sister, Melissa claiming that her future husband’s daughter nine year old Gracie is missing. With her wedding hanging in the balance, Gracie’s mother appearing frantic, Jane forgoes her job, puts it on hold to find out more about what happened to Gracie. With Melissa interfering in her life at every turn, Jane finds it hard to handle her job, Jake and the missing young child when facts are revealed that will startle and surprise readers as they unfold.

An accidental meeting outside during her lunch hour unites Tenley with a girl named Brileen. Was it really an accidental? But, Tenley lived in a world of her own at times and felt unloved, unwanted and guilty about the death of her sister Lanna. Never really thinking it was an accident and hoping that someday someone would look into even more, she felt alienated from herself, her friends and her parents thinking no one loved her or understood her. With a father that was never there and mother wrapped in her job as Chief of Staff for the Mayor and overprotective, Tenley does what any teen does rebels. When someone alerts Jake to another victim in the alley what really happened to the victim is questionable as the man who took him down claims to own and operate a security firm but what is his real motive?

Jake and his partner were investigating the stabbing as Jane became more embroiled in Gracie’s disappearance and asked questions that no one thought to ask. With one body in the morgue yet to be identified and another in critical condition Jake hoped to finally solve the case. Characters that are strong, vividly depicted and a murder that needs to be solved before anything else happens. With time not on their side and a second murder will Jake and his partner be able to stop what others put into motion? Jane Ryland is a great reporter. Jake a great cop. Together they make a great team but will this investigation put a strain on their relationship?

Using her skills as an investigative reporter for Boston’s NBC affiliate, only author Hank Phillippi Ryan can create a plot so masterfully written, so well crafted with each detail and each scene perfectly written keeping the reader wondering who really took Gracie, whose body was found in Curlley Park and who was behind what was about to happen next. As Jane was instructed to go to a specific hotel to get Gracie why did the child scream for help when she saw her? Who started shooting at her? What was the real motive for Gracie’s disappearance?

While Jane handled this problem Jake came front and center with a killer and someone who was close to the case and whose motive you just won’t believe for joining forces to hide what really happened. Greed, control, revenge, power and hate are just some of the motives this killer had. But, what did Brileen have to do with what happened and when the identity of the body in Curley Park is revealed you won’t believe how this all ties together. You just won’t believe what some people will do to get what they want!

Surveillance cameras ! Did they have the killer on tape? Could it be admissible in court? With technology as it is and the great advances you won’t believe how author Hank Phillippi Ryan catches a killer. Conspiracy, deceit, fraud and money are just some of the reasons why a killer thinks he/she might win. But, in the end you won’t believe how the scenes are orchestrated, the cameras are rolling and a killer just might be caught because: you cannot deny: WHAT YOU SEE!

Jane Ryland and Jake Brogan: Will this create a rift in their relationship or will Jane resume being a reporter for another station or go out on her own and freelance. The title might be What You See but what I know is that this is definitely a FIVE STAR NOVEL.

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