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Twin Powers

Twin Powers starts with the kidnapping of ten-year-old Stephanie while on vacation in Cuba with her mother and twin sister by a mysterious stranger who appears to be an Arab tourist.

Her mother, Sonia, is given a message from a street vendor who happened to be there. 
“He said to tell you that this is payback,” the old man said, his voice cracking. “That you would never see your daughter again.”

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It leaves Sonia and the authorities wondering who could possibly have a grudge against her that they would kidnap her daughter for punishment.

From there the reader is pulled along as Stephanie’s estranged parents, along with a professional assassin called in by the Cuban government, try to learn the identity of the kidnappers and track Stephanie down.

As the drama unfolds, suspicions shift, and they discover that a human trafficking ring has kidnapped the girl. The deeper they go into the world of Middle East, human traffickers, the more it begins to look like there is something more than sex slavery behind the kidnapping.

In Twin Powers, David Pereda has created a world of international intrigue that runs deeper than the story initially suggests, centering on the abduction of a child.


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