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Turn Up the Heat

Turn Up the Heat: Love Won’t WaitBeach House BeginningsStrong Enough to Love: Lori Foster, Christie Ridgway and Victoria Dahl

Love Won’t Wait: Lori Foster
Brendan Carlise/Brick is one hot man. When he walks into a room he takes most women’s breath away. Joining a friend at the local diner he immediately takes a shining to the sweet, kind and definitely breathtaking young waitress, Merrily Loveland. Oblivious to his looks, not even realizing the effect she has on him or any other man, Merrily goes about doing her job and taking great care of her customers.

But, something about her drives him to want to learn more about her and getting to know her better would offset his usual way of dealing with women and just might turn into something more. When Merrily approaches him in the diner and brushes his shoulder with her hand giving him what he thinks is an opening to get closer to her. But, she has other things in mind and when she finally corners him alone, her request of him will definitely seem out of character for her, drive him into a frenzy and force him to confront his own true motives and feelings for her.

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Getting to know her would mean passing the ultimate test: No, it’s not her parents or a child. In order to Brick to get closer to Merrily he had to pass the test of her three cats and two dogs making sure that everyone got along. But, Brick loves animals and does not mind helping Merrily walk and feed them. He also offers since he runs a hardware store and his friend Jesse is a carpenter, to build her a doggie dog so her pets can go out into the yard get fresh air and is safe.

But, things get a little heated when another person becomes involved. Her landlord and neighbor Tonya, although a good friend give Merrily pause for thought when inviting her over to discuss the door and other repairs that need to be done feeling insecure in her presence. Both Brick and Merrily have a hard time resisting each other and she has no clue about how he really feels about her.

But, presenting him with an offer he cannot and will not turn down just what happens creates some real hot and steamy moments, tension between the two of them and this no-commitment deal just might surprise them both and hopefully allow them to both eventually come up for air. Turn Up The Heat sets the tone for the next two stories to follow. The air is really sizzling, the fire is turned up and Brick and Merrily have to decide just where this is going. When the truth about her and her past comes out and someone from it shows up what will the end result be? Will Merrily decide to return to someone that really didn’t appreciate who and what she is or will she take what is right in front of her and finally realize that she might have found more than must Mr. Right.

As the tension heats up and she finds herself making excuses a friend’s comment just might turn the tide. What happens and will she and Brick decide to up their game and relationship you will have to read: Love Won’t Wait by author Lori Foster to find out. Characters that are vividly described and scenes that are tastefully yet graphically depicted this is one short novella you will enjoy reading on a cool summer’s night or to warm you up and turn up your own heat in the cold winter.


Beach House Beginnings: Christie Ridgway
Haunted by her past and losing someone she cared about caused Meg Alexander to leave her hometown and not want to return. With her sister out of town and at a wedding she agrees to come back and take care of their business and hopefully have some time to herself. Meeting one resident named Rex, who is 90 years young as the author relates, we learn that Meg would rather spend her time doing repairs to the beach houses they rent and have a lot of alone time.

But not everything always goes as planned as the author allows readers some insight into her past and a young man named Peter. Ten years since she returned home. Now at 29 she is filled with mixed feelings and yet something might change it. A figure appears at her door and the image reminds her of Peter. A short discussion and a definite check him out and check her out, lets readers know that the chemistry in this lab just might explode. Caleb McCall is Peter’s cousin and when he calls Meg by another name she carefully handles it and corrects him.

But, will she allow him into her life? Renting one of the bungalows she hands over the key to him and he leaves only to return later asking her to help with his oven. But, sometimes the slightest thing can set off a chain of events that both parties will not expect. Inviting himself to cook his already prepared dinner in her kitchen might be the way to go or will he take up her offer to pay for dinner at the local restaurant? Will things heat up in Beach House No. 9 or will the cool summer air let them simmer?

Remembering the past brings back memories of just whom Caleb is and how she came to know him in the past. Talking about her, losing Peter brings back painful thoughts but the conversation continues over a great dinner he prepared. But, Caleb is determined to win Meg’s heart even if the memories of Peter flood into her mind. Within this short novella you meet two people whose lives intersected years before yet never realized the impact they would have on each other. When Caleb reveals the real reason he came back to the Cove, why he needed and wanted to see Meg, would that change how she feels about commitment and would she realize how much he cared for her back then and even more now.

Fear of what might happen if things did not work out stopped Meg from truly giving her heart to anyone and a heart-shaped shard of abalone shell that shined in the sunlight would bring it all back and maybe even make her smile. Losing Peter created a huge void in her heart and the thought of losing anyone else or getting close to someone frightened her. So, what will she do because he’s not giving up? When Caleb relates something about his past and his true reasons for coming to the Cove will she believe he cares? Remembering stories her mother told her and times she and her friends spent on the beach, will her childhood memories and memories of her past bring them together in the present? Find out if one short weekend can change the lives of two people forever.

Caleb, handsome, hot and Meg so stunning he cannot resist her. Characters true to life and whose emotional upheavals and upsets are perfectly described and the scenes that connect them beautifully described. Beach House Beginnings: There’s more to learn as the author continues with a new series: Cabin Fever.


Strong Enough to Love: Victoria Dahl
When Brian Stewart left Jackson Hole, Wyoming, he left more than just a hole within the heart of photographer Eve Hill. Married to another woman and yet more than attracted to Eve, their relationship soared for a while until it didn’t. Brian left wanting to give his marriage another try leaving Eve in his wake to deal with her own feelings and fallout. Determined to find out if they could rekindle the fires that burned within them he reenters her life but this time is determined to stay. Just seeing Brian brought back memories that infuriated Eve and emotions that were dormant but seem to erupt like the lava in a raging volcano. But, Eve as hard as she tries cannot ward off his advances and decides to allow him one night of passion and then move on.

Sometimes the past cannot be repaired but the future and rebuild something better. What happens when the man you care about is off-limits and off your own radar? Do you give in to your feelings and give him a second chance or do you walk away before you get hurt again? Eve’s memories shatter her trust and the sight of Brian brings it all back. The author relates what happened between them, his decision to try again with his wife, selling Eve her gallery and then walking away. So, what happens as Eve says when a man: Makes me want to give everything. How can she forgive the fact that he walked away? Was she worth it why wasn’t she enough reason to stay? Find out the lengths to which Brian will go to get Eve and learn whether their relationship is Strong Enough to Love and last. Forgiveness, understanding, regrets and new beginnings: Will Brian and Eve get theirs?

Turn up the Heat : Three novellas all intertwined in the sense that all three men are determined to change the mind sets of all three women that they care about: Merrily, Meg and Eve: tempt and taunt Brick, Caleb and Brian with their offers that cannot be refused. Each one wondering if a real relationship is possible and three men that will teach these women that just maybe: Love might win out!

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