Time to Pay the Rent


Michael Primont, a combat-seasoned Army Lieutenant during the Vietnam War, revisits the rural village where he was stationed and fought many battles. His cousin Michael Domino, a writer, photographer, and businessman, accompanies him on the long trek. It’s forty years since Primont’s’ call of duty, yet the past will never be forgotten.

time-to-pay-the-rentTime to Pay The Rent is an odyssey that transports readers from past to present, war to peace and horror to reconciliation. There are many war stories, but few accounts expose the raw emotions that scarred veterans endure. Humanizing and profound, it’s a story told in a clear and concise, yet hard-hitting and emotional way. It is a must-read novella that’s both enduring and current. The book contains extraordinary personal photos from Primont’s collection that he’s kept hidden away since the war, unable to look at them until writing this book.

A treasure of personal remembrance of the Vietnam War, and a glimpse of humanity at its best and worst, Time to Pay the Rent explores all of this and more, delving into the rippling complications of relationships forty years after the weapons have been laid to rest.

Much has changed in the small village of Rach Kien since the war.  An overgrown patch of weeds is the only evidence that a marketplace once thrived in the center of Rach Kien. Upon closer inspection, stones and bricks and concrete footings, which once were the foundations of food and supply shops, stick out of the earth, mostly buried though, after years of decay.

Compelling to readers of military genres and general interest alike, who will appreciate the fresh perspective offered in Time to Pay the Rent. The book is not meant to glorify the conflict, nor act as a documentary chronicling the history, rather, it is a look at the palpable emotions of a soldier that are conjured up by his experiences serving in the Vietnam war.

Michael Primont lives in Vancouver B.C Canada.
Michael Domino is a writer and businessman living in New York City and Central Florida. Domino is the author of four books. His latest book is Park Avenue to Park Bench – a collection of true New York stories.


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