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The Twenty Nine

Fear it comes in different forms and to many different ways. Red and Blue: Colors separating people, their beliefs and their way of life.

Two armies ready to defend their country but not for the same reason yet the end result will send chills down your spine, give you much pause for thought as two young men: Kyle and Derek learn what happens to a world so filled with hate, anger and disregard for what really counts. A country so divided it is so no longer united under one flag. The stars on the flag if counted are 29 in all.

The world is divided and the battle lines drawn. Two young men ready for action. One state: Texas about to come under siege and then the unthinkable happens. A cloud of smoke, a huge fog and then it’s over. The Twenty-Nine: Read my review before it happened and before it’s too late.

Two young men with their own hopes and dreams each in high school hoping for a bright future and wonderful lives. Each family sporting their own political views each discussing what would happen if certain changes occurred in the government. One young man named Derek caught in a life so despondent and so hopeless he finds refuge in joining the marines. With a mother to support and no other income in sight he listens to the candidates during a Presidential debate discussing the same things we hear when we ourselves listen and Derek becomes enamored with Cindy Chandler. Feeling she is dynamic, full of spunk and listening to her views on immigration, the economy, taxes, military and dealing with terrorists he becomes convinced that she is the right candidate and the military is the way to release him from working in a garage and possibly ensure his future.

Conflicts in political outlooks and opinions are aired on the news all the time. A new President has must been elected and things are about to change for more than just the government as Cindy Chandler becomes the first female President, cannot seem to control the House or the Senate and Congress battles not only with the her but within themselves too. Stimulus plans, economic relief from the recession, the economy, political strategies and much more are the cornerstone of any presidential campaign.  Weak promises to make the country stronger and getter, but solutions like a small cut that festers and grows into an incurable infection or disease if not cured or spread out of control are countermanded on both sides of the House and Senate.

As we meet the major characters we hear their voices and learn their different attitudes and viewpoints regarding the government, their goals in life and personal outlooks. Derek Putnam is a young man who finds his way out of working as a mechanic by joining the marines. Kyle Perkins a student begins to formulate his own opinions separate from his family’s regarding the government, his viewpoints and his own direction. Derek whose mother is physically ill and does not work is just he opposite of Kyle whose parents are single minded, more affluent and set in their own ways.

There are true shades of real life politicians and people in this book. There are shades of incidents that remind the reader of Presidential debates viewed and aired, news conferences seen on all of the networks and conversations any family could have.

Kyle Perkins, his friend Ryan, Derek Putnam, each holding their dreams within themselves, each having their own vision of what they expect from life. Added into the mix is Kyle’s girlfriend Ashley and Derek’s friend Carly. Ashley, from rich and educated parents who have no time for her. Kyle, coming from a family who is involved in his life does he want Ashley in his? America is fighting amongst itself. America doesn’t see the cloud about to open up and the complexion of the country about to change as something more powerful than a 10.0 earthquake or tsunami is about to happen.

What happens next will rock many worlds as Kyle and Ashley witness the events first hand as they are reported on the news. 29 states have just seceded from the United States of America. In an organized move these 29 states which are predominantly Republican decided they did not like the way the President was running the government and felt that her way was not their way and will form either 29 countries or states run by their own separate local government and known as the Red Republic and those left the Blue or 21 states under the new President. Fear has now reared it ugly head. History is more than in the making. American no longer exists as it did before. Kyle, Ashley and everyone know learn the true meaning of what they witnessed, heard seeming incomprehensible at first and totally disbelieving to say the least. Just how this will affect the people of our country remains to be seen. Will some decide to move within these states and leave the other 21?

Governor Spencer of Texas is leading the way for this new Republic, which will remain loyal to the Federal government only if it affects the safety of the American people. Treason or something else? What would you call this move? These 29 would govern themselves and submit to Federal overseers when the greater good of the country or the American people is involved.

Is this new President really greedy? Does Washington make irresponsible decisions? Is this legal? 29 states giving notice as if leaving a job or resigning from a position they have held for more a long time. The new President, blindsided, dumbfounded and definitely has no idea how to respond even though she has the support of some of her staff. How does this play out still remains to be seen?

Then, the unthinkable happens as the country divides each side trying to take control and be autonomous. But, when the United States run by Chandler is attacked and people are killed retaliation is in order and the end result you just won’t believe. Derek in the Marines and Kyle forced by his father’s insistence to join the army against his better judgment. Families estranged, others destroyed and many never to see each other ever again as two young men learn not only the lessons of war but also the end result of making choices that would forever change their lives.

The American people are divided, they are fighting against each other and two Presidents find themselves caught more than just in the middle of a civil war but from the carnage and devastation so graphically and brilliantly described by the author worse than the end result of 9/11 and equal to a nuclear holocaust. When Washington is attacked, the Capital under siege, states fighting against states, military bases captured and those in the wrong place at the wrong time you picture a war movie on television but for these people it is real life.

You can picture the events and create your own mental image in your mind. You hear the voices, inner thoughts and fears of those in combat. You understand their angry, their pain and their frustrations. Twenty-nine states decided that the United States was a bully and did not like the way the President was running the country and they wanted it their way. This is not a hamburger that you can to your own specifications of a house that you buy or rebuild they way you want it. Throughout the novel you can hear the thoughts of one woman who did not want to use military force to take back what the Founding Fathers worked so hard to create one country indivisible.

Kyle forced to join the army and deal with the consequences of his choices. Derek, strong, intelligent and definitely marine material yet lost in his thoughts of his poor mother diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease and his girlfriend Carly at home having his child. Two young men, fear in their hearts hope in their mind. What will happen to America and what happens when you get distracted?

President Cindy Chandler and President Bryan Davenport will learn the answer to that question and you won’t believe the end result. What happens when the country divides and it becomes too involved with power, struggle for control and looks the other way? An ending so powerful, explosive and so heartbreaking you just might see it coming but you won’t want to believe it. Author J.M. Richardson created a story filled with real life experiences, a thought provoking plot that should make everyone stop and think and take a closer look around you at the world as it is right now. What would happen if Americas if we were two nations fighting within itself?

Think about Iran, Iraq and other countries that have fought and are still fighting amongst themselves. Will the United States reclaim it’s freedom or will they country remain separated forever? How many lives will be forfeited? Will all this lead to annihilation? What happens when America is sleeping? You figure it out! This is one book everyone needs to read as it brings to light so many issues dealing with our government, leaders, military and much more. One thought provoking book one extraordinary ending.


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