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Winston Churchill hid something in the United States. Billionaire John D. Rockefeller made a lucrative deal with the Secretary of the Treasury in 1934.

One curator retired from the Library of Congress has a poem that could lead to a treasure. Hoping that one of the news reporters at the time will take him seriously this caller invites Taylor Bowman to his home and what she learns will envelop her and many others into a world filled with murder, intrigue and deceit. Just how these all connect you won’t believe. One phone call changes the course of history, lives and that of some college students who are hunting this treasure.

The article appears in the New York Times and the reporter’s facts are said to be documented, accurate and to the point stating that Winston Churchill presented a treasure to America and the second clue is somewhere within the Library of Congress. As the story continues enter the Director of the CIA who enlists the help of three of his analysts to discredit the article and prove it flawed and a fraud.

Told to come in on a Sunday Ethan and Grant two CIA analysts along with their soon to be appointed team leader William go in search of the proof that there is no treasure. Little do they know that they are being closely monitored and followed by another analyst and that there are thousands of people looking along with them for the same treasure as many seek entrance into the non-public areas of the Library by applying for  a reader registration cards? As the team meets the truth behind their assignment is revealed. Told to discredit the information in the article they prepare a report to appease and please the director even though the evidence points to the fact the information might be valid. As the team heads to the Library of Congress the truth behind their assignment is revealed and it is not what they were originally told.

Three college students at the University of George Washington read the same article, discuss in one of their classes and decide to join the rest of the treasure hunters to find what everyone assumes Churchill left. But the story begins with John D. Rockefeller remembers being given a large sum of money printed by the US Treasury along with signing some documents. Why exactly was he given this money and how does it link to Churchill remains to be seen?

The three analysts are searching for the second clue and the college students are about to enter the search and where this will lead you won’t believe as we learn more about Churchill and just where John D. Rockefeller comes into play in this mystery. The Kykuit Bunker is Rockefeller’s mansion.

When Taylor Bowman enters the Library of Congress the three CIA analysts immediately engage her in conversation tag along on her interview with the curator of the Library of Congress. Behind the scenes no one realizes that one of the three students uncovered the missing clue in the diary she was looking at and is looking for the connection to the clue, a famous poetry collection and the short message on the paper found in the diary. All roads point in different directions so where will everyone finally wind up and what does the second clue really mean? Without revealing the truth behind her source, when exactly he found the first clue and where he is right now, Taylor and the CIA agents are about to meet with the curator of the Library of Congress and the students are on their way to Washington to uncover the meaning of the clue they found.

Replete with history and definitely fascinating information about the Library of Congress, their method of preserving books and explaining how they decide which books to preserve and their yearly projects, the author not only excites the reader with this outstanding mystery and plot but entices the reader to want to find out more about the Library and hopefully get a reader’s registration card and enter the Main Reading Room herself.

Three teams searching for the hidden treasure they thought belonged to Churchill but has not been revealed as Rockefeller’s. As the clues to the Dickinson poems became clearer the students find their way to the Cleveland Heights Community Center in Forest Hill Park coming face to face with what they hope will be the treasures location. But, following right behind them is our reporter and the three CIA analysts in hot pursuit of the same thing. Will anyone find what Rockefeller has hidden and who will get there first? Just what does the poem mean?

Rockefeller wanted to leave something to help the citizens of the United States. He was all about leaving a lasting legacy. With the help of Dickinson’s poems he created a unique treasure hunt that would take our students, the CIA and one reporter to Cleveland, Washington, New York and finally to his estate to uncover the clues set deep inside the poems of Emily Dickinson. If along the way the reader becomes familiar with her outstanding work and poetry you will have made the late John D. Rockefeller really happy and the poet too. But, there is more as Derek finds a dime at Forest Park and hidden within this seated dime an important clue.

Kykuit, the next stop on the treasure hunt if also know as the John D. Rockefeller Estate. This home leads our students and agents to Westchester, New York and the hunt really heats up. Kykuit means lookout in Dutch. It is situated on the highest point of the local surrounds near Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow. Kykuit is one of America’s most famous private residences the next stop for our treasure hunters. So, what is the connection between the poems, Kykuit Manor, the numbers on the back of each poem and one seated dime found by one of our students, you won’t believe the thread that binds them all.

The author takes you on a guided tour of the mansion, the Library of Congress, Forest Hill Park and many other historical places to uncover the secret hidden behind Rockefeller’s vault and why he wanted it to remain a secret for one hundred years. What they find you won’t believe the secret within the wall of this vault will astound the reader and the lengths to which Rockefeller went to create this treasure and its end result would definitely help many but how I can’t tell you remember the CIA is watching the students and I hope not reading my review of this outstanding mystery/thriller that will definitely keep you guessing until the final clue is solved, the last page is turned and the secret revealed. This is one secret that you will never believe and the ending is anything but predicable.

What happens when the CIA and the students are in the same place? Who gets the treasure and why did they want it found? What would change as a result and why did the Director personally handle everything at the end? Find out when you take the tour along with our three students inside the Kykuit Bunker, the art galleries, the basement and the vault and find out for yourself. One loading dockworker started it all. How will this end? You will not believe the ending nor what the final outcome and who if anyone finds the treasure. Three college students, three CIA analysts and one reporter’s life will never be the same. Make sure that after you read this you do not reveal the truth.

Author Steven Janke created a plot with characters that are very well defined, history that everyone will want to learn about including how our Treasury operates, prints bills and much more this is one novel that will keep you glued to the printed page and hoping he brings our three college students back to solve another mystery.

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