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The Fire Athlete Fitness Program

The Fire Athlete Fitness Program

Did you ever wonder why firefighters look so pumped, are in great shape, and never huff and puff when they climb ladders, run into burning buildings and save lives?

Did you ever take the time to find out firsthand what training they had to undergo, the exercises they have to do in order to meet the daily needs of this stressful and dangerous job?

Better yet guys: Did you ever want to be Mr. September or October on the Calendar featuring all of these great-looking firefighters? Ryan Vacek has been through it all.

He knows the in’s and out’s of being a firefighter and he is sharing his knowledge, secrets and fantastic workout program in The Fire Athlete Fitness Program.

Now, remember this is a thin, in great shape, educator, book reviewer, and talk show host reviewing this book, but I do exercise and women can become firefighters so, here goes.

To anyone who wants to be fit, able to avoid injury on the job and become a healthy and fit firefighter read this review. Better yet: read the book, do the exercises and follow the program.

Let’s get started and I will take you through the entire program, explain the photos and leave the rest up to you guys and gals that want to become fit, strong and even if you don’t want to become a firefighter you can follow the program to just get in great shape.

The author who is a firefighter takes the reader through the program in a step by step format explaining the exercises, using pictures to show how they are properly done and which areas are the most vital to work on and how.

The movements and exercises in this program are unique to that of the firefighter. Fighting fires is dangerous but with this workout program and no need to join a gym or spend on expensive equipment you can create a program for you and your fellow firefighters.

Teamwork cooperation, working together and most all encouragement goes a long way to becoming successful. Workout schedules, time limits and length of each exercise, rest times, when to clock your heart rate and how to record your progress are all included in this great training guide to better fitness.

Remember I am not going to become a firefighter but I do exercise and like to keep in shape. So, I decided before I can review and attest to the fact that these are great exercises I decided to go through the book and find the ones that even I could do to get stronger, strengthen my leg and arm muscles and create an even better me.

The author takes you through the entire workout program, the preparation involved, the type of equipment needed and then using the photos he describes each exercise for the reader as if you were taking a special course in firefighting fitness.

This is definitely not like any workout program in any gym nor will it cost you the monthly or yearly membership fee. Each expert advice and his understanding of my this program will help create a better and more fit firefighter is priceless.

There is a right and wrong way to stretch, the right warm-up and dynamic stretching explained by page 27 including the fact that flexibility is the easiest thing to modify and the one most overlooked. On page 26 the author created for you, the firefighter the format for the fire Athlete Workout Circuit that is simple and straightforward.

Pages 24 and 25 explain how to develop your workout bundle, developing your workout, program guidelines, the importance of teamwork and much more. Added to that he even includes sample workouts. So, what are you waiting for?

Do you want to be pumped, able to move at a faster pace and not huff and puff when time is of the essence and someone’s life is at risk, or are you going to open to page 28 and get started. Now, as I said before I am not a firefighter nor will I ever be one. But, that does not mean I cannot try some of the exercises that the author explains. I can and did try several that did not need any equipment.

Page 29 the dynamic stretches and page 33 the head and neck exercises can be done by just anyone if you follow the instructions carefully as outlined by the author. You can also try as I did the static stretching exercises. Now, if I can do them you can too!

Teamwork is essential at times to achieve success. A little competition often goes a long way. Hey! What about a wager to see which team loses the most weight stays on target and really works harder. So, choose your teammates wisely and make sure they are committed to becoming healthier and fit. Starting with the Bundle drills explained on pages 40-43 you can begin to road to becoming a better you.

The 3-inch drills followed by the bundle circuit are just two of the exercises in this section. The rest you have to find out for yourself. You don’t think I am going to describe and tell you all of the exercises and spoil your fun in reading and learning this for yourself. My mom was said you learn by doing and you will too. The next section is strictly for firefighters as it deals with fire athlete exercises.

Pages 46-116 covers it all and much more. From Russian Twists, Towel Crunches, upper body workouts, butt kicks and shrugs this program is not only versatile and hits every part of your body but is not time-consuming, not expensive and the best part it works. Now, let’s not forget that when things get too easy and you are past the intermediate stages you get what he deems to work out in Mixing Up Hell.

Just what that means you need to find out for yourself when you try the exercises on pages 118-121 that are explained by the author using the enhanced photos.

But, what would any program be without sample workouts to get you started so pages 124- 135 has them all.

No program would be complete without proper nutrition. Besides exercising you need to adhere to a proper diet to lose those pounds that you have built up eating too much, the wrong foods and too many calories. So, firefighter nutrition is next and the author will definitely help you get back to your fighting weight. Pages 137- 145 will enlighten you, dispel any myths you might have about carbs, fats, proteins and the five food groups and much more.

The amount of nutrients you need to take in is explained on page 139 and the food groups high in protein on the following page. Now, if you are like me and weight and health conscious you will definitely recognize those goods high in complex carbohydrates.

So, in case you want to know, I will tell you anyway I eat tons of lettuce, grapefruits, oatmeal (my favorite food), brown rice, multi-grain bread, skim milk and my potatoes. I love wild rice and oranges too. You don’t think I am going to spill the entire list do you? Let’s not forget those foods high in protein like chicken and some fish. Fats are needed to fuel your body.

Which fats are good fats and which you should avoid are on pages 142-143. The rest I will leave to you to learn and read for yourself. But, remember you need to be hydrated so keep those water bottles handy and drink. Of course my favorite section is the before and after. You can guess why! Only one complaint: Where are the female firefighters before and after pictures.

Author Ryan Vacek knows from his own experience that this works. Remember that the nutritional program was created by the author and is not meant to replace any nutritional advice from medical professionals.

Finally it is time to take the fire athlete fitness challenge and sign it. Next, the 12-week fire athlete fitness challenge is explained, set your goals and copy the fitness exercise log and the set your goals. So, what are you waiting for?

Do you want to be fit; ready to show those other guys you can make the cut and be the next centerfold in that calendar? Do you want to be able to save those lives and be in the best shape possible doing a stressful job that no one else can do? You need to be in the best possible condition to do you job effectively and safely. Now, it’s all up to you. I have given you the tools to get started. You have the book in front of you and now it’s all UP TO YOU!

Fran Lewis: Reviewer, educator, talk show host and definitely health-conscious book reviewer.

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