The Tenth Circle


Blaine McCracken is capable of making things happen. Entering a nuclear facility, learning about its inner workings and seeing the capabilities behind these locked doors would make most shudder, send chills down your spine but not Blaine.

As he takes on the role of famous photographer, passes the many checkpoints within the Iranian facility, his camera flashes the shots, takes down each scene and hopefully will help tell a story that will wake up the world but first he has to avoid detection. But, even the best laid plans do not always result in the answers and results you want as Blaine’s natural instincts kick in, his realities of the situation come to light and he realizes that in order to complete his task he will have to do more than just pretend. With those in charge proud of their accomplishments, explaining their target is Israel and hoping to wipe her out and just a distant memory, Blaine’s snap decisions, fast and hard reactions would let the Iranian’s know that dealing with Blaine would be anything but what they expected. How he pulls off his escape and what happens to those within the locked and secured walls you will learn for yourself with the explosive solution that will rock more than just the nuclear plant.

The-Tenth-Circle-by-Jon-LandRoanoke Island was colony in 1590 where are story begins and the author flashes back to how but not why this colony disappeared and what happened to those living there. Next we learn about the freighter the Mary Celeste whose crew and passengers disappear without a trace in 1872. Why and How? Just what was hidden within their cargo hold that the author allows readers to bare knowledge of that if not found and destroyed would destroy the world? How do they link together and what bearing do they have in the present as we meet Reverend Jeremiah Rule. Rule is a threat to humanity, devoid of morals, feelings and whose behavior is inflammatory, hoping to rid the world of every Muslim person, sect burning one Koran at a time. Inciting many terrorist attacks throughout many cities and towns, his twisted man is not working alone to create this havoc and much more. Rising to his pulpit he brings his flock to a frenzy asking them to sacrifice something near and dear to them and place it within the fire he ignited to burn.

There are nine circles of hell and a tenth one that when unfurled “ a lost canto of Dante’s Inferno — what appears to be the tenth circle of Hell. The ninth circle was previously understood to be the lowest point of Hell reached by Dante and his guide Virgil before ascending on their journey toward Paradise. A portion of the 14th-century manuscript, translated into English prose, is reproduced below” The tenth circle: One that is for those who have lied to themselves, pretend to hurt the ones they love and deserve . Who is behind Jeremiah Rule and why is he so powerful? Where does he support come from and why is he able to spiral out of control as the author brings one little boy to the altar to sacrifice something precious and relates an incident so horrific from Rule’s past it will make you shudder as the death of one young child brings to light the kindness he pretends to the one in the present when the flames roar and his image is illuminated.

Listening to Rule and the one man working with him we learn more about his corruption, taking money from his followers you understand that he is receiving support from someone else and their power together will create what they call the Tenth Circle inflicting it on the hopeless and the damned. But, Blaine is concerned about Roanoke Island and what the connection is to the present as the author brings back our marijuana smoking Captain Seven who enlightens not only readers but Blaine to a horrible truth about what might have happened to those colonists and what impact it will have in the present as we visit O’Hare airport and watch and listen as a fuel truck explodes and more lives are lost.

Ralph Lane is made Governor of this Island and the Indians and natives begin to get along. But, not everyone welcomes the settlers and as Sir. Francis Drake stops at this colony and leave fifteen men to protect the British claim. But, when Grenville arrives, the settlement is empty leaving the fifteen men. Next, a group of settlers arrive on July 22, 1587 with 117 people led by John White. Settling in and trying to become friends with the Croatoan tribe although facing hostilities from others, one man killed other incidents happening that alert the settlers that their new home might not be safe. But, something happens and when a supply ship returns there to find not one living person alive three years later. No sign of war, battle, famine or even dead bodies. No sign of anything until someone sees the houses dismantled, the fort that surrounded the settlement and the word CROATOAN carved on a post and the letters CRO on a tree.

What does it mean? Were they under the protection of the tribe? No crosses anywhere, no dangers seen and yet no search was ever made of Croatoan Island as this word comes haunting Blaine in the present.

But, when Blake, Captain Seven and Johnny Wareagle decide to visit Roanoke Island they meet a young man named Jacob, a descendant of the Croatoan tribe and what they uncover is not only explosive in nature but the hidden reason behind what really happened to the colonists. Added in we meet Zarrin who spent her childhood in a Palestinian Camp hoping to find her way to freedom. Talking piano lessons and wanting to help her teacher get his medication she learns some hard and fast lessons when trying to safe his life and having to fight for her own. Killing one man part of the Hamsa who ran the camp for the much needed meds for so many she hardly copes with the brutal death of her teacher and then is taken away, sent to skill and becomes a hired assassin but for which side? In the present we meet her and learn of her skill to mesmerize audiences with her expert piano playing while eliminating enemies and dealing with a depilating illness. Just how will this all link together and what caused the colonists to die and from what you won’t believe. McCracken becomes the wanted man and he fights his way across many different continents, countries and places to stop what is so vividly described as the “Tenth Circle of Hell! With Seven and Johnny at his side, with homeland security watching his every move just who else wants him eliminated as shots are fired.

Throughout the novel author Jon Land shares his expert research into the disappearance of the colonists and how the Mary Celeste’s cargo ties in. What would happen if what was left in the cargo was not alcohol as stated in the ship’s manifest but something more deadly? What if the terrorist attacks that have been unleashed were connected to using this weapon of mass destruction and this was just the beginning? What if Blaine, Zarrin and Seven team up to try and stop what is about to happen? When Captain Seven relates the facts about the Mary Celeste and Blaine explains the tie in to the cargo and just who these terrorists really are you realize that someone higher up in our government is controlling things. Why? Added in the Reverend Jeremiah Rule fits right into the picture as his flock increases, his hold over so many becomes stronger and his part to help rid the world of Muslims comes to light in a dangerous way that will bring more than just chills to the reader. What would have happened if the crew from the Mary Celeste lived to tell it all? White Death! Just what is it and how will it destroy an entire country?

Legends about the past could the colonists disappearance be related to the weather, an invisible force that when unleashed laid claim to the colonists?

A Palestinian assassin, a Sioux Indian, Blaine McCracken and a weed-smoking captain join forces to stop what several have put into motion. As Zarrin hear the music in her head and plays the many concertos to keep her on the move and her hands moving when fighting for her life, protecting our country and hoping to prevent what three men want to unleash: The Tenth Circle! With the help of an old buddy pretending to be senile in a retirement home Blaine, manages to figure out what the plan is, what Rule has in mind, who is working with him but will he figure out how to stop what they want to unleash before the end of the Presidents’ State of the Union Address? Jeremiah Rule: finding his way back to God but first he needs to reconcile the horrors he inflicted in the present. Delusional, enlisting the help of a biker gang and one man who swore his allegiance to him the end result will send not only Blaine, Zarrin and Johnny into the flames of danger but will prove to readers just how far some will go to protect our country, fight for the future and hopefully protect the present. An ending that only author Jon Land could create and the truth behind the deadly emissions that these assassins wanted to unleash: The Tenth Circle: If not stop the first nine would be nothing compared to what this will do. With an ending so explosive you can feel the heat, the tension, the emotions rising as Blaine McCracken uses all of this skills, his extra lives and his know how to hopefully stop what would be more dangerous than the Black Plague, equal if not worse than and atomic bomb and certainly change the complexion of our country. Blaine McCracken strong, smart, down to earth and definitely someone you want on your side. But, introducing Zarrin added another strong female character that hope this outstanding author brings back again.

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