Symphony of your Karma – Review


Symphony of your Karma – Review

Healing Destiny of Soul – Paperback (Aug. 12, 2008) by Rachel Madorsky

Symphony Of Your Karma

Rachel’s book is very detailed and she reads more like a scholar than a healer. Luckily for us, she is both. She tells us the best minds of humankind have been arguing for thousands of years whether to categorize the Law of Karma as a hypothesis, theory, metaphysical fiction or one of the unknown laws of nature. I think all these laws apply.

I like the quote by Frank McKinney Hubbard, 1868-1930 that “we are not punished for our sins” but “by our sins.”

I will admit my subconscious is more of a genius than I want to admit. I call my partners in the universe my muses or angels. They helped me with my eating habits. They helped me to work out a lot of physical and mental pain in art therapy. I’d hate to think I was being punished for my parents’ sins as she believes.

I do seek approval with the Gods of karma through creative expression. Also, it seems to me that our dreams and nightmares are speaking to us from our past, present, and future DNA. We should take heed and consciously study all that interests us. Our destinies could be hanging-on waiting for us to get a clue about self-realization.

I thought it an interesting thought that karma is inherent to all creatures of any kind, animal, plant, mineral, material or metaphysical origin. If this is true maybe karma must have had something to do with our physical as well as mental evolution.

Bertrand Russell says, “The great men who have been philosophers, have felt the need for both science and mysticism. The attempt to harmonize the two was what made their life.”

I was very impressed with this book and the author’s ability to combine all of what she knows, feels and believes into a tool for healing others. She gives us many accounts of helping her patients to help understand why mental or physical maladies have weakened or tortured them.

Each of her patients was experiencing some sort of mysterious mental or physical illness. Each time through counseling, meditation, prayer, and hypnosis, they found a past reason for their ailments.

Readers are inspired to uncover the connection between the spiritual and the physical worlds, revealing the path toward self-healing.

I certainly recommend this book whether you believe in the mysticism of karma, or not. It is a book to be studied not read. I intend to read it over and over.

There is a wonderful poem at the beginning of the book, the last stanza reads:

There is no way to go into the past
The way for present passing slowly
We found the entry for future
That future is the present now

This is the of passing moments
To make this moment is our time
To live up of passing moments
To have the right in life inside.

By Nathaniel Madorsky, son of author

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