Sculpting the Heart with Art Therapy


Sculpting the Heart with Art Therapy

“Joyce White has aligned herself with spiritual principles that govern the workings of “Sculpting the Heart with Art Therapy”. She uses these principles in the most conscious and creative way for healing.”[Sage Sweetwater – Celebrity Firebrand Lesbian Novelist]

“Sculpting the Heart with Art Therapy” is in totality, about the possibility of renewing life. It is profound writing of a sense of release conveyed through poetry, art, and clay juxtaposed with flapping wings of freedom.

What highly validates this book for me, is the kind of creative expansiveness Joyce White gives of the soul. It embraces goodness and wellness through the healing acts of creativity, contiguous with God and dream.

Sculpting the Heart with Art TherapyIt is a writing which has concentrated form, and to the restless, makes contact with faith anchored in transcendent spirit. It embraces a philosophy of dualities, balancing light and dark through poetry and prayer, existence and essence.

I appreciate Joyce White’s work. She gives all that she has and then some. Joyce opens her heart and shares her personal life, things about her family, death and dying, loving and praying, creating and imaging.

She talks of Jung as if he were right beside her guiding her positive energy and assisting her dreams, Joyce says “I’d like to think this book helped others to begin living their own divine purpose.”

This book has done just that. It’s a book of picture symbols, words, and sculptures that absorb our subconscious and represent thought, and if read and used correctly, includes vast information from all of the six senses; sight, sound, touch, smell, taste, and intuition.

Joyce White has the self-awareness to know specifically the areas of creativity, and what a full life is for her. She shows how a creative process is an external form of whatever we imagine internally.

The benefits of this book are many. I highly recommend “Sculpting the Heart with Art Therapy”. Inspiring! The mental, physical, and spiritual idea to right living! Joyce White, you have won my respect.

~ Sage Sweetwater

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