Sculpting the Heart Review


Sculpting the Heart Review

“I am an ordinary woman living in an extraordinary, imperfect world.”

Sculpting the Heart Review

This phrase sets a poignant beginning to a poignant masterpiece full of humor, honesty, and reflection.

All of us struggle with depression at some time, or another, whether it is from losing our job, financial burdens we are unprepared for, or some other crisis that steps in and takes control of our lives out of our hands.

Depression is one of the most sinister diseases in the world because it is one that we consider to be ordinary. Yes, of course, we’re going to feel sad.

Yes, of course, there are days we’re going to feel like we’re hanging on to control by a very thin thread.

Guess what? There’s no of course about it! No one says that you have to feel that way. You can find an outlet for your depression that allows your heart to heal and your mind to clear by transforming your feelings into a tangible expression through art.

Sculpting the Heart takes you on a personal journey through depression and the healing powers of creative expression.

Whether your medium is writing, sculpting, painting, or music, creative expression can release the tension and frustration that build up inside your mind and release you from the bars of depression back into the freedom of the real world.

  1. Avatar of Andrew J. Sacks
    Andrew J. Sacks says

    Joyce, thank you! Creative outlets are indeed chicken soup for the mind, body, and soul.

  2. Avatar of Paula Boer
    Paula Boer says

    Indeed, writing is both therapy and trauma – depending where on the cycle you are – drafting, editing, waiting for reader feedback, getting good reviews, getting troll attacks… what a rollercoaster.

    I used to be able to go for a long ride on my horse to get my sense of balance back in my life. Now that my body can no longer do that, I walk through the bush with my dog. My sub-conscious works on the next piece of writing and I come back to my desk ready to type.

    It’s a great life, as long as you don’t let the negative influences overwhelm you. I have stopped associating with negative people, preferring to be either on my own or with a few close loved ones. How lucky I am that I have that choice.

  3. Avatar of wjoycewhite
    wjoycewhite says

    Thanks guys for your comments. Paula, It is true we are lucky to have a choice as many do not when it comes to family and loved ones who are ate up with anger and grief. I always told my girls to associate only with those with good genes (not good jeans).

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