Saving Our Pennys


Set in the fast paced, ultra-busy world of multitasking, schools are an eruption of both heroes and victims.

One teacher, feeling overwhelmed, chooses to look beyond himself and seek a mentor, someone to show him another way. But as is the nature of all redemption stories, he must earn the divine and that always leads to the unexpected. On his twisting journey from victim to hero, he meets a Ferryman, a Gatekeeper, and ultimately his true Spirit Guide.

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Roy Dimond and Jeff Leitch deliver an eloquent portrait of a teachers’ life. They write frankly about how to model the behavior on tough topics that baffle both, teachers and students. The two authors reinforce the importance of communication and social responsibility of not only these community – centered professionals, but all people who’ve chosen to make a difference in people’s lives.

Saving Our Pennys is a revealing story about the human soul, and the authors lay out a pathway that both inspire and challenge the reader. The story resonates deeply and has us look inwards, and asks us to provide support for any person, not only ourselves, who is struggling to find their balance.

About Roy Dimond and Jeff Leitch

Roy Dimond has worked for over thirty years as a Youth Worker within numerous school districts, helping at risk-families. He has spoken at universities about domestic violence, addiction, bullying and many other sensible subjects. As a result of his varied experiences ha has many stories to share, and so began his writing career. Roy lives with his wife in a small harbor area of GardenBay, on the West Coast of British Columbia.

Jeff Leitch is the co-author of the book, Saving our Pennys. Jeff lives with his family in Maple Ridge, a proud community at the base of the majestic Golden Ears Mountain in British Columbia, Canada. You can find him at any sporting venue, or live theatre, with coffee in hand, cheering and coaching those who display courage and dare to chase greatness. Along with writing occasional articles for local papers, Jeff’s current restlessness has him dreaming of many more novels, while writing at least one musical hit as he goes beyond the three chords he knows on his acoustic guitar.

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