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When the moonlight strikes me, I am filled with power. In an evil age, in my darkest hour. Death and Destruction are the pleasures of my life.

A lonely life filled with agony. Here I stand upon this Ledge with sword in hand I hereby pledge. That in the full moon’s waning light. I shall make my Sacrifice. The Fog drifts down the hills into my dark domain. My senses sharp and I Insane. Into the woods I go with the moonlight as my guide. I now creep like the mist and from my wrath you cannot hide. I shall avenge all I have lost. Behold the coming of death with your now ending immortal life. I shall make my sacrifice. Unto the goddess of the night. I shall make my sacrifice.


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Bravo for book two in the Moonwarriors Saga, well done indeed!
I just finished book two in the Moonwarriors saga, Guardians of the Night. It took me two days to read it in its entirety because I simply could not put the book down once I began reading. I eagerly anticipated the sequel to the first after thoroughly enjoying it and was thrilled that I was not to be disappointed. Guardians of the Night was as brilliant as the first if not better, bravo to Author Rusty Nugent for a well written novel once again! The sequel entices readers with the return of our beloved characters Walter and Mary in a modern twist that gives a down to earth feel into their characters and life.

However at the same time, remains alive with its “days of old” feel as in the first Moonwarriors. The sequel has something for every readers taste which makes for a breathtaking story that drawls you into its magic as it unfolds leaving you breathless to find out how it will all turnout. An amazingly well written “good overcoming and defeating evil” story line that should not be missed for true Werewolf fans and for Classic Vampire fans as well. I won’t throw in too much of a spoiler, you will just have to experience it for yourself, enjoy! I am now eagerly anticipating a third (hint to Author Rusty Nugent) novel to this series! Your fans are waiting for more!!!


One of the Best Novels I have read in a while!
If you are interested in reading an outstanding Novel that will absolutely delight you from beginning to end; you have to get this one …It will not disappoint you for within its pages are everything you could ask for: Werewolves, Vampires, Adventure, Love, Betrayal, Honor, Chivalry, Days of Old, Heroic Battles and of course mature sexual content… You will find yourself so involved with the main character, Walter Volknor, and his friends that you will feel as if you connect with them in some way, the story truly pulls you in as it unfolds and keeps you hanging on to find out what will happen next…

Superbly well written in every way, a must have… I love to read but the Novel has to be one that I would consider to be of a unique, enticing, enchanted quality from the first time I glance at its pages and begin reading the first chapter until I reach the final words at the end… It hasn’t failed my first impressions of it yet and keeps my mind hooked for more…
By D. Richard “Raven” (Shelbyville, TN.)

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Werewolf Novel With Bite
In the sub-genre of horror fiction the werewolf has seen many new tales told over the last few years. One such novel Moonwarriors stands out among others of its kind for its author Rusty Nugent has a strong passion for the creatures that he writes about. When band of vampires invade the home of a family of peace loving werewolves they kill all but one. He is Walter Volknor and he sets out on a one wolf crusade to find and kill the evil lord of the undead Avatar. Along the way others with the same powers as he will join him in his quest and together they will rid the world of the Nosferatu.

Rusty Nugent’s writing is fast and clean as he tells his tale with the skill of a master writer, a la King and brings the reader into his world and holds them there until the very last page. For fans of Werewolves and vampires this book is a must and unlike the movie Underworld with the same creatures at war there are many hand to hand battles of the two creatures in their fight to kill each other.
By Albert J. Vermette
Publisher & Editor of Werewolf Magazine & Blood Moon Rising Horror Magazine.


Check out this Book Video for Moonwarriors. I wrote two werewolves vs vampires novels. I wrote the song, Full Moon BloodLust which is the song in the video plus I played the drums in the band Volk…nor. I now play the drums in the band Sudden Darkness with my Brother Christopher Nugent.

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